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If you are using an iPhone then one common question that might keep bothering you is - “can iPhone be hacked”. Though iOS is considered to be a safe and protected platform, chances of getting iPhone hacked are still pretty high. Know about iPhone hacking in detail in the following part of the article.

Can iPhone be Hacked – Know everything about iPhone hacking

Part 1: Can iPhone be hacked

If you think that iPhone offers a peace of mind that your device is safe, protected, and secure then you are certainly mistaken. Like all other phones, your iPhone can be definitely hacked.

Part 2: How can iPhone be hacked

There are a number of ways through an iPhone can be hacked. Some of the common reasons due to which your iPhone becomes Part 2: How can iPhone be hacked to hacking include jail breaking the device, viewing messages from the unknown numbers, phishing by messages, unauthorized access to iCloud or Google account, charging your phone using random ports, or downloading spyware and malware programs. There are a number of advanced hacking tools available as well like SpyMyFone and others that can hack an iPhone can keep track of all its activities.

Part 3: How to hack iPhone using SpyMyFone.

SpyMyFone is a powerful tool that allows hacking your iPhone and thus keep a track of the calls, messages, social media, and all other activities. The SpyMyFone app once installed on an iPhone allows you to track the location, view the call logs, look after the text messages, get the screenshot snap chat, know about the activities on Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts, monitor geofences, and others. Browsing history, photos, as well as videos can also be accessed using the program. SpyMyFone can be used to spy and track an iPhone without any need for installing the app but with just an authorized access. ICloud account and ID password can be used on the target phone to know the activities.

Steps on how to hack iPhone using SpyMyFone:

Step 1: On SpyMyFone -, create an account and choose for a premium subscription. Once the account is created, go through the setup process for iPhone hacking.

Step 2: Next comes the Setup Wizard where you need to enter the name, age, OS and other details of the target person and the device. Next, enter the iCloud ID and the password signed on the target device. Click Verify. Here also ensure that iCloud backup and syncing is active on the target phone.

Step 3: The data of the phone that you want to spy will be synced using the cloud services. The access to the control panel lets you track all the activities and the data of the target phone. The latest information is pushed every time when you log into the account. Here you need to note that if the target iPhone is not connected to the internet or is switched off, the data will not be updated.

Part 4: How to avoid iPhone being hacked

There are a number of precautionary methods and tips that can be used to prevent your iPhone from being hacked. The below list will help you to keep your device safe and secure from being hacked.

Can iPhone be Hacked – Know everything about iPhone hacking

  • Set a difficult passcode on your iPhone so that no one can unlock and have access to its content
  • Do not jailbreak your device as it makes it vulnerable to malware and viruses
  • Only keep the useful apps on your iPhone and delete the suspicious ones
  • Do not click and open any link received from an unknown contact
  • Do not provide any bank or personal details on any random or unknown site
  • Do not connect to any WiFi in a public place that is not secured
  • Do not download any random social media app. Only go for the ones which are completely encrypted.
  • Do not download any app from any unknown sources
  • Install anti-spyware apps
  • Do not charge your iPhone using public charging spots. If needed in an emergency, do not Trust the other device and only put it in Charger only mode

Can iPhone be Hacked – Know everything about iPhone hacking

Part 5: How to tell if your iPhone has been hacked

To know if your iPhone is hacked there are a number of signs that you can look up to. Listed below are some common signs that indicate iPhone hacking.

Can iPhone be Hacked – Know everything about iPhone hacking

  • Heating up of iPhone battery even when it is not in use as the spy app runs in the background
  • Quick draining of your iPhone battery
  • Any abnormal behavior of the phone like making sounds, vibrating, shutting down, opening or closing of the app on its own, and others
  • The handset does not switch off or start at the pressing of the Power and Home button simultaneously
  • Distorted sound and noise in the background
  • Apps are not working properly

Can iPhone be Hacked – Know everything about iPhone hacking

Part 6: Conclusion:

Can iPhone be hacked? Yes, it can. Use SpyMyFone and hack iPhone as well as Android devices to track its location and activities.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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