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Setting some boundaries for your kids is necessary as well as challenging. Geofence, however, made it easier to keep track of them. It's the only reliable way to keep a check on your kids and monitor their activities.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

If you are looking for actual geofencing meaning, then according to Wikipedia, a geofence is a virtual perimeter in the real-world geographic location. In layman language, it’s an imaginary boundary for your kid. Not just kids, it’s an excellent way to keep your loved ones in a secured parameter and to know their whereabouts. The geofence is mostly incorporated within the code of the application. Individuals and businesses are using this technique to monitor different sorts of activities.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing has been in use for quite some time now, but very few people are aware of it. Smart gadgets, social media apps, security organizers, and drones, many of these are using Geofencing for different purposes. But it’s direct and simplified use is less known to people.

Technically, it is the process of applying geofence. The app having this location-based service uses RFID, GPS cellular data, or Wi-Fi to trigger the action. A virtual boundary is created around the geographical area, alerting the administrator whenever someone breaches the boundary. Some of the popular apps these days are using geofencing to keep their clients secure and stress-free.

One of the most common uses of geofencing these days is social media apps. Location-based stickers and filters are made possible with the help of geofencing only. Even some of the companies are using this technique to monitor their off-field workers.

Geofencing can also be used for advanced security purposes. E.g., if someone has entered the house or left the house, you will get a notification on the phone. Geofencing isn’t just for mobile apps; the technology has also evolved to control and track vehicles. Even the drones these days are pre-programmed with geofencing for security purposes around open-air venues, airports, and other essential places.

What are Geofence alerts?

The apps using the geofencing technique have come up with push message alerts to notify the administrator whenever there is a breach. While there are many high-end benefits of geofencing, our main focus here is keeping the kids secure. And, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of your kids. So, if you are wondering what geofence alerts are? Here it is! Once geofencing is installed on a device, whenever the subject leaves the assigned area, a geofence alert will be sent to the administrator via text, vibration, call, or email. Subscribers can also opt for multiple notification options to stay assured of the situation.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

How to track your kids' location with Geofence alerts?

To track your kids, you will have to install an app that uses geofencing. It has to be installed both on the parent’s as well as a kid’s device. The installation process of the app is mentioned in the below section.

The process, however, works as, if you want your kid to come home straight from school. You can set the school perimeter and home perimeter in it. If he/she crosses it, you will receive a message. Geofencing allows you to differentiate between restricted and safe zones, keeping your family safe.

Special SpyMyFone Features

SpyMyFone is the leading phone spy service provider, which enables you to safeguard your family and friends. Using its excellent features, you can set up parental control and geofence for your kids.

Not just this, SpyMyfone helps defend your kids in many more ways. It has all the features to secure your kids and monitor their activities.

  • Location tracking and geo-fencing

SpyMyFone provides a real-time location tracking solution. With this accurate tracking solution, you can know the whereabouts of your loved ones. Set up the geofence, and whenever the subject leaves the perimeter, you will be notified. Parents can even monitor how often the kids are visiting the safe or forbidden zones.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Monitor Phone call and Text messages

Without any doubt, social media can be addictive for kids. However, with SpyMyFone, you can monitor the online habits of your kids. SpyMyFone allows you to sneak into your kid’s browsing history and the message they have exchanged. Wechat, Skype Chats, Instagram DM, Viber, as well as Tinder Messages, you can track both the sent and received messages of these apps.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Monitoring the Phones and Apps

Small kids should have a schedule for browsing and playing games. Parents can set that schedule with the schedule restriction and app monitoring features of SpyMyFone. These features enable you to set time-based schedules after which the apps are blocked automatically. To outplay the smart ones, it also has instant geofence alerts in cases of sim changes, and specific keyword insertion.

  • Keylogging

Keylogging has always been the favorite of hackers, but learning it can be complex too. However, with SpyMyFone, you don’t have to learn the program, instead, utilize it in one click. It will help you know the password of various applications. The feature also enables you to determine what your kid is sharing and liking on the internet. It sort of a total supervising tool.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Call-log tracking

If you are seeing your kid on the phone for longer hours and curious about what’s going on, SpyMyFone can be your real shot. Install the app on your phone as well as his, and you can get details of his call logs. It can be a great way to ensure your kid’s selection of the company. Once you know what's happening, you can guide them creatively.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

How to set up geofencing with SpyMyFone?

The administrator needs to have legal access to the target phone for installing the app. Usually, you are the buyer of your kid’s phone, so that you can access it without any obligation. As smart parents, install the app on your phone’s kid before giving it to them.

The installation of SpyMyFon on your device is simple. Follow the process below, and you can start tracking your kid’s activity.

  • Sign Up

Visit the official website, from there you can sign up and create a SpyMyFone account. We will recommend using a valid email address as it allows you to keep track of the activities you are monitoring. Enter the email address and set a strong password and sign up. Make sure your kid is not able to crack the password.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Activate the target phone

Select the android or iPhone icon and subscribe to the plan you want. For e.g., you want to pay monthly or want to pay for three months in one go (Both android and iPhone have different plans). Once the plan is bought, fill the information of the subject being monitored. Like Name, Age, and phone, and what device they are using.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Installation

For Android Device

Install the app on the target device and choose to hide the app icon (if your kid is tech-savvy, this will keep it hidden). While installing on android devices, you will have to say “yes” to the setting change “download from an unknown source.” Once done you can now login to your account and activate the services.

For iPhone and iPad

After selecting the device, you will have to enter and verify the iCloud credentials. While doing this, you will need your iCloud id and password. Please make sure the two-step verification is off. Once installed, the rest of the process is the same.

How to Keep Track of Kids with Geofence Alerts?

  • Change the settings

You can change the settings anytime you want. Like if you wish to block a particular app or stop downloading apps from unknown services etc.

Extra Note: In case you want to transfer the services to another phone, you will have first to download it onto another one. For further instructions or any related query, you can visit the support section of the website.

Conclusion: SpyMyFon is the ultimate solution to safeguard your family and kids. Along with geo-fencing, it offers most of the parental controlling features. You can track your kid's Internet behavior, messaging, and passwords. The app is available for both android and iOS phones.

Unlike other tracking apps, this one can stay hidden on the phone. Just select the hidden option, and it will remain away on your kid's notice. First-time users can also check the demo available on the phone. Not only kids, but the app can also be used for tracking the location of spouses, family, and friends. Install the app, and you are no more to worry about the location of your loved ones.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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