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Monitoring call history is the easiest way to unearthing the hidden truth. With this call record check, you will learn about the people contacted by the target user and when (date and time). But why? As a spouse, you think your partner may be having an illicit relationship with someone outside the marriage or you as an employer don’t want your employees to steal and leak out sensitive information about your business to the competitors. Even some harasser can be found out with this method. Do you want to know how to get call history of a mobile number? This can help you avert any situation.

How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

Why do we want to check call history of any mobile number?

Suspicious partners are interested in catching their significant halves, friends, co-workers or anybody they think is lying to them. We wish to check who called them and when. This can protect us, our person and also prevent some bad blood in the future.

The first option we can do is ask the person politely, if we know him. Though there is a bleak chance of him giving away the information, if he is a culprit. The second option is possible if the SIM is in your control or you know all the information required of the person you want to spy upon. Or you know your target’s user site. If you know it, then enter the details – name, password of her phone number, and an SMS code. This code is sent to that person’s phone.

Is It Possible To Check Call History Of A Number?

Well, an appropriate application coupled with some robust features can help you track call history of any mobile number. The advancement in technology has ensured that the results are near accurate.

A cell phone history is a document which records all the incoming and outgoing calls. It is maintained by a cell phone provider. The technological advancement helps in getting the call history of mobile number in no time. With phone spy apps, this has become even easier. With these, you get access to the call history of the target number. Be careful though. Viewing call history of someones cell phone is an invasion of privacy. Do it carefully.

Some of the best in this department include FoniMonitor, MxSPY, Hellospy, Spyzie, SpymyFone, and more. You would require at least 30 minutes to install an app on the target’s phone. And voila you get all the hidden data.

  • How to check call history of a number online?

Instead of stressing over an issue like what that significant person must be doing right now, why not start tracking his activities right away.

  • How to check call history of my number?

It is extremely simple and you can do it anywhere. Just follow the simple steps given below and view the call history of your number in no time. The call logs will be shown in a definite order. You will get the other details like contact name, phone numbers, call duration, time, cell phone history and all types of calls.

  • How to check the records?

This is important as you can keep only a small track of the phone records in your mobile and only for a few days. Nevertheless, you should know how to check call history of a number belonging to you.

There are a number of ways:

  • The monthly cell phone bill includes all the incoming, outgoing, information required with date, time and duration of the call. You can see your cell phone history in it.
  • Another method is to sign into the service provider with your account. Register. Now login to the website with your username and password.
  • How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

  • Choose ‘Billing and Payment’.
  • How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

  • Select call history
  • You can check your call history in it.
  • For call history for the previous months, call the service provider and request them to send you the same. It will be sent to you in your email inbox, if you have your email registered with them.
  • If you have a prepaid number, it can be a hassle. Some service providers demand a written request while some may deny it. The request must include your name, address, phone number and the IMEI number of your cell number. Though these requirements keep varying from one service provider to another.

How to Check Call History of a Number?

Sometimes it is really necessary to check the call history of a certain person. Think of it, it is not easy. So, how to get call logs details of other cell phones, especially if both of you live at different places. Also, what if the person comes to know that you are tracing his cell phone history?

Here is how to go about it:

There are two methods:

1. With a Phone Spy Tool

This method includes downloading a spy tool and installing it in the target phone user. The online tools store all the cell phone call history. When you have an account on it, just log into it and get all the information to check the call history of the number.

Steps involved:

  • Download the app.
  • Register on the app
  • Log into the dashboard
  • Execute all the remote commands

How to check call history of a number using Spyzie?

One of the best apps in the business, Spyzie allows watching the whole history of the calls – incoming and outgoing. It includes contact names, phone numbers, date, duration and time.

How to Check Call History of Your Phone?

You can check all the voice calls. As a call history tracker, it allows access to the call logs of the phone. Confirm contact information of your target. An added feature is the ways to get to the phone numbers your target is calling often – day, date and time and with the call duration. This information is provided via IM. If you fear something bad, Install the app – Spyzie and get all the information right at the click of your fingers.

Steps Involved:

  • Go to the website
  • Download the control panel app
  • Install the app on your mobile
  • Enter the details of the target phone. You must know the age and mobile phone name. Click ‘Okay’
  • How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

  • Choose the steps depending on the type of operating system – iOS or Android. For tracking call history on Android phone, you have to install the app on the target phone first. After the installation is complete, permit access to that mobile.
  • How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

  • Open the control panel app, go to the dashboard. You can see the call log information from the left hand side of the panel.
  • How To Check Call History Of A Number (Because You Must)?

    After downloading the application, Spyzie, you can have call history of the cell phone on your finger tips.

How To Check Call History Of A Number Using SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone is a highly functional app. Though designed as a parental control app, it can be used by businesses too. The app has this amazing ability to check the call logs of the target user in no time. You can also see, if there is an unusual suspicious number calling through the call logs.

You can check the full call history of a number with Phone spy tool with SpyMyFone. It is by far the best software to know how to check call history of any mobile number.

But for this, first install the app.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to the website
  • Now click on ‘Demo’ or ‘Try it now’
  • Install the app
  • Create an account on Android or phone (the app is available for both the platforms)
  • Update to the premium version to get access to the advanced features.
  • Verify the device you want to track
  • Open the dashboard
  • Click on calls on the left hand side of the control panel

Summing Up

SpyMyFone is your answer to the worry how to check call history of a number. It is a powerful app with not just call history feature but a number of other features like hacking social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, WeChat, and more. Not just this, it can be used to track the GPS location of the target user at a particular time. With this, it monitors all the instant messaging apps too. Photos, videos, voice recordings – you get it all with SpyMyFone call history provider app. With so many advanced features, why wouldn’t you want to use SpyMyFone? Go ahead and download it today. It will ascertain that you know what your child or spouse or friend is upto on his phone – who is calling up, at what time and what was the call duration and so on.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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