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Snapchat has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. At the end of 2016, the company reported to have over 150 million daily users from all over the world and is currently valued at a mind-blowing $18 billion USD.

Reigning it into our personal situations, it’s hard to know someone who doesn’t use the app on a regular basis. Whether you’re filtering on animal ears to our best friends, recording our singing in the car while waiting for a takeaway or volumes of Snaps from a night out, Snapchat is relatively unavoidable.

screenshot snapchat without getting caught

But, there are a couple of features of the app which many of us would love to get around, helping us enjoy content in an entirely new way. Let’s dive straight into the world of how to screenshot Snapchat without getting caught!

Snapchat Screenshot Notifications

Easily the most common feature that many users complain about is the screenshot notification feature. While, of course, this feature does have its positive attributes, many of us would love the ability to screenshot our friends pulling a funny face, only to reveal it to them at a later date.

At its core, if you receive a snap, open it and take a screenshot, the user who sent the snap will be notified that you have taken a screenshot, and how many you have taken (in the situation that you’re screenshotting multiple parts of a video).

Bypassing Screenshot Notifications

Today, we’re going take a look at what methods you can use to bypass this screenshot feature, enabling you to take screenshots of your heart’s content. This means you’ll be able to save any and all content anonymously, without having to worry about the other person finding you out.

The Original Bypass Method

There is a well-known method that has succeeded time and time again when it comes to screenshotting Snapchat content which we’ve detailed below.

Step #1. Open a Snapchat that you’ll potentially want to screenshot. Screenshot this snap using the default method that your phone provides. Typically, this is holding down the power and home keys, or the volume down button, depending on your make and model.

Step #2 As soon as the screenshot has been taken, you need to quickly force-quit the app and put your phone into Flight Mode. This cuts all the data connections that your phone has, and therefore renders the app unable to send the screenshot notification to the other person.

Issues with the Original Bypass

While this was a popular screenshot tactic for many years, Snapchat caught on and added a feature to stop this happening. Even if you were able to screenshot and turn your phone on Flight mode before the notification was sent, as soon as you reopened the app, the notification would automatically be processed.

After rigorous testing, we found it didn’t matter whether you left the app unopened for minutes, hours or even days, the notification was still sent.

Using Third-Party Software

So, with the original bypass method off the table, what else is available when it comes to learning how to screenshot Snapchat without getting caught? One of the increasingly popular methods is using third-party software, most notably, SpyMyFone.

SpyMyFone is a world-class phone monitoring and tracking solution that contains a tonne of features you can use to manage all kinds of data from a target phone. The software works remotely, meaning you can access your information from anywhere in the world.

The software includes features like real-time GPS location tracking of a device, call, SMS and instant messaging recording, app usage statistics, web browser history tracking and, most importantly, a live screenshot feature.

how to screenshot Snapchat without getting caught

How to Screen Snapchat without Getting Caught

SpyMyFone is, by far, the most effective solution when trying to learn how to screenshot Snapchat without getting caught. The software is easy to install and setup, easy to use and comes with a tonne of features that can keep you busy for days. Here’s everything you need to know on how to use it.

Step #1. Make your way over to the SpyMyFone and create your SpyMyFone account. This will begin the process where you can create an account and start installing the software onto your phone.

Screen Snapchat

Step #2. Continue to make your way through the setup wizard, filling in all the relevant information about you and your device. Since you’ll be installing SpyMyFone onto your own device, be sure to check the right operating system, since the installation process differs slightly, depending on whether you’re using an Android or Apple device.

The SpyMyFone website also has some detailed guides on their website on how to setup the software, which can find linked below;

Step #3. Now that you’ve installed the SpyMyFone software, you can start screenshotting Snapchat content all day and night. For this, simply sign into your SpyMyFone account using the information you entered during the first two steps.

Once here, you’ll find yourself on your control panel. Using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the ‘Capture Screenshots’ option. This will enable you to see the phone screen in real-time, from no matter where your device is in the world.

Snapchat Screen without Getting Caught

When you’re ready, open Snapchat with the SpyMyFone software open on your computer. Once you open a Snap, click the ‘Take Screenshot’ button to capture a screenshot, saving the image to your computer. The user will not be notified that you’ve screenshotted their content.

Additional SpyMyFone Features

As we all know, Snapchat also has a feature in which the text-based messages are also deleted after they have been read. However, this will no longer cause a problem since SpyMyFone can also be used to screenshot these messages.

So, if you have an important conversation, or simply want to remember what is being said, you can use SpyMyFone to save the text conversation as a JPG image, enabling you to refer to it at any time.

Despite Snapchat’s efforts to stop screenshotting within their app and to help their users, as you can see, it’s still relatively easy to do so using third-party software. Whether you’ve got a memory that you want to keep forever, or simply having fun with your friends and family, SpyMyFone can help you create memories that you’ll never forget.

Remember, SpyMyFone also offer a free trial period with their platform, allowing you to sample and try out the software for yourself, making sure you know that it’s the right software for you.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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