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The internet is a window open to the world where with a single 'click' you can get a lot of information in a matter of seconds. It is an ocean liner that cruises at cruising speed where opportunities abound but where the dangers and threats are not lacking either. Ignorance or a simple mistake can lead a company, an individual or a minor to ruin a good part of their reputation.

For most people, there is always a great temptation to spy someone's browser history. This is mainly common among business partners or parents who want to control the activities of their children’s online. Especially it is important to spy the browser history when it comes to tracking your children at home.

Spy Browser History

Some scenarios for spying browser history for both home and business:

At home

  • To stop our child from over-sharing personal information
  • To stop them from posting improper comments, images or videos
  • To stop them from visiting pornography or prohibited sites
  • To stop them from sending mean text messages or sexting
  • To stop them from cyberbullying, harassing or teasing others online

In business

  • To record all data of employees, customers, sales
  • To control our sales better
  • To manage our customers
  • To control our stock
  • To work with employees or colleges

Browser History Spy Software

When using the Internet it is impossible not to find things that you do not want to see or you do not want others to see, either deliberately or by accident; for example, your children at home or your workers in your office. Browser History Spy Software keeps a record of all the conversations made in any site, of the pages visited and the programs used. The presence of the software is imperceptible for those who are using the computer and begins to browse when internet is connected.

  • You can investigate someone’s online behavior and interests
  • You can discover others most often visited sites
  • You will know about the previous browsing activities of the users
  • You can monitor someone’s online browsing actions

We would list the best Browser History Spy Software for both iPhone, Android and PC for you.

Best 5 Browser History Spy Software for iPhone

Here is list top 5 browser history hacking software for iPhone that given below:

1. SpyMyFone Browser History Spy

SpyMyFone is identified to be the best browser history spy software that you can get for iPhone devices. With this tool you can stop the iPhone users from cyberbullying, visiting porno sites, and many other online activities that will harm to them.

Free Network Monitoring Tools - SpyMyFone Browser History Spy

  • You can review browsing history
  • You do not need to release the target iPhone or iPad
  • You do not need to install an extra application on the target device
  • Very easy to configure and use

2. iKeyMonitor

Mainly this browser history monitoring software was launched for the iOS. It helps to access internet browser history efficiently. It will make your life easier to keep track others online activities.

  • You are able to track on any iPhone devices distantly.
  • IM messages, media files, and chats can be recorded.
  • Competent in hacking the internet history.

It is priced at $49.99 per month for all premium features.

Browser History Spy Software - iKeyMonitor


With XNSPY, you can do with the browsing history of your children or employees and decide if they are making good use of the iPhones they have been given. If you are monitoring iPhones, a navigation history scanner is an essential feature. XNSPY allows you to:

  • Check the full list of URLs visited.
  • See the number of times a web page has been visited.
  • See date and time stamps for each visit to each page.
  • See pages marked as favorites.
  • See how often favorite pages are visited.

It is rated at $8.33/month for its Basic Edition and $12.49/month Premium Edition.

Browser History Spy Software - XNSPY

4. The TruthSpy

This app TruthSpy approaches with the original characteristics that a browser history spy software should have. With this tool, you can spy into the browser history of the targeted iPhone pretty simply.

  • Monitor messages, call records, contacts
  • Access to multimedia files
  • Remove remotely from the web portal
  • Access to photos and videos

It has three packages - standard, premium, and gold – with different prices. The standard package is accessible for 17, 46, 70 and 115 dollars correspondingly for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Due to having more sophisticated functions premium and gold packages are something expensive.

Browser History Spy Software - The TruthSpy

5. Surepoint Spy for Browser History

It’s one of the most suitable app for spying online browsing history among others. You can view all cell phone calls from the iPhone. Without user’s knowing you can also spy on text messages and SMS. You can review web browsing history successfully using Surepoint Spy.

  • Supervise all social media activities
  • Track emails
  • Remote camera
  • Track down iPhone device location via GPS
  • Access someone’s contacts

You can buy it with $69.99 for the one-time price.

Browser History Spy Software - Surepoint Spy

Best 5 Browser History Spy Software for Android

Here is list top 5 browser history hacking software for Android phones and tablets that given below:

1. SpyMyFone Spy for Android

SpyMyFone Is considerable as the best phone hacking software for Android devices. It takes screenshots and records call logs tenuously. It deletes itself from the target device. You need not to root the Android devices.

Browser History Spy Software - SpyMyFone

  • Spy incoming/outgoing calls
  • Examine sent/received messages and download media files.
  • Set-up browser tracker
  • GPS Location Tracking

Price: 1-Month License $29.99

2. mSpy

This phone monitoring tool is really a suitable tracking App for Android. It has a very user friendly interface. It can be accessed from any web browser. It does not send notifications to the target device. It satisfies consumer needs for safety and convenience of distant tracking.

