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If you are looking for a secure solution to screenshot Snapchat without notification, then you have come to the right place. There are numerous apps and third-party Snapchat screenshot hack out there that claims to save Snapchat snaps offline without sending any notification. Sadly, most of them are gimmicks and would ask you to complete unnecessary surveys or download unwanted apps. Don’t worry – we are here with a foolproof solution. Read this informative guide and learn how to screenshot Snapchat without sending notification.

screenshot Snapchat without notification

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat lets us share pictures and short videos (snaps) with our friends in a quick and seamless manner. Though, when the snap is viewed, it automatically gets deleted from the app. Due to this, a lot of users wish to take the screenshot of the snaps to save them. Whenever we take a screenshot, the sender is notified. This lets them know how many screenshots are taken and of which snap. To fix this, you can implement a Snapchat screenshot hack.

screenshot Snapchat

Original method to Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification

A while back, Snapchat users had a hack that allowed them to screenshot Snapchat without notification. In this, once the snap is loaded, they put their phone on the Airplane mode and take the screenshot offline. This Snapchat screenshot hack can be implemented by following these steps:

1. Launch Snapchat and let the snaps be loaded automatically. Make sure that the snaps are not opened as of now.

Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification

2. Now, go to the control center and turn on the Airplane mode on your device.

how to Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification

3. After when the Wifi and the internet is switched off, open the snap and take its screenshot. This can be done by pressing the correct key combinations or tapping on the respective option on the control panel.

how to screenshot Snapchat

4. As soon as the screenshot would be taken, forcefully close the application. To do this, open the app switcher on your device and close the app in the background.

Original method to Screenshot Snapchat

While this Snapchat screenshot hack used to work a while back, it is no longer applicable. As soon as you will launch the app on your device again, the sender will be notified. It doesn’t matter if you launch the app the next minute or the next day, the sender will be notified nevertheless. Therefore, users are now looking for an alternative to screenshot Snapchat without notification.

screenshot Snapchat without knowing

Screenshot Snapchat without notification using SpyMyFone

While you can’t follow the above-stated Snapchat screenshot hack, there is still a quick and hassle-free way to screenshot Snapchat without notification. Simply use SpyMyFone to track an Android or iOS device remotely. The tool will let you gain all the vital details of the device without accessing it. Since it runs in a stealth mode, you would be able to track the device anonymously. Here are some of its prominent features.

  • You can remotely take screenshot of the device and capture snaps, stories, and Snapchat conversations.
  • The tool can also track the real-time location of the device.
  • It has an advanced keylogger and a call recorder feature.
  • You can further restrict the way the device is used.
  • Spy on all the popular social apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Track the device remotely from its control panel or mobile app
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device
  • Extremely easy to use and secure

How to Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification using SpyMyFone?

With SpyMyFone, you can take screenshot Snapchat without notification on the targeted Android device. Even though the app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the social app spying feature only works on Android devices as of now. To use this Snapchat screenshot hack, you can follow these easy instructions.

Step 1: Create your SpyMyFone account

Firstly, you have to create a new SpyMyFone account. To do this, visit the official website of SpyMyFone, buy a subscription, and enter the needed information (like your email id).

Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification using SpyMyFone

Furthermore, you have to let the application know whether you wish to track an Android or iOS device.

How to Screenshot Snapchat without Sending Notification

In order to track an iOS device, you need to log-in to the iCloud account that is already synced with the device. Though, the feature of social app tracking and remote screenshot capture is provided only for Android devices as of now.

How to Screenshot Snapchat without knowing

Step 2: Set up the Android tracking app

After creating your SpyMyFone account, you can download the tracking app on the target Android device. To do this, firstly visit its Settings > Security and turn on the app download option from third-party sources.

Launch any web browser on the device and go to SpyMyFone’s website. From here, you can download the APK version of the tracking app.

How to Screenshot Snapchat

Install the tracking app on the target device and launch it. Sign-in to your own SpyMyFone account and give the app all the needed access.

Great! You are almost there. To complete the setup, enable the device administration and start tracking the device. You can even get rid of the app icon and let it run in an invisible mode.

Step 3: Start tracking the device

That’s it! Now, you can perform this Snapchat screenshot hack and start tracking the device remotely. Just go to SpyMyFone’s web-based dashboard or use its mobile monitoring app. After logging-in, you can access tons of features from its home page.

Screenshot Snapchat using SpyMyFone

To take screenshots remotely, visit the “Capture Screenshots” option from the left panel and make sure its feature status is turned on. From here, you can take screenshot Snapchat without notification. All the screenshots would be saved at the same panel.

screenshot Snapchat hack

Additionally, you can even read Snapchat conversations remotely as well. Go to Social Apps > Snapchat feature. This record all the keystrokes typed on the device (using the Keylogger app) and read the incoming messages from the Notification Center.

hack screenshot Snapchat

In this way, you can screenshot Snapchat without notification remotely. Also, you can spy on someone’s Snapchat messages to know whom they are talking to. In this way, you can easily keep an eye on your kids, siblings, or loved ones and make sure that they are not under a bad influence on Snapchat. Go ahead and follow this Snapchat screenshot hack to save snaps without being detected.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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