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How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

How to hack someone's Facebook messages is one of the hottest topics as far as social media account hacking is concerned. And the reason is not farfetched; Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet without over a billion users and counting. There are also diverse things happening on Facebook between its users on a daily basis. And being able to hack a Facebook account can help parents monitor their children. Partners can also catch their cheating spouse red-handed. So if you are here because you want to know how to hack social media accounts like Facebook, then read to the last.

Is it Possible to Hack Someones Facebook Messages for free?

As hacking tools continues to increase in number, the major challenge interested users might experience is being able to identify an app that guarantees a better result. The result can vary between the two different tools. So, one has to be careful when choosing a hacking app to use.

Talking about hacking Facebook accounts for free, it’s possible to do so. But you can only make use of the trial version for a certain period. After that period, you will have to upgrade to the premium version to continue using. But registration is free in some programs. And for some products, the trial period could be as much as two days or more. However, if you want the best results, then make plans to upgrade to the premium version once the trial period ends.

Hack someone's Facebook messages with their emails or phone numbers

It is possible to hack into a Facebook account with just phone number and email. Both should have a link with the said account. In other words, the user may have used the details during Facebook account opening. It is only in that regard that the forget password option works.

Now, this trick does not involve the use of hacking tools. It’s a small trick you can use to hack into anyone’s account to read their chats. But this system of hacking is not always the best because the targeted user would still receive the same notification message. If the mobile phone was with you when the notification entered, you could quickly delete it, but that’s not always the case.

Here are steps to hack with only email and phone number;

Step 1: Open Facebook login interface

You have to visit, either on your PC or mobile device.

Step 2: Click on the “Forget Password” icon

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

The icon with the red line is the “forgot account”symbol. You need to click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Enter phone number or email of target

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

Clicking on the “forgot account” link will take you to a new page. You will have to supply the phone number or email of the account owner. Ensure the details provided are related to the said Facebook account. Numbers are usually provided started with the country code for example, +533. After entering the email or number, click the “Search” icon to proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: Enter Code

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

A code will come in as a text message into the registered phone number or email provided. Get the code and type it in the area written “Enter Code.”

Step 5: Reset Password and Login

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

Once you enter the right code, another screen requesting you to change the password will pop up. After changing the password, you will now have the permission to log into the account immediately.

Hack someone's Facebook messages with different apps

This method involves the use of apps. And there are various apps available. Most of them are quite simple that even a non-tech savvy can hack into social media accounts he or she desires using them. The possibility of being caught is also low compared to the method described above. In other words, they are almost risk-free when it comes to hacking Facebook accounts. Here are top 5 apps you can try out.

1. SpyMyFone

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

The SpyMyFone app has been the go-to app for Facebook hacking. The app is feature-rich and also very simple to operate. Using the SpyMyFone app, you can track your kid’s location and read their Facebook messages remotely. You can also do the same for a spouse you suspect is cheating on you without getting caught.

This phone spy app can also help to retrieve vital information and files, such as multi-media files from the targeted user’s device effortlessly. If you are even suspecting that your partner or child is making suspicious calls, this app can help to clear your doubts. It does not only make Facebook hacking a breeze. You can also track other social media platforms effortlessly.

Features of SpyMyFone

  • Intuitive interface
  • Highly affordable
  • Free download
  • Capture screenshots
  • Monitor children and cheating spouse
  • Identify frequently used app remotely
  • Can retrieve multi-media files from trackee’s device
  • Runs on Android and iOS operating systems
  • Ability to hack Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many others.

2. Cocospy

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

The first thing you will like about this phone tracker app is the ease of use. You can hack any Facebook account and even hijack the said account completely. The app is considered one of the best out there. It’s also legal as SpyMyFone.

Cocospy will make it possible for you to hack Facebook password and ID of any account discretely. It will also enable you to view all media files received into the Facebook account or transferred to other users. Another thing the app lets you access is the profile of the individual in contact with the trackee.

Features of Cocospy

  • Free signup and installation of the program
  • Offers 7-days guarantee
  • Look up real-time location or trackee; include history of places visited in the past.
  • Spy on Facebook and Whatsapp to know people your kids are communicating with to keep them save.
  • Get call details for all outgoing and incoming calls.

3. Hoverwatch

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

Hoverwatch stands as one of the family-friendly hacking apps out there. It has a unique family package that allows the user to track as much as five different accounts at the same time. If you have a large number of kids you feel like monitoring, Hoverwatch is one of the apps that can make it easier for you.

Besides Facebook, this app can also track other social medial platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, Skype, SnapChat and even monitor internet activities. Sign up is also free.

Features of Hoverwatch

  • Provides free keylogger function
  • Ability to track and extract accurate information of the account holder
  • The app can monitor targets without being detected.
  • Track SMS messages including all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Geolocation feature which determines and views the accurate location of the targeted device.
  • Supported by Windows, iOS and Android devices.

4. TheTruthSpy

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you or that your kids are lying about their social media activities, TheTruthSpy will help you figure out the truth. This app will enable you to view every single message of the trackee. But reliability is one of the things that aren’t sure with the use of this application.

TheTruthSpy offers a trial period of 2 days to give users the opportunity to try the application. If it meets your need, you can upgrade and continue using the spy app.

Features of TheTruthSpy

  • Sign up is free
  • Ability to record live calls
  • Spy numerous social media platforms
  • Available for iPhone and Android devices
  • Ability to monitor activities of trackee on the internet.
  • Discover the exact location of the tracked device through GPS.

5. Highster Mobile

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages for Free

Highster Mobile is another Facebook hacking app with free signup option. The only drawback is that its features are not as sophisticated as SpyMyFone and other high-end phone spy apps on this list. But it can access all the required Facebook hacking features, and hacks account effortlessly.

You can also use this app to monitor calls, text messages and identify the location of the user’s device in real-time. Highster Mobile is also very easy to use.

Features of Highster Mobile

  • Runs smoothly on all tablets and phones
  • Registration is straightforward
  • Monitors social media accounts and phone calls remotely
  • Helps identify websites visited by the trackee
  • Ability to record and view all videos and photos taken by the device.


If your aim of being on this page is to learn how to hack someones Facebook messages for free, then you have made the right choice. With sophisticated apps like SpyMyFone, you can put an end to your suspicions. SpyMyFone and other apps on the list, are built to offer the best parental control and ensure you will never be left out in the dark regarding your kids’ activities on the various social networks.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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