  • Original installation e-mail has all information about using the control panel
  • Monitor e-mails, SMS, call logs, location and WhatsApp etc
  • Cares for Android devices against stealing

For basic, it costs $39.99 per month and for premium, it values $69.99 per month.

Browser History Spy Software - mSpy

3. FlexiSPY

This software is an old player in the world of spy applications, but recently it has released new advanced monitoring features for Android devices. In addition, both the appearance of the User Interface on the website and the design of the Control Center have certainly been improved.

  • Live call interception
  • Hacks SMS, Calls, E-mails, WhatsApp, etc
  • Provides detailed call information
  • Keep record of all the details of VOIP calls

Its premium packs are - $ 68 for 1 month; $ 99 for 3 month and $ 149 for 12 months.

Browser History Spy Software - FlexiSPY

4. MobiStealth

It is an old program that has been updated completely, quickly becoming very popular. They have added to the advanced features of the software, and offer a real alternative to the other two. Definitely worth trying.

  • Can able to spy data of any app
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Can view sent or received SMS
  • Monitor Contacts and Appointments

Its pay plan charges are - $16.66/month; $119.99/12 months; $79.99/6 months; $49.99/3 months.

Browser History Spy Software - MobiStealth

5. iSpyoo Spy for Browser History

The iSpyoo software is an application compatible only with Android and iPhone operating systems, and to ensure the good performance of the application registers on Android phones. It is better than this Rooteado, the same for iPhone cellphones. You can take the advantage of testing the application for the determined time that the management company offers its customers.

  • Call and Message monitoring
  • Monitoring social networks
  • Location tracking
  • Access to multimedia files

iSpyoo has three different packages that each come with different prices and functions. The standard package is available for 17, 45 and 70 dollars, with duration of 1, 3 and 6 months respectively, while the gold package is available for 23 dollars a month. Logically, if it is initially done with a longer subscription it will cost less.

Browser History Spy Software - iSpyoo

Best 5 Browser History Spy Software for PC

Here is list top 5 browser history hacking software for computers that given below:

1. Easemon

Easemon is a browser history spy software for Mac and Windows PC. It keeps track of the PC activities from a central setting. It assists you monitor and trace activities on your Macs and Windows PCs, including: typed keystrokes, chat logs, web archives, composed of email messages, application usage etc.

  • Keystroke Logging
  • Monitor Websites Visited
  • Application Usage Monitoring
  • Remote Control

It values $29.99 for 1 Month License and $199.99 for 12 Months License.

Browser History Spy Software - Easemon

2. Micro Keylogger

It comes with a configuration program that allows you to create a remote installation module to be sent to the remote computer you want to monitor. You can choose to disable the "alert the user" option so that the installation will be silent without any alerts.

  • Run in silent mode
  • Automatically start
  • Customizable keys
  • Password protection
  • Block sites by URL or a keyword

It costs $79.95 for one-time use.

Browser History Spy Software - Micro Keylogger


It allows you to set PC activity in real time, and it also has a Wire extension that allows you to spy files remotely, in order to recover it and send it. The historical review of the websites visited is also of the part, with the activity available in deferred and in distance by a simple click of your part. Of course, everything that will be hit on the keyboard will be registered by the spy program to hack a computer.

  • Email Notification
  • Filter applications by process name
  • Sending logs via email / FTP
  • IM Chat Logging
  • Alert with Screenshots Captured

The Fireworld browsing history spy program adapts to your needs in terms of computer monitoring. It comes in a FREE version and a PRO paid for very low price.

Browser History Spy Software - FIREWORLD

4. Aobo Keylogger

In order to be able to spy a PC, this PC spy program is of a disconcerting simplicity that has to be installed and that must be put in place on the computer to be directed: in fact, it is enough to complete some simple steps then to launch an executable that is will configure the spyware. It is available for Windows, iOS and Mac devices.

  • Live display screen
  • Remote uninstall
  • Blocking application
  • Website filtered
  • IM blocking chat

For Personal License it costs $129.97 (for only 1 computer). And in the case of Family License it prices $116.97 (for up to 3 computers).

Browser History Spy Software - Aobo Keylogger

5. iMonitorSoft

iMonitorSoft is an effective tool for real-time monitoring employed. It is an all-in-one computer software that works secretly to monitor your network usage and filter related content not monitoring work.

  • Centralized Co-Working
  • Keyboard in view
  • Control PC remotely/li>
  • View records remotely
  • Social networks filter

The standard payment starts at $58.75 for one-time.

Browser History Spy Software - iMonitorSoft

Nowadays children spend more and more time on the internet. What would happen if they see inappropriate content or talk to strangers that could harm them? So that we need to use great apps with a service that has the amazing functions we need to protect our children and our business. Only true browser history spy software can help to get rid from this crisis.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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