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Oh! So you have lost your iPhone. Or is it stolen? Whatever be the reason, you don’t have your iPhone and want to see it desperately. We understand your agony. The device is not just a device but a whole world for you. The good news is you can find it. This article aims at helping you hack iPhone 7/8/XS/XR location sooner than you can think.

You Probably Don’t Know How to Hack iPhone Location of iPhone 7/8/XS/XR

Why do you want to locate my iPhone? How Do I Locate It?

There are instances when you leave your phone at places. And since you have visited many places not one, it is difficult to know which place you might have left it. Similarly, there are times when your child can make a similar mistake.

There are simple methods to track iPhone location.

How to Track My Iphone Location with Find My Iphone?

iPhone has an amazing feature ‘Find my iPhone’. It helps people who have the habit of forgetting their phone or fear of losing it or getting stolen. It is a free service provided by Apple. It uses built-in GPS tracker to locate the iPhone. The bonus is that it helps you lock things on the internet. This prevents the person in possession from harming you. It also helps in deleting the data on the phone.

Find my iPhone is free and can be set up easily. It works on iPad, Apple Watch and Mac and can be used to track Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

If you have set up Find my iPhone on your phone and if it is connected to the internet, it will transmit its location. Use another iPhone or iOS device or visit to locate it. It can be done by borrowing iOS device of your friend or visit a PC or a Mac.

Here is how to do it:

1. If using an iOS device, look for the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. Drag down from atop the screen. Type ‘Find’. It is in the application section.

2. Click on the icon. Enter your Apple ID and the password.

3. You will witness a compass and the word ‘locating’ on the screen

4. It will show you options such as ‘allow’ Find My iPhone to know your location and turn on ‘Send Last Location’. Agree to both the options. If your device is somewhere near, it will play a sound to help you or anyone near the phone find it.

Pic: find my phone


5. Turn on Lost Mode. Using this mode, you can lock your device using a passcode remotely. It displays a custom message on your missing device’s Lock screen with your phone number and keeps track of the device’s location.

6. To avert access to your data on the missing device, you can erase it.

What if iPhone is offline?

You can still track it if your iPhone is off or offline. Go to Lost Mode, lock it or remotely erase it. As and when the device comes online, the actions taken will come into effect.

  • How to Track iPhone Location with Find My Friends App. (description, Steps and Screenshots.)

For this, your device should use iOS 8 or later versions. If not, then update it before proceeding. On using iOS 9 or later, Find my Friends is installed automatically. When you sign in to iCloud on your device, you sign in to Find My Friends automatically with your Apple ID.

How to use it:

To use ‘Find My friends’, you have to ensure the app is installed.

  • Open ‘Find My Friends’
  • Tap ‘Add’
  • Enter an email address or choose a friend. Tap ‘Send’ or ‘Done’ to send a request

As your friends ‘Agree’ to share their location, their location is visible on a map or a list in the “Find My Friends” app or on the web on

Furthermore, you can use Find My Friends with Family Sharing allowing you to share your location with your family to hack iPhone location later on.

Family sharing helps in setting location sharing. When turned on, the location of the organizer is shared automatically with all the members of the family group. Each member can then opt for whether or not to share the location. As you agree to share the location, the family members can see your location in ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Messages’. If you lose your iPhone, ask a member to locate your device.

Here’s how to do it:

  • To share, Tap Settings>[your name]
  • In iOS 11, tap Settings>[your name]>iCloud

Pic: Choose to share


  • Tap ‘Share My Location’

Pic: Share My Location


  • Tap ‘family member name] to share

Is It Possible To Hack Iphone 7/8/XS/XR Location Without Knowing?

Yes, you can hack iPhone 7/8/XS/XR. Some of the apps which can help you in doing so include SpyMyPhone, mSpy, AppSpy, TheTruthSpy and more.

Of all the above, SpyMyPhone is the best app to hack iPhone location.

How to Hack iPhone Location Without Knowing?

With SpyMyPhone, you can do the following:

1. Create SpyMyPhone account and subscribe for a premium account. This is needed to access the Control Panel. Use a genuine email address to get keyword alerts and all the other information to spy iPhone.

2. Complete the setup process. After you register, you will witness a Setup Wizard. Fill in the person’s age and the name of the target, choose OS it is running on (iOS here). Then on the next page, add iCloud ID and password signed on the target iPhone. Click ‘Verify’.

3. iCloud backup and syncing service should be activated beforehand.

4. Go to the Control Panel and view everything of the monitored device including the location.

SpyMyFone is the best tool to track iPhone location. Apart from recording location, it records logs, messages, notes, Whatsapp, location, and more information on iPhone 7/8/XS/XR.

Summing up

Well, when you can’t locate your iPhone, use either the built-in apps in iPhone or use third party apps. These are effective and help hack iPhone location easily.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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