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“How to hack someone’s Snapchat password online? I want to know how my kids are using Snapchat, but I can’t seem to make it work!”

Lately, we have got plenty of queries like this from concerned parents who would like to hack Snapchat password online of their family members. At an early age, your children can get exposed to indecent content via social media apps like Snapchat. Additionally, if your own Snapchat account has been compromised, then you can take the assistance of Snapchat password hack online to restore your account. In this post, we will make you familiar with different ways to do the same in a stepwise manner.

Part 1: How to hack Snapchat password using Snapexploit?

One of the easiest ways to hack Snapchat password online is by taking the assistance of Snapexploit. It is a freely available online tool that only requires the username of the account you wish to hack. Furthermore, you can use a proxy server while hacking a Snapchat password to protect your privacy. You can learn how to hack someone’s Snapchat password online by following these steps:

1. Visit Snapexploit’s official website here: Simply provide the username of the account you wish to hack. If you want to retrieve your account, provide your own username.

hack snapchat password online with snapexploit

2. Additionally, you can turn on/off the proxy server feature to safeguard your privacy.

3. From the next window, select the kind of data you wish to retrieve (snaps, chat logs, and videos).

4. After making your selection, click on the “Continue” button.

choose data type

5. Wait for a while as the application will perform a Snapchat password hack online and implement the needed steps.

snapchat password hacking process

6. In the end, you will be asked to verify your identity to download the results.

One of the major drawbacks of this tool is that you would be asked to complete unnecessary surveys or download apps on your device to hack a Snapchat account.

Part 2: How to hack Snapchat password using Snapchat Account Hacker?

If you wish to try another solution to hack Snapchat password account, then you can also try Snapchat Account Hacker. It is a widely used tool that is available online for users to hack anyone’s Snapchat account. Without downloading any third-party tool, you would be able to perform Snapchat password hack online. To learn how to hack someone’s Snapchat password online, follow these steps:

1. Go to its official website right here: and click on the “Start” button to initiate the process.

snapchat account hacker

2. It will launch the following pop-up window. From here, you can select your VPN server. This will protect your privacy while hacking the respective Snapchat account.

select vpn

3. Select the location of your choice and click on the “Confirm” button to proceed.

4. Now, provide the username of the account you wish to hack and click on the “Confirm” button.

provide username

5. Sit back and relax as the online tool will implement all the needed steps to hack the respective Snapchat account. Try not to close the browser window until the algorithm is processed completely.

6. Once the process is completed, you will get the following pop-up message. Simply click on the “Verify” button to complete a survey and access your results.

verify snapchat password hack

As you can see, even with Snapchat Account Hacker, you need to complete unnecessary surveys to get the desired results.

Part 3: How to hack Snapchat password using SpyMyFone?

If you are looking for a 100% trusted and reliable tool to hack Snapchat password online, then take the assistance of SpyMyFone. Even though this is not a freely available solution unlike other online tools, it is sure to provide the desired results in no time. A highly reliable application, it can be used to track a device’s real-time location, its calls, contacts, social media activity, keystrokes, and more.

You can use SpyMyFone to track the activity on Snapchat or other social media accounts of a user. Furthermore, with its keylogging feature, you would be able to get a record of everything that the user has typed. This will let you access their passwords, chats, and other important credentials as well. To learn how to hack someone’s Snapchat password online using SpyMyFone, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, create your SpyMyFone account by providing your email id and setting up the password.

sign up in spymyfone

2. Additionally, you would be required to provide some basic information related to the target device in order to complete this wizard.

complete the setup wizard

3. After creating your account, you need to install the SpyMyFone app on the target device. To do this, go to its Settings > Security and turn on the installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

allow application from unknown sources

4. Now, go to the official website of SpyMyFone to download the APK version of the app on your device. Tap on the “Install” button once the app is downloaded.

download and install spymyfone

5. After installing the app, tap on its icon and provide your SpyMyFone credentials to log-in. Also, grant all the needed permissions so that the app would be able to work seamlessly.

get permission from the target device

6. Turn the device administration on and start monitoring the target phone. Once it is done, you can delete the app icon, letting it run in the stealth mode.

7. To track the target device’s social media activity, simply log-in to SpyMyFone’s web dashboard from your browser. From the home screen, you would be able to track various features.

spymyfone dashboard

8. Additionally, you need to turn on the option of “Feature Status” to track the activity on various social media platforms and the keystrokes.

9. From the left panel, you can select “Snapchat” under the Social Apps section. This will let you access the data related to the target Snapchat account.

hack social apps

10. Furthermore, you can also go to the “Keylogging” feature. This will provide an in-depth record of all the keystrokes made on the target device. From the keylogging feature, you would be able to access their Snapchat password.

hack snapchat password

Though, the social media tracking feature is available only for Android devices as of now. Nevertheless, with the help of SpyMyFone, you can certainly keep a constant eye on the target device without being noticed.

Now when you know how to hack someone’s Snapchat password online, you would easily be able to access your kid’s or your own compromised account. While doing so, make sure that you don’t tamper with someone’s privacy or perform anything that isn’t legal. Simply take the assistance of SpyMyFone and perform Snapchat password hack online without much trouble. Access its web dashboard remotely and track every social media activity of a user.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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