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It is important that the block feature of Facebook is used to make sure that the timeline is hidden. Blocking someone on Facebook has been made relatively easy with the passage of time as new features are introduced. It is important that such an idea is practiced as it will make sure that the Facebook account remains safe from the prying eyes. When it comes to the teenagers then the idea is even more enchanting as the teens remain safe and secure in this vulnerable online environment. But what if the teen unblock someone who has been blocked by his parents? What if the parents do not know this fact? This article will deal with the possible solutions in this regard.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

What does blocking someone on Facebook do?

In the past, you would brawl with someone if he or she would do something that is not liked by you. Now it is not that time and simple blocking is enough to make sure that life moves on. Blocking someone on Facebook is the best way to make sure that the person never dares to contact you. But what are the effects? Are there any downsides? Some of these are listed as under:

  • Old Comments and wall postings

It is a simple phenomenon to understand that the comments and wall posts of both of you will be hidden from each other. Neither you nor will be able to see any content that you post. Other people or the mutual friends will however still be able to see the content that was formerly posted by both of you. Take note that the Facebook content is never deleted but just hidden and it all remains there.

  • New comments and wall postings

Both of you will not be able to create new content on Facebook at all. Blocking someone on Facebook means that you don’t want to contact that person anymore and this applies to all new posts as well. It is important to note that the new comments and wall postings will also not be visible at all.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

  • Profile searching

It is again something that will never be done i.e. you and the person you have blocked will never be able to search for each other’s profile. It means that until and unless anyone of you makes a fake Facebook account and try to search for the other person you will not be able to get to view the profile of each other at all. Blocking someone on Facebook means that you are completely disconnected.

  • Tagging

Blocking also prevents you and the other person to make sure that you both aren’t able to tag each other. There is no way that anyone of you can contact the other and therefore it is important that the tagging is also included. The best part is the content that was previously tagged will also be hidden from the respective timelines. It is also important that the items are hidden and not deleted. You can access all the content if you unblock other person and vice versa.

  • Common Groups

Here something strange happens. The fact of the matter that the person that you have blocked will not only remain a part of the group but will also be able to see your comments. Blocking someone on Facebook will, however not allow you to see their comments.

How to block someone on teen's Facebook via blocking setting?

If as a parent you are worried that your child might get into wrong hands then it is important that you get that particular person or page blocked. The process that you need to follow is fairly simple. The complete steps are mentioned as under:

1. Go to the person’s profile page whom you want to block. Tap the three dots that are on the right side of the profile. It has been highlighted in the screenshot below:

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

2. A drop-down will appear. From the list you need to select block:

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

3. Facebook will get you to know that which are the privileges that the blocked person will not enjoy. Click confirm:

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

4. You can also click the padlock icon and enter the email address to make sure that the person is blocked completely

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

What can parents do if teen unblocks someone?

There are instances where the parents find out that the teen has unblocked the person they had blocked. In all such cases, there is a simple and the best way out that can be applied. The SpyMyFone is one of the best and the most wanted apps that can be used to make sure that the child’s Facebook is controlled by the parents. It is the best way to make sure that the parents keep an eye on what their child is up to. The app is the best when it comes to working as well as the usage as it is simple. Some features of the app are as follows:

  • The application has a built-in feature that allows the parents to view the messages sent over Facebook remotely.
  • The complete app usage report can be accessed with ease and perfection, and there is no additional app required for it.
  • The details of the malicious activities can be saved so that they can be added to the usage report.
  • Unlike other apps there is no rooting or jailbreaking of the device is required to use this application.
  • The suspicious contacts can be put on surveillance with the help of this app. You will receive the pop-up notifications once there is any activity from any such contact.

Helps parents to control Facebook usage remotely

It is one of the best things for which SpyMyFone is highly appreciated. You don't need to be physically available at your child's location to get the work done. The smart development of the application makes sure that you get the best and the most desired results even if you are remotely monitoring your child's Facebook account. The internet connectivity will allow you to access your dashboard and from there you can see what your child is up to on Facebook. It is a simple and straightforward app that will make your life a lot easier.

Help parents to block Facebook app

This can also be called an anti-addition technique. It means that the Facebook app that has been installed on your child's phone will be completely blocked, and the user will become impossible. It also means that you will get the best and the most authentic results as the app have been rigorously tested. Furthermore, the testimonials of the parents also show that the results are authentic, and they are successful in blocking the app on their child's phone. This app blocking feature has been highly praised and has allowed the parents to get complete control of their child's Facebook.

How to install SpyMyFone?

The process that you need to follow in this regard has been detailed as follows so that it becomes easy for you to follow:

1. Visit the official website of the application i.e. and create an account. It is advised to create the account using a genuine email ID so that in future you get all the updates and can also reset the password if necessary.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

2. To activate the service on the target phone you need to check the relevant icon. Select the ultimate plan as it has all the necessary features that you want to have.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

3. If the target phone is android then you need to enable “Install Apps from Unknown Resources” so that the app gets installed. You can also hide the app icon on the target device and can spy on your kid's phone without any issue and trouble.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?

4. Access the dashboard from your computer system and have the peace of mind that your child is in your own hands, and completely safe and secure from online vulnerabilities.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do and how to do?


Though Facebook has built-in blocking feature it cannot be controlled by another person. The SpyMyFone is the best and the most advanced program that helps the users to overcome the problem. The parents can enjoy complete control of their child’s Facebook account and even the other social media platforms. The SpyMyFone is not only cost effective, but it is easy to use and maintain. The dashboard is highly sophisticated and allows the users to spy on their child’s device without even their knowledge. It is a program that is highly sophisticated and therefore rated high by the users just for the usability it offers to its clients.

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