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Set All Kinds of Alerts on Any Android Device

  • Add, remove, and manage different alerts remotely
  • Get notified for contacts and emails
  • Set alerts whenever a keyword is mentioned in texts, emails, and chats
  • Make sure that the user won’t enter a location by setting geo-alerts
  • Be notified as soon as the SIM card is changed on the phone
  • No need to root the target device to use SpyMyFone

What All Can You Do With SpyMyFone Alerts?

Contact Alerts

Get immediate alerts whenever a certain individual is contacted via calls, texts, or emails.

Keyword Alerts

By setting keyword alerts, you would be notified as soon as a keyword is entered in emails or texts.

Location-based Alerts

SpyMyFone will also notify you whenever the device would enter a certain location.

SIM Card Change Alerts

It will also notify you right away whenever the SIM card on the device would be changed.

App-specific Notifications

Users can view alerts specific to different apps remotely on SpyMyFone’s user-friendly interface.

Get into Details

The tool provides additional details regarding the type of alert, its date, time, and more.

Get alerts via email

Get alerts via email to make sure you don’t ever miss any important information.

No Rooting Needed

Compatible with all the leading Android devices, SpyMyFone does not require rooting.

SpyMyFone Features

Monitor Your Loved Ones and Employees in 3 Simple Steps


Sign Up for SpyMyFone Service

Sign up for a free SpyMyFone account and choose your mobile monitoring subscription plan that rightly serves your monitoring needs.


Install and Setup

Use our emailed instructions to download and install SpyMyFone monitoring app on the target cell phone or tablet.


Start Monitoring

All it takes is a few minutes to get started with SpyMyFone. Finish the setup by logging into your SpyMyFone dashboard using the your account credentials.

What Our Happy Customers Say

by Arun Bhave, India

With SpyMyFone, I can easily track my employees and be sure that they won’t leak any sensitive details to our competitors. I sleep peacefully as I can access all their exchanged messages in one place whenever I want.

by Karen, USA

I was not sure if my boyfriend was being loyal or not. After using SpyMyFone, I was able to spy on his messages, call logs, WhatsApp, contacts, and all the other details. I can now even track his whereabouts and is so relieved!

by Martha, California

SpyMyFone has really helped me track my kids without calling them all the time. I can remotely track their live location, know with whom they talk on the phone, and can even read their messages. Thank you, SpyMyFone for everything!

The Most Powerful Phone Spy App for Both Android and iOS.