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Part 1: Introduction

Facebook has become one f the best social networking website. You can connect with your friends worldwide anytime, and anywhere. You can chat, share videos, make calls, etc. Use these types of websites effectively to create a safe environment. Sometimes the kids due to their innocence, and adolescent ages drive them to use the resource hastily thereby leading to unwanted problems. Few kids make friends with the unknown persons on this web, and later on, they will realize the person to be a monster. When they get trap they do not know how to resolve the issue, and thereby leading to depression. It is necessary to avoid such happenings by blocking those people on Facebook.

As parents, you should take the necessary steps to remove the dangerous person from the kid’s friend list in their account. Is it possible? Why not, of course, it is easy if you make use of a reliable parental control tool available for download in the digital market. Identify the right source, and download it immediately.

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Part 2: How to block people on someone's account via blocking setting

You can block people from someone’s account via blocking settings. Initially, you have to make use of the parental control app to access the account of another person. Here you can utilize the tool to connect it with your kid’s gadget. The SpyMyFone is the right tool, and it serves as the best parental control app to protect the kid’s from internet threats. In the current scenario, there is an increase in cyber crime, and most kids are in trouble because of their innocence. You have to educate your kids before allowing them to use various apps in the online market. Better knowledge will help them to tackle issues in the future. You can also connect their gadgets with your device using the SpyMyFone app, and make respective control measures to avoid serious issues later.

Surf through the steps to block people on Facebook via blocking settings

Step 1: First, you have to access the Facebook account of your children through the SpymyFone app. Download this tool, and get connected with the target device with the help of the setup wizard. Install the app in the target device, and hide the icon. Open the Facebook account to carry out the process

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Step 2: Go to the ‘Settings’ option in the top right corner in the screen

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Step 3: In the settings window you have to select the ‘Blocking’ option on the left panel in the screen

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Step 4: in the ‘Blocking’ settings, you can enter the name or email address of the person whom you want to block in the right panel of the screen.

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

You have successfully blocked the person from your children's Facebook account thereby protecting them from cyber threats, and related issues in the future. Now you must be clear how to block people on Facebook. You can view the contact list on Facebook, and block the person whom you feel might be dangerous in future

Your children will not know all these activities unless you reveal the information. You can block websites without the knowledge of your kid via SpyMyFone app

Part 3: What can you do if the kid is addicted to chat with people on Facebook?

When your kid is addicted to chat with people on Facebook then immediately, you have to make use of the best Parental control app SpyMyFone. With the help of, this app you can block people on Facebook or you can also block the app as a whole just in a fraction of second. Your kid might think the problem is with the gadget, and thereby you can reduce the addictive habit to some extent

Bring awareness to your kid related to cyber threats, and crimes. You should train your kid to identify the online monsters, and protect him or herself without getting into unwanted issues. Most of the adolescent kids are addicted to chatting because of their innocent age. You can help these adolescents’ kids by attending seminars, and psychologist speeches for permanent relief. Whatever be the measure you have to take it immediately without any delay before the situation goes worse.

Part 4: How can SpyMyFone help you?

SpyMyFone helps you in many ways to safeguard your kids from cyberbullying, threats, and unnecessary issues, etc. The highlighted features were as follows

  • App blocker: You can block the apps, which you feel dangerous to your kids by accessing through the SpyMyFone app. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc can be blocked easily using this parental control tool.
  • Monitoring: The SpymyFone app enables you to monitor the text messages, videos, and pictures, etc received in the target device. You can also monitor the contact list, and the calls received, etc. By implementing keywords, you can set alarms when your kid is into some cyberbullying.
  • Screen Time: You can now decide the time spent on the gadgets by your kids without any quarrels. Yes, set the screen time through this SpyMyFone app and you can lock gadget automatically when the time limit is over. Your kid will not be able to unlock it unless you remove the lock
  • Geofencing: You can now remotely set a fence for your kid, and protect them from the entry into the prohibited area. Using this app, you can also find out the current location of your kid. You can find out extra feature in this app such that you can surf through the history of the location visited along with the date, and time. An alarm is set to notify when the kid moves beyond the Geofencing area

Steps to block apps using SpyMyFone app

Step 1: Create an account in the SpyMyFone platform by visiting its official website

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details, and complete the wizard for the successful installation of the app. Here you have to enter the details of the target device.

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

In the target device download, and install this tool. You can also hide the icon for monitoring the kid’s phone without the knowledge.

Step 3: when the target device is connected with your phone then open the control panel of SpyMyFone , and go to the ‘Social app’ section to monitor the messages from various social networking websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

Step 4: If you want to block the app then go to the ‘Application’ to disable the unwanted apps, and software in your kid’s device.

How to block people on Facebook for kids' safety

The blocked apps will not appear in your kid’s device anymore, and you can protect your kid’s from cyber monsters with the help of this app precisely.

Part 5: Conclusion

The SpyMyFone app is the highly recommended app in the current scenario. Hurry, download its trial version, and explore its various features. You can also purchase the right package as per your needs. Protect your kids from the unknown online monsters by connecting with your device through the SpyMyFone app. It serves as a bridge for monitoring, and maintaining the online activities of your kids. It is high time to find out respective measures to safeguard the kids from cyber threats.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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