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It is important for any parents to track their child with the best available Facebook tracker. There are many reasons for it. You might be suspicious of your child's friend or their activities. It is important that you get the best and the most advanced program that will get you a step ahead of others. The software program that you should use should be easy to understand and must make sure that the tracking is made all the way easier and reliable with accurate results. With the right choice, you will definitely get the snooping results that are highly reliable and accurate.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

The introduction of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms on this planet. The credit goes to the 800 million accounts as well as the 400 million active monthly users. The Facebook tracker has, therefore, become a more searched idea of all-time. It is important that children are always tracked on Facebook. This is because the platform is so vast that it can literally swallow anyone without the knowledge of their elders. In other words, tracking on Facebook is the only thing that will make sure the child is safe and secure. The indulgence in wrong activities is also something that is not at all easy to get noticed on this big platform. Some of the interesting facts about Facebook are as follows:

  • About 95% of the teens have access to the smartphone all the time and they use this social media platform.
  • 45% of teens are always online and are chatting or commenting on Facebook posts.
  • About 51% of teens use Facebook on a daily basis.
  • Teens on average spent about 1.5 hours on each social media platform daily.

It is therefore, important that the Facebook tracker is used to make sure that the best and the most advanced results are garnered. It will make sure that the parents are always on the tailgating their child. It will allow them to keep them in safe and sound hands and at the same time will also ensure that they get to know their friend circle.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

There are many trackers on the market, but the need of the hour is to make sure that the best one is chosen. It will allow the parents to more efficiently pry their child without their knowledge. It will also maintain the trust level and will not let the child know that they are being monitored. Whatever the program is chosen it should be reliable and must provide accurate information no matter what.

The impact of Facebook on teens

It is important that the impact is gauged before any program is used. The parents must make sure that the studies are gone through from time to time. It will make sure that they get to know the impact of this social media platform. It will also allow the parents to get their hands on the best Facebook tracker that is on the market. Some impacts of this social media platform on teens are as follows:

  • Giving rise to a new disorder

And we are talking about mental and health disorder in the name of Facebook addiction. The virtual life out of this real world and its addiction is something that is not at all useful for anyone. The teens are living a life of fantasy and they are always on Facebook to fulfill their craving. It is a type of disorder for which medical science is still working on to find a cure. Real people and real relations are the only ideas that can keep them away from this issue but in most of the cases just telling them these facts is not the way out. However, blocking the app altogether is the only way out.

  • Fake profiles

It is another issue that has taken this platform right from the start. Your child might be chatting with the molester without knowing their identity. It is something that is not recommended at all and therefore must be curbed or at least the parents must be there to judge the situation. The Facebook tracker, therefore, helps the parents to track the child and to make sure that their child remains safe and secure all the time. It will also help the parents to overcome the issues that the others often face. The Facebook is through cracking down on fake profiles but the issue remains there.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

  • Personal info leakage

It is another issue that has made the usage of Facebook all the more difficult. The fact of the matter is that Facebook accounts are hacked by hiring the paid hackers, and the issue is becoming more intense with every passing day. The parents should, therefore, use the Facebook tracker to make sure that their child remains under their prying eyes all the time. Personal info should never be leaked and it is the duty of the parents to let the teens know that the information should never be shared with anyone whatsoever.

  • Nothing is hidden at all

Teens are not mature and thus vulnerable to pass on sensitive personal information to others. It can have very negative effects and therefore software that is multitasking is necessary to get the work done without any issue. Such software program will also make sure that the teens remain safe all the time while fully using Facebook without any problem. The teens must also be given refreshers that the use of Facebook is though easy, but it must not be taken for granted.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

There are many software programs that can be used to perform subjected action. However, there are some traits that SpyMyFone possess which are not available in other programs. From the interface to the overall usage of the program everything is simply awesome. SpyMyFone is one of the best programs that will make it easy for the parents to snoop on their child's phone with perfection. It will also allow the parents to overcome their worries about social media usage. It is simply awesome and therefore highly recommended to all.

Features of the program

  • The messages that are shared over Facebook can be viewed by using the functions of this program.
  • The app's overall usage, comments, and a detailed report is generated in a predefined format.
  • The details are saved all the time, and this is made easier with the help of screenshot capturing feature.
  • As the title suggests there is no rooting of the device required for the software to work which means that the warranty of the device remains intact.
  • If there is a suspicious contact on your child’s phone then it can be tracked by activating the notifications.

How to use SpyMyFone to track Facebook?

The process that has to be followed in this regard is simple and straightforward. The steps that are involved are as follows:

1. As a beginner, you need to purchase an account of the SpyMyFone and fill in the details to create an account. Fill in the details in the form that is shown as under:

How can I track on Facebook without root?

2. Select the operating system which your child's phone has in order for the program to work perfectly. In this case, please select android:

How can I track on Facebook without root?

3. Go to the “Settings” of the Android phone, and select “Security”. Then click and toggle off the option of “install apps from unknown resources” button so that SpyMyFone can work perfectly. All the steps are demonstrated as under:

How can I track on Facebook without root?

4. Now on the target device go to the play store and then you need to download the app so that the device can be tracked:

How can I track on Facebook without root?

5. You need to permit the app whatever it requires as only then, it will work perfectly. Once it has been done you are good to go:

How can I track on Facebook without root?

6. From the web-based desktop, you can now track Facebook easily. Go to Social Apps > Facebook and you will get all the details you need.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

7. You can even track the keystrokes of your child’s phone with perfection, and it can be done with the help of keylogger which is on the same left panel:

How can I track on Facebook without root?


SpyMyFone is one of the best and most advanced apps that can be used to track Facebook. It is highly recommended to all those parents that are not fully aware of what their child is up to on social media. Other than Facebook the app can also track other social media platforms that are all listed on the left panel of the web-based tracker.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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