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Off lately have you begin to see a change in your guy? Is he too busy having conversations with people you have no clue about? Is he always vanished from the dining table? Does that make you feel left out? If so, then how about eavesdropping their conversation aka monitor your guy’s calls? Seems to be impossible? But, it is surely not. As, we have come up with an ideal way on how to monitor cell phone calls without letting anybody know about it. So, no more worries, just make the most of this article.

What is call monitor?

First of all, you really need to understand what exactly is call monitoring and how is it performed. It’s simply not a hard tonic but an easy way through which you can silently listen to the conversation of two people conversing over phone by using a good call monitoring software. This way, you will be able to bypass what they are talking about without letting them have any clue about it. You can even monitor their calls logs and keep a good check on the address book as well.

How to monitor call with call monitoring software?

The efficient way to monitor the calls is by using a good call monitoring software that allows users to silently overhear the conversations with ease. They are easily available in the world of internet as there are ample of means to lay a track of the call logs. Call monitoring software allows users to hear a full-fledged session of the calls. Some advanced applications, also allows users to get the up-to-date details of the contacts.

So, if you want the best advanced, call monitoring application then get SpyMyFone right away. It is the ideal monitoring software which is suitable to extract accurate detailing of the calls made and received on your guy’s phone. You can even monitor the cell phone calls that have been cleverly deleted by your guy. And, if you are curious to know the information of the address book, that can also be fulfilled by SpyMyFone. The list doesn’t end in here; you can even view the timestamps and the duration of the calls as well.

This impeccable call monitoring software easily monitors the cell phone calls. It doesn’t matter which Android or iOS device you are currently working, it is easily compatible with almost all the models and updated operating systems. So be it, Samsung, HTC, Song, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, SpyMyFone swiftly works with all these models. Plus, the bonanza is that by SpyMyFone, you even get the leverage to view the essential details of your guy’s phone. Be it, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Let’s now go through about this tool in a more detailed way.

Key Features of SpyMyFone:

  • Remotely track your guy’s location to know about his whereabouts.
  • Bypass the PINS, Passwords and the patterns set on your guy’s phone.
  • You can even block any application which may pose to be objectionable to you.

How to monitor cell phone call with SpyMyFone?

As we know SpyMyFone is the one stop solution to view the information, data files of your guy’s phone. And if you have made up your mind to monitor the call logs with this software, then you must be acquainted with the knowledge of using SpyMyFone aptly. Which is why, in this section, we will learn how to monitor the call logs of your guy’s phone right from your device.

Note: However, you need to ensure that you must follow the guide of the specific Operating system you are currently working with.

For iOS devices: Step 1: Register for a free SpyMyFone account To begin with, choose a suitable plan (premium/ultimate) and then sign up for a SpyMyFone account for free. Ensure to authenticate with your email wisely as it will be useful in the future for confirmations links as well as updating with any forthcoming updates.

How to monitor calls on cell phone?

Step 2: Process Application

After registering for an account, one needs to process setting up the account. Simply, insert our name, age and the operating system of the monitored device. After that, proceed with signing in with the iCloud credentials of the device’s owner.

How to monitor calls on cell phone? How to monitor calls on cell phone?

Step 3: Monitor iOS device

You can now easily monitor call of the one you wished. All you have to do is, head on to the control panel from your remote device and view which all calls are being made behind your absence.

How to monitor calls on cell phone?

For Android Devices:

Make use of the following guide to understand how to monitor cell phone calls.

Step 1: Get a SpyMyFone Account

The first step is to sign up for a free registered account at the SpyMyFone’s official website. Add in your original, in-use email id as SpyMyFone’s confirmation account link will be sent to you over there.

How to monitor calls on cell phone?

Step 2: Start with Setting-up

After registering for a SpyMyFone, you can now proceed with completing the setup process. All you have to do is grab the monitoring device and install SpyMyFone. Then, go the Setup wizard and fill in the details of the target device’s owner like Name, age and the operating system they are using.

How to monitor calls on cell phone?

Step 3: Monitor calls from Control Panel

If you have completed setting up account, you are all set to monitor cell phone calls of the target device. Simply, go to the control panel dashboard and then monitor the call logs and several other data types as well.

How to monitor calls on cell phone?


In this article, we have very well understood the gist of call monitoring. It is not a very hard to understand technology, but a simple way of tampering the conversations being made on the monitored device i.e. your guy’s phone. And that can be easily implemented using SpyMyFone. As, it is the perfect monitoring software that not only monitors the cell phone calls but provides you with an array of information to understand your guy’s behavior. With SpyMyFone, you can maintain the Geofence, peep on the passwords and GPS track your boyfriend’s location right from your device.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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