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Our lives are incomplete without our phones. They are our personal diaries, our confidant and mean the world to us. Just think of it – your iPhone gets hacked. The reason could be any – a suspecting partner, a jealous colleague, your employer or someone doing it just for fun. The result is you lose your valuable data. You are left with so many questions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had an answer to this question - how to know if your iPhone is hacked?

Just understand hacking is commonplace. With spy apps, phishing, network vulnerability, snooping via wi-fi networks, unauthorized access to iCloud, malicious charging stations and more becoming an order of the day, your iPhone is no more safe. What is scarier than this is that you cannot do much about it. Only a few preventive measures can help you prevent your iPhone from being hacked.

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

But before proceeding, let’s just understand how it is done…

How Can iPhone Be Hacked?

There are a lot of technological means to hack an iPhone. Let’s discuss a few here:

1. Apps

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

The easiest and the simplest method of hacking is apps. Anyone can make use of these digital tools and sneak into the phone. These apps are designed to deliver functions such as track location, look into the communications. Some of the key functions of these apps include photos, emails, internet history, text messages, GPS locations, log phone calls, or even take over the phone’s mic to listen to the conversations. In a nutshell, these apps are capable of doing everything a hacker can do.

2. Phishing

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

‘A text from a financial institute’, ‘a friend urging you to check “this photo” from the last night’, and ‘SMSs from a deceptive link with a purpose to extract sensitive information’ are all prevalent in big measures. Some apps can leak user’s phone data or have a phishing overlay to get login information from some specific apps such as email app or a user’s app.

3. Vulnerable Mobile Network

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

Three years ago, a worldwide communication protocol for mobile networks, Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) was found to be vulnerable and allow hackers to look into the text messages, location, phone calls, when done with someone else’s mobile phone number. What is scarier is that a single text message can be used to have two-factor authentication codes from financial institutions or email services. If these are seized, a hacker can have access to personal or financial accounts.

4. Wi-fi networks

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

Do you think password free wi-fi network to good for use. Think again. Hackers are waiting on an unsecured wi-fi network to view all the unencrypted traffic. Remember these public hotspots can redirect you to the similarly looking email sites or banking sites to seize passwords and username. It is possible that this is done for harming you. A café owner at the other side of the street could be using a wi-fi network to steal some login details or identity theft.

How To Know If The iPhone Is Hacked? What Are The Signs And Symptoms?

Your privacy is in danger with a lot of people trying to know what’s going on in your life. Your iPhone is the easiest target of all. For instance, tapping makes it extremely easy for the hackers to listen to your conversations.

Here are a few tricks to know if your iPhone is hacked for listening or extracting conversations or something else. These are indications that your iPhone may be getting compromised.

1. The Battery Temperature

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

One of the key indicators of a hacked iPhone is the battery temperature. Just feel your iPhone, if you haven’t used it for some time. This indicates that your phone is in use remotely though you aren’t in a conversation with anyone. The heated iPhone is due to overuse. The hot battery is a sign that the phone is using more power than it should.

2. Rapid Charge draining

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

If you are required to charge your phone more often it is another indication of a hacked iPhone. When you know you have not used it more than you usually do, it can be in use somewhere else. A phone loses its battery life quite quickly when the phone is tapped. You must understand that a phone tapped is recording conversations though it may be sitting idle. To check this, there are various apps which can be downloaded to check the phone’s battery life including its history.

3. Delayed Shutting Down

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

A few signs of a tapped iPhone include a delay in shutting down, a lit backlight after shutting down, or refusing to shut off. Beware of the developments. However, these can be a result of technical glitch as well.

4. Noise In The Background

How to Know if iPhone is Hacked (Because its unsafe too)

You will hear some noises in the background when on a call. This is a sign of a tapped phone. These noises are either static or clicking or echoes. The noises are a resultant of a bad connection, some interference or worse someone listening to your conversation. Pulsating static noise when your iPhone is not in use is also an indication of the hacking.

How to Hack iPhone Using Spymyfone

SpyMyPhone app is for the parents who wish to track their kid’s activities. It is a wonderful app that can track an iPhone’s in no time with its location tracking feature.

Check out the instructions below to know how to go about it.

  1. Visit Click the “Sign Up” button. Enter a valid email ID. Create a Unique password and register. An account gets created.
  2. Furnish details of the target device such as name, age, and the OS system. Click on the Apple icon as you are tracking an iPhone.
  3. Provide iCloud id and password of the device (target). Enable iCloud backup and sync option.
  4. Enter the dashboard of the app either through the website or download the app on your phone. Click location history. It will enable you to track device location.

You can download the app from the Apple store.

How To Avoid iPhone Being Hacked

You learnt how to know if your iPhone is hacked. Now you must read how to avoid this.

Here are a few methods to avoid your iPhone from being hacked.

1. Keep OS updated

The first method is to ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS. This should include smaller ‘dot’ updates too. Hackers are on the lookout for Apple’s coding. Through this, they gain access to the personal data. New updates are meant for combating the potholes.

2. Create longer Passcode

GrayKey is a hacking tool to crack iPad and iPhone passwords. This is used by law enforcement agencies. A 4-digit code can be cracked in a few hours whereas a 6-digit code in a few days. Hence the best strategy for you could be to create an 8-digit passcode. This might take a few months to get the passcode cracked. 10-digit could take even longer.

3. Auto wipe iPhone content

Activate this feature. It will wipe out all the data after 10 attempts. This will turn the phone useless for any hacker. But before doing this, make sure, you take iCloud backup.

4. Avoid Unknown Links

It is just a reminder. Do not open any unknown link whether it is through email, text, or on the web. It could be malicious waiting to harm your device. Stay away from them. Your iPhone may get hacked.

How To Take Control Of Your iPhone

If your Apple ID is hacked, then read further to learn how to take control of the situation and also review the account information.

1. Sign in your Apple ID account page. If you are not able to sign in or get a message that the account is locked when trying to sign in, reset or unlock the account. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support.

2. Change password of your Apple ID. Choose a strong password.

3. Review security and personal information of your account. Update incorrect information or something you find unrecognizable. This includes,

  • Name
  • Primary Apple ID email address. If need be, change the email address, update services and features you use with Apple ID. This is to ensure each uses an updated Apple ID.
  • All the alternate email addresses, phone numbers and rescue email addresses.

4. You must ensure with your email address provider that you are in control of all the email addresses connected to your Apple ID. If you can’t control the email addresses connected to the Apple ID, just change the password for the email addresses or make use of a different email address.

5. You must set up two-factor authentication for the Apple ID. This additional security feature is a must for stopping anyone from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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