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We all wish that if we could have a chance, we would sneak into what is our partner or friend or boss or colleague up to. There is nothing wrong in it. This curiosity is commonplace. We love to know something that we feel is interesting and that piques our interest. This is what everyone terms as the spice of life.

How to Hack into Someone’s iPhone from your Phone if You had a Chance

But can you hack someones iPhone from your phone? What if you can? Would you like to do if you had a chance? What would you like to spy on someone’s iPhone? Whatever be the reason, we have a guidebook to help you accomplish the job easily and effectively.

How to hack into someone’s iPhone from your phone

First off, why do people hack into someone’s iPhone from your phone? Things they like to know...

Every hacker (yes, you will be called so, though we presume your intentions are not of harming anyone) has a different reason. Before proceeding, how to hack someone’s iPhone from your phone, let us try to understand the reasons for hacking.

Everyone has a different motive. Whether good or bad, prank or otherwise, sneaking into someone else’s life is full of fun. For some,

1. It Is A Hobby

These types of hackers do it for an adrenaline rush. They want to prove that they can outsmart anyone in a given circumstance and this brings them a sense of gratification. They can hack or vandalise a website.

2. Steal Sensitive Information

More people are relying on internet banking. Hackers access this information from their PCs, tablets, smartphones, and more. They do it for monetary gain. There are too many different ways to reach the sensitive information. One of them is installing malware.

What is your motive? Hope you won’t harm anyone and hack someones iPhone with your phone ethically.


There are too many tools with which you can hack an iPhone. These tools can help you get into the iCloud account and download the full backup. This can provide everything on the phone. The hacker can have everything that the owner thought he had deleted but still exists in the iCloud backup.

Check out the list of things you as a hacker can have access to someone’s iPhone:

  • Text Messages
  • Phone Call History. It will tell you about who they have called, their number, the exact date and how many times it was done. For instance, you are a suspicious wife who wants to spy on your husband, the tool can help you know to whom he is talking to or messaging to midnight. She might even want to listen to the conversation and can with the tool.
  • Voicemail message data (numbers and times) dating back to the time of purchase of iPhone.
  • Every e-mail and the Twitter account owned by the phone’s owner. Even the details synced from the accounts before the phone was purchased.
  • Addresses for texts and email, also the Facebook contacts and phone numbers
  • Deleted photos
  • All the wi-fi hotspots connected to the phone ever
  • Addresses searched in Apple maps

Once you have access to the iCloud, you can stalk the owner of the iPhone in real time with Find my iPhone feature. When your target’s iPhone is on, and Find my iPhone is configured, you can use the feature in the same manner as the owner.

Why Do We Need iPhone Hacking Tool? How Does It Help Hack Into Someones iPhone you’re your phone with tool/tools?

A lot of users feel that iPhone cannot be hacked and their reason for buying it is the same. There is a sad news for them. iPhone can be hacked too. They bought it for the security reasons, and will be disappointed once it is hacked. Irrespective of the belief that the iPhone is the best and the most protected phone, it is not. Apple has claimed for long that it encrypts all the iPhones it produces and screens every app in the App store, but this too has not made the phone safe from hacking.

However Apple has been trying to make their handsets safe. In this regard, earlier this year, Apple announced that it is going to update its iOS software to block any tool used by law enforcement agencies, police and to have access to its iPhones with a charging port.

The company said in its statement to Reuters, ”We’re constantly strengthening the security protections in every Apple product to help customers defend against hackers, identity thieves and intrusions into their personal data. We have the greatest respect for law enforcement, and we don’t design our security improvements to frustrate their efforts to do their jobs. “

Apple is making changes in its iOS encryption but there are certain tools which can bypass these and extract things they would like. It cannot be done otherwise as everyone these days keep their handsets protected with a code. But the tools developed are strong enough and have the ability to hack the iPhone. These do not require physical access to the phone. Also, they work remotely and won’t send any notification thus helping you hack someones iPhone from your phone. Most help in cracking the passcode and spy on social media, call logs and much more you can think of.

Can You Hack into Someone's iPhone with your phone Without Knowing?

Yes, it is possible to hack into someone’s iPhone without them knowing the truth. There are so many tools available today to help you do the job. One of them is SpyMyFone. It is the best iPhone hacking tool. It is compatible with most of the iOS devices and does its job without accessing the device. It can be set up easily and allows you to have all the information as regards to the device on your laptop or phone remotely. This makes SpyMyFone the best software to learn how to hack into someones iPhone with your phone.

SpyMyFone functions:

  • Track location history to know the whereabouts
  • Monitor contacts, calendar activities, call logs, bookmarks, notes, reminders and much more.
  • Track browsing history apps in use, messages (iMessages and text), etc.
  • Track IM apps like LINE and Whatsapp
  • Jailbreak not required.
  • It is compatible with all devices running on iOS 10.0.0 or even higher versions.

The latest update has ensured that you can hack someones iPhone from your phone irrespective of the model they are using even the iPhone XS. It supports all Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG...

How to hack into someones iPhone from your phone. (Using SpyMyFone steps)

SpyMyFone has the best answer to hacking an iPhone from your phone. There is absolutely no need to have access to the device using SpyMyFone. Though there are so many tools offering the same, SpyMyFone is far superior to the rest. It has the best free trial version and a dedicated customer support.

You don’t need technical knowledge of the same. Without this too, you can use SpyMyFone. Here are the steps to follow to hack someones iPhone with your phone making use of SpyMyFone.

  1. Begin with the website visit Create your account. Provide an email ID. Set up a password.
  2. The second step is to unleash some basic details of the owner of the device. Furthermore, you will be required to select the device (out here it is the iPhone of your target) you want to hack.
  3. Next, you must log-in to the iCloud account which is linked to that someones device. Provide the Apple ID and the password of the target.
  4. You have logged in into the iCloud account successfully and also given SpyMyFone permission to access it. You can also track it remotely using the SpyMyFone website.
  5. Now you can visit any feature or tab on the SpyMyFone dashboard and access crucial detail of the target.

What can be hacked using SpyMyFone? Encourage people to have a try.

SpyMyFone has become extremely popular as a user-friendly spy app with a lot of features on it. It can:

  • Track whereabouts of someone with GPS Tracking facility.
  • Track text messages (incoming and outcoming) and emails
  • Monitor calls (incoming and outgoing) and SMSs
  • Show browsing history and bookmarks
  • Disclose contact list

And not just this, it can hack your social media apps too…

  1. Hack Facebook messages, to get more accurate results, you must convert it into a premium account. This will help you have full access to someone’s phone.
  2. Hack Whatsapp messages. You might want to know your child is safe and lot beyond that.

You can hack so many things using SpyMyFone. Just give it a try at least. You won’t regret ever. This is the best tool. There are so many other apps but this is the best.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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