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Locating and monitoring iPhone using another iPhone is a simple task but if you need to spy or monitor an iPhone using an Android device, a good iPhone locator for Android tool is needed. You can keep a track on an iPhone, monitor its call logs, and other activities, using one of these monitoring tools.

Part 1: Why we need an iPhone locator for Android? Common reasons to track someone's iPhone location with an Android phone

Knowing the location of your loved ones is important for their safety and security and the same is even more important in the case of your growing kids. Using a good spying tool, you can keep the live track of the target device along with other important information like call logs, messages, and others. If your spouse, loved one, employee, kid, or any other person possess an iPhone, you can track their location and other details on your Android device using a good iPhone locator for Android tool.

Part 2: List 5 iPhone locator for Android

There is a list of apps that allow checking the location of the target iPhone from your Android smartphone. Listed below are the top 5 tools for your reference.

1. SpyMyFone:

One of the best app to locate iPhone and track all its activities on an Android device is SpyMyFone. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this app facilitates spying on the call logs, messaging apps, photos, videos, voice messages, SMS, and other data of the phone on an Android device using the Control Panel. The live GPS location can also be tracked using the app an there is also an option to monitor Geofences.


  • Works remotely using iCloud details without installing any app on iPhone
  • Allows tracking live location of the iPhone on Android device or PC
  • Monitor call logs including dialed, missed, as well as received
  • Spy on messages from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp and other apps
  • Calendars and memos can also be tracked using the app

Price: $39.99 for a 1-month license

2. Find My Friends:

This is a social media application that facilitates tracking the location of an iPhone not only on another iPhone but an Android device as well using the GPS technology. You can locate, stay connected and find your lost iPhone using this app.

Locate iPhone on Android phone using the best tools


  • Allows tracking and locating iPhone on a map
  • Gives direction to find an iPhone
  • Facilitates chatting with friends
  • ETA and exact location can be tracked using the app
  • News about the new store, restaurant and others can be shared

Price: Free to use

3. Find My Phone:

This is another popularly used app that allows tracking mobile phones on all platforms. So if you install Find My Phone app on your Android device, you can track the location of desired iPhone, as well as other devices.

Locate iPhone on Android phone using the best tools


  • GPS technology is used for locating and tracking iPhone and other smartphones
  • Allows iPad as well as Android tablets location tracking
  • Provide real-time location updates
  • Pin on the map can be checked to know the actual location of the iPhone

Price: Free

4. Glympse:

Using Glympse, you can share the real-time location of your device with your near and dear ones. The iPhone location can be detected on an Android device by installing this app. The GPS tracker of the app provides a real-time location on a dynamic map.

Locate iPhone on Android phone using the best tools


  • No need for downloading the app on target iPhone
  • Simple and easy to install the app which does use a lot of battery while running in the background
  • Allows sharing the live location with anyone
  • Facilitates sharing ETA of the person

Price: Free

5. Cerberus Anti Theft:

Developed by LSDroid, this Android application allows to keep a track and monitor the desired iPhone of another Android phone. Working as an excellent anti-theft application, it has a simple interface, where devices can be added and controlled remotely.

Locate iPhone on Android phone using the best tools


  • Allows device detection using 3 ways- using SIM checker function, controlling through remote SIM function, using the remote control technology through the site
  • Automatic alerts can be sent
  • An alarm can be set on the lost iPhone even if the device is on silent mode

Price: One week of free trial version after which app needs to be purchased

Part 3: Introduce SpyMyFone as the best Spy tool

Considering the features, installation process, and user-friendly interface, SpyMyFone can be recommended as the best spying and device monitoring tool. The app allows to locate Android and iPhone devices remotely and also monitor the Geofences. For monitoring and spying your kids, spouse and other people, the app also allows keeping track of all the call logs, messages, videos, photos, and other media files. Browsing history of the target device can also be checked.

So download and install SpyMyFone easily without any need to root or jailbreak your device.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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