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There are various method and tricks to spy someone’s Whatsapp contact as well as a whole phone. You can search it on an online portal where you will find software with full guidance but some of them are working and some of them are just to enhance their advertisements. If you literally want to know how to spy contact Whatsapp, how to hack Whatsapp contact or any other relevant thing, here are the best possible options available for you. There are 4 best ways to spy contact Whatsapp such as Track when they come online by whatsdog application in android devices, Read their conversations even if it’s locked by installing backup text for whats in your targets android phone, Using Whatsapp Web computer or laptops for spying on both Android and iPhone Whatsapp contact, and last but not the least MAC address spoofing. These four methods with their applications are the best and 100% working on all android devices.

Why you want to spy Whatsapp contact

The phrase “How to spy contact Whatsapp” is one of the most searched on search engines and most probably people want to know the reason too? Well, you can imagine the answer. Husbands, Boyfriends, wives, girlfriends, family members or any other loved one are all categories of users have their good reason for wanting to read the messages of another person. On the internet, there is false or inaccurate information that can lead to malfunctioning of the application. Probably people may be also interested in learning how to monitor your staff’s mobile phone or your child’s mobile phone. Also, most of the cops also want to know about such thing to spy criminals, terrorists, thefts, and murderer to locate them and before any mishappens, cops or defense people can stop them.

Spying on someone’s Whatsapp contacts is not tricky stuff but that doesn’t mean you can do it without any guidance or application. You have to know the proper procedure for application and guidance to do it with ease. Here we recommend only various safe methods that have been used by many users, which work on both the iPhone as well as Android devices. These methods are really effective for checking the messages of others and to defend against them. We want to remind you that spying on Whatsapp messages is illegal, but still, it is good to be aware of from illegal things and criminal as well as criminal minded people. Also, it is good to know how to look at themselves from possible attacks.

Three Ways to Spy someone’s Whatsapp Contact

1. SpyMyFone

Follow the steps if you want to spy contact Whatsapp on both iPhone and Android Smartphone by using SpyMyFone.

Step 1: Visit the official website of SpyMyFone and sign-up with your information details, after signing-up, sign-in to their website for the free version. You can avail the other and advanced features by getting a premium subscription.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Step 2: After signing-in, fill the details of the target phone on which you want to spy in the appropriate input boxes during the setup wizard.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Step 3: Download SpyMyFone monitoring app and install it on the target Android phone or iPhone. Don’t forget to allow all permissions to the app.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Step 4: To start monitoring, tap on the start monitoring button and wait for the SpyMyFone icon to disappear.

Step 5: Now you have successfully hacked an android phone or iPhone.  And click on the social app option appearing on the left side of the windows and click on Whatsapp option to spy contact Whatsapp. You can also check the other data on the target phone like photos, videos, contacts, calendars, emails, messages, call logs, browsing history etc. on your device. (With steps and screenshots)

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Features of SpyMyFone

There are various features provided by SpyMyFone across the world such monitoring any targets phones from home, office or anywhere. You can check your children’s mobile phone data, applications installed, messages, browsing history and so on. Every parent wants to safeguard their young children against illegal things and adult websites, SpyMyFone helps them to block as well as secure them from such things. Moreover, there lots of features and services with full of guidance they provide; you can avail their services by visiting their official website and also get the other advanced features by getting a premium subscription.

2. access iCloud to read Whatsapp message

To access iCloud to read Whatsapp message, the most important thing is to check the backup option on your IOS device. If you want to check your chat backup is enable or disable follow the steps For IOS 7 users, turn on Whatsapp from Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, for IOS 8 users, turn on iCloud Drive from Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Then again go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup.

After checking the chat backup, download and install the software Whatsapp Pocket on your computer and follow the three simple steps as shown below:

Step1: After downloading and installing the software open it and where you will see three options in which you have to select “Extract from iTunes Backup Files”.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Step2: After selecting the above option select iCloud backup and click on the Scan button

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Step3: And that’s it, read Whatsapp messages and/or save them to your computer.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

In case of the reinstallation of Whatsapp or when you restore Whatsapp on your IOS device, you can restore your chat history from iCloud after confirmations by clicking restore Chat history appear at the time of opening Whatsapp. All conversation and messages except videos will be restored in a couple of minutes automatically which was synced. You can also set a security password to secure the backup conversation in Whatsapp Pocket software and from this application, you can recover them without any hassle.

Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

3. Spoofing the MAC Address

If you want to spy contact Whatsapp this is the quickest and easiest method to do. This method allows you to run the same Whatsapp account on two Smartphone gadgets at the same time in which both have the same MAC address. You just have to find the MAC address of your target’s Smartphone whether it is Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Just follow the easy steps given below:

For Android Phone: Head over to settings > about phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address

For iPhone Devices: Head over to Setting > General > about > Wi-Fi address

For Windows Phone: Head over to Settings > About > More info > MAC address

For BlackBerry Phone: Head over to options > Device > Device and Status info > WLAN MAC

Now, you've got your target's MAC address, if you have to change the MAC address in your targets Android phone you have the rooted android device to get the access to it. If your device is not rooted than it is the quite long procedure to root. You can check in online portals to root your android device or search your device in a rooting application such as Kingo Root, Towel root and much more.

After betraying your MAC address to your targets, install Whatsapp on your Android device and use the target’s contact information to log in, when asked to enter the OTP (One Time Password) use it well from that phone. After that, click next to the chat screen and hence you have a right copy of Whatsapp of your target’s Android phone.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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