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Extra-marital affairs is a common social evil which has affected many. But now you can keep a check on your spouse by monitoring his/her social media activities, especially spy Facebook messages. This article will tell you how to spy on Facebook messenger to get access to all the messages exchanged between your partner and others.

It is extremely easy to spy Facebook messages with the help of the software that we are going to discuss in detail in the next segment. So stay tuned and read on.

How can Facebook Messenger expose a Cheater?

Facebook Messenger keeps all the trails of messages exchanged between the account holder and his/her Facebook friends. If you ever suspicious about your spouse and feel the need to check who all he/she is in touch with, Facebook Messenger is the most reliable way to do so. It is a social media instant messaging App that a allows Facebook users to chat with one another via texts, images, emojis, GIFs, videos, etc.

Thus, if you catch your spouse cheating on you, or having an affair, Facebook Messenger really comes in handy to spy Facebook messages.

Facebook Messenger can expose a cheater as this App retains age old conversations between two people until one manually deletes them. You trace the messages back to the first message ever exchanged between two or more people. Also, these messages are stored in a chronological order, with date and time.

Monitoring your spouse’s messages is necessary is he/she is keeping you in the dark and cheating on you.

Let us now move ahead to know how to spy on Facebook Messenger.

spouse cheating

How to use the App to Spy on Facebook Chats?

You can spy your spouse’s Facebook Messenger with the help of a great software called SpyMyFone. If you even heard of it already, visit its homepage and get to know more about it.


You may also observe its demo page to know more about its features and ways to use it.

To begin with, SpyMyFone is currently the most popular spying software to keep a tab on other’s social media activities, especially to spy Facebook messages exchanged between your spouse and his/her contacts. This software/App is also referred to as a spy camera as it is designed to sneak into your husband/wife’s illicit activities.

Given below are some of SpyMyFone’s features which make it very unique:

  • SpyMyFone can spy on many Social Apps, especially Facebook messenger.
  • It allows users to view the buttons being pressed on someone else's phone to hack their password.
  • Its control panel feature makes users control everything on the target device.
  • SpyMyFone users can also take screenshots to collect evidence against their cheating spouse.
  • Call logs, messages, photos, etc can be viewed easily on the target device.
  • Last but not the least, SpyMyFone gives an accurate location of the device as shown below.


Using SpyMyFone can be very useful and help you understand how to spy on Facebook Messenger. It has great features and the best part is that all the spying takes place without the knowledge of the owner of the target device.

SpyMyFone is safe and secure and offers assistance whenever you need with the help of its demo videos and instructions.

The only drawback that we've noticed so far is that if the target device is Android, the App has to installed on it manually.

All in all, SpyMyFone is great and helps you spy Facebook messages to expose your cheating spouse.


The biggest plus point about using SpyMyFone is that it is extremely cost effective. If you subscribe to it for just a month, it shall cost you $29.99 only, but if you subscribe to the software for three months, it is way more economical than the monthly package as it will cost you only $39.99.

These sums are a meager amount in return for the features offered by this amazing software.

Curious to know how to spy on Facebook Messenger using SpyMyFone? So here it goes. Follow the step by step intrusions given below and you will definitely be able to expose your cheating spouse:

1. Go to and Sign up.

2. Click on the link sent to you in the registration email from SpyMyFone.

3. Install SpyMyFone on your phone.

4. Follow the instructions and start using it.

Here the steps in detail for you as well with relevant screenshots.

Step 1. Make an account with SpyMyFone.

Signing up on SpyMyFone is the first step. You need to create an account on the software’s website. Visit the link given below to do so and move on to the next step.

 Make an account with SpyMyFone

Step 2. Registration e-mail.

Once your account is successfully registered with SpyMyFone, you will receive an e-mail on the e-mail address provided by you. This e-mail is crucial to the further process as it contains information regarding your Control Panel, which is your main domain from where you can hack into your spouse’s Facebook messenger.

You will also find instructions to download, install and run SpyMyFone App on your spouse’s phone. Follow the guidelines well to avoid any errors.

Step 3. Install SpyMyFone on target device.

You will now need to install SpyMyFone on your Spouse’s phone by making some changes in settings so that the phone has permission to download Apps from unknown sources. (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources). Once you've installed SpyMyFone on the Target Device, you will be able to start monitoring the Facebook Messages of your spouse.

Install SpyMyFone on target device

Step 4. Start spying.

Method 1.

Finally, take screen shots of the Facebook messages you want to keep as evidence. Also, you may keep the entire Facebook Messenger history saved on your device. You can read messages and spy Facebook messages without letting your Spouse know with the help of SpyMyFone and access these messages from your own device/PC using your Control Panel.

Method 2.

Spy on Facebook chats by capturing screenshots from your control panel itself. SpyMyFone allows you to capture a certain portion of the Target devices screen remotely by using the controls and options on your control panel.

Method 3.

Spy on Facebook chats by using key logger. This is another feature offered by SpyMyFone wherein you will come to know the keys being pressed by the target device owner on his/her device. This way you can uncoil his/her Facebook Messenger Password and login to his/her account on your device and get first-hand information.

use key logger

Therefore, use SpyMyFone carefully and only when you are absolutely sure that your spouse is cheating on you. Do not use this App to invade into people's privacy.

Hope you found this article helpful and it could answer all your queries about how to spy on Facebook Messenger.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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