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If you have ever wondered "Can I spy on my boyfriend’s Facebook messages and photos?" The answer is yes. In fact, you will be surprised how easy and safe it is to monitor the activities of your partner's cell phone, as long as you acquire an application that guarantees you a good operation.

Currently there are dozens of options available in the market to spy messages and many of them are free but are not entirely recommendable as they could give you malfunctions or even install viruses on the cell phone you want to track, so you end up being an unpleasant experience, for this reason, must be careful with the kind of tool that you will use to spy on Facebook messages and private photos.

Why Do You Need to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages and Private Photos?

Spying on boyfriend's Facebook messages and check the private photos is a recurring exercise in couples. It is even a behavior in which both components of a relationship tend to incur. The reasons for doing so are varied; however, the most common is mistrust. Insecurity comes from the hand of mistrust. Often the insecurities themselves lead people to distrust their partners for no apparent reason.

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Facebook

Each person's life story has a lot to do with this, the relationship we saw between our parents and closest beings as we grew up or bad experiences in previous relationships influence our beliefs, thoughts and our way of relating to the other. Everyone brings their baggage. There are those who doubt the honesty of their partner because precisely, he is not being honest and need to spy on Facebook messages and private photos for be sure or confirm something.

While it tends to generalize the reasons why a person invades the privacy of his partner through the cell phone, each case is different. There are couples where such behavior occurs from both sides and is fully endorsed, where they do not even speak openly about it but are aware that they have spied the cell phone behind the other and accept it as a practice standard.

How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages and Private Photos via SpyMyFone?

To spy on Facebook messages and private photos in your boyfriend’s mobile, we recommend you use SpyMyFone. This is a useful and safe application with very important features that allows you to spy Facebook in an Android and iPhone device without his knowledge.

If your boyfriend’s mobile is an Android, you must install SpyMyFone manually on his device. This means that you will have to have full control of his mobile for at least a few minutes, to complete the installation procedure. This step is essential to achieve a good operation of the software, so you should pay the most attention possible.

Let’s talk about SpyMyFone features so you will understand why we recommended it


you can find the device in real time with its detailed route.

Call logs

can check the call list including incoming and outgoing calls.

Text messages

check all its text messages history.

Browser history

monitor the website history and bookmarks.


you can take a screenshot whenever you want.


can find all the passwords on his device.

Social Apps

can spy on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.


you can spy on his photos file.

If you want to spy on Facebook messages & private photos using SpyMyFone, you have pricing plans according to your requirements:

1. Android Device

A) Premium Edition: 1 month subscription: $29.99

3 months subscription: $ 39.99

1 year subscription: $ 89.99

B) Ultimate Edition: 1 month subscription: $ 39.99

3 months subscription: $ 49.99

1-year subscription: $ 99.99

2. iOS Device:

1 month subscription: $ 29.99

Follow the next step by step and learn how to install SpyMyFone on your boyfriend’s device:

1. Go to to “Sign up”: create an account with your email address because you will receive the email account confirmation link there:

create an account

2. Once that you have confirmed your account on the link that SpyMyFone sent to your email address, is necessary to add your target device information:

add your target device information

3. Install the application: First: Install the application on the target’s Pc and configures the Application: click on “Settings> Lock screen and security> Unknown Sources> Ok”.

Install the application

Second: Proceed in to install SpyMyFone on the PC, and then go to “Notifications” or “Download” file to open the App:

 open the App

4. Read the instructions: now just need to open your SpyMyFone account. Go to the Control Panel, do click on “Social Apps” and select “Facebook”, “messenger” or “photos” and spy on Facebook messages & private photos.

Go to the Control Panel and start spying on Facebook

Note: With SpyMyFone, you can even choose to capture screenshots of your boyfriend's Facebook messages and private photos by using the capture screenshot feature as shown below.

3: How to Spy Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages and Private Photos via mSpy?

Another good application that is mSpy with which you can easily spy on Facebook messages & private photos.

mSpy is a monitoring application, which allows us to monitor cell phones remotely (now available for PC). Once we have the App running on the desired phone, we will have access to all kinds of data that contains the mobile and enjoy mSpy features.

mSpy is Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Read the next step by step to learn how to use it.

Note: to use mSpy in Android you have to root your device and for iOS you require a jailbreak.

Step 1: Go the official website and register www. .To spy on Facebook messages, it is necessary to buy mSpy Premium. After payment and completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation link in your email address to activate your account. Once you did it, you can log in into your account.

register www.

Step 2: To allow you to install the application on your Android device go to “Settings

Step 3: Application download link: insert the downloaded link on your web browser and then insert the caption characters and tap on Download icon.

Application download

When it finished, select “bt.apk” files to start the installation. Follow the next step by step to know how to proceed:

Step 1: Start: you will see the update service screen and need to confirm the permissions to use mSpy app: select “Next

Step 2: Installing: You need to select the option “I understand and still I want to install it” then select “Install Anyway” icon. When the installation is done, press “Open” icon.

Step 3: License Agreement: open the app and press: "Continue"

License Agreement

Step 4: Activate Update Service: now you need to enable the app to have the control over the device. Press “Activate” icon

Activate Update Service

Step 5: show/hide the mSpy icon then tap “Continue”

Step 6: Registration code: you will receive the registration code with the purchase. Log in into mSpy online website for installation guide. Once you added the code, tap “Continue Registration” icon. To confirm select “OK”

Registration code

Step 7: Finish the installation: now sign in into the online account and go to the online wizard and enter your phone number and name, then tap on “Finish” icon.

Finish the installation

Now the device will start to be monitoring and you will see on your online control panel

start monitoring

If you want to spy the photos, just select “Photos” in this control panel:

spy the photos

Along with the question of how to spy on Facebook messages & private photos on a mobile phone, there is also the concern of knowing what data can be obtained through this type of activity. It will always depend on the program chosen and the different plans you select, but the amount of information you can receive is practically unlimited.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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