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Have you ever wondered if you would be able to twist the Snapchat and its activities? How to do that, well there are some really interesting resources available that will guide you how to hack Snapchat iPhone without jailbreak using Snapchat Hack method. You need not worry, whether you are aware of such methods or not, we here have a complete guide and we are going to cover how you would be able to hack Snapchat on iPhone using Snapchat Hack (Snapchat ++) without jailbreak.

So, let’s move further to get the answer to the above question.

1: How to hack Snapchat iPhone using Snapchat Hack (or Snapchat ++)

What actually is Snapchat++?

Basically, you can say that Snapchat ++ is altered version of Snapchat that uses to provide you with additional features such as conversation or chat recording feature, location twister, story videos and a lot more.

Now the question arises how to go about or access this Snapchat Hack iPhone without jailbreak?

Well, for that we are going to provide you with one of the amazing tools, that is, Cydia Impactor

Things we require to go for the process:

A. Your Computer system

B. Your device must have Latest version of iTunes enabled (If not then you can download it at

C. Snapchat ++ IPA file- This you need to download on your system/PC. Required link from where you can download it is:

D. Next step will be to download the Cydia Impactor tool out of its official website at:

After you get equipped with the above setup and tools and are done with the installation process of each tool (Note: Proper step by step guidance is given for the installation), you are required to go through the following steps to apply them.

Step 1: First of all you need to open your Cydia Impactor on the system.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Step 2: Next, you are required to connect your iPhone with the computer system using the USB or Lightning Cable.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Here, no sooner did you connect the iPhone with the system, Cydia Impactor will start reacting and will detect that you have connected the iPhone to a computer and will reflect it under connected device section.

Step 3: Now you need to drag and drop your Snapchat ++ (the hacked version) from iPhone to the Impactor Window.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Note: Here you should make sure that you do not click but, just drag and drop it.

Step 4: After that Impactor will ask you to enter your Apple ID login details. (You can enter any of the Apple ID, in case you feel any insecurity against being caught up, we will like to inform you that this process is quite safe to use.)

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Step 5: Once you are done with the above steps, Installation gets started, in between whenever any warnings message appears; you need to click on OK.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

The whole process will take a few minutes, after that the Hacked version of Snapchat will get installed to your iPhone, which you can locate on the home screen of the device (iPhone).

Step 6: Settings on the device

Before you go to start using the hacked version of Snapchat, you need to do certain settings. For that, Go to the Settings menu> Open the General option> Then go to Profile or Device management option> Here you need to trust your Apple ID (Which you used with the Impactor).

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

After all the above steps, finally, you are ready to use the Hacked version of Snapchat on your iPhone device without going through the Jailbreak process.

2: 5 Snapchat hacks iPhone to have more fun with Snapchat

Below are 5 fun Snapchat tips to have more fun time using Snapchat:

Tip 1: Zoom- To twist or draw detailing to the Snap

How to go about this feature on iPhone?

For that go to Settings>Select on General>Click Accessibility>then Zoom option from Vision section >After that click on Show Controller>Select your Zoom range out of Window or Full Screen> Set level- max value can be 15X (15 times).

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Tip 2: Snapchat ++ Filter

Isn’t it is wonderful if you can spoof your location to your friends with this tool, or try Sepia filter to turn the image into black and while or Negative effect on your Snap? Moreover, you can also make changes to the current temperature.

How to go for it?

First of all Capture an image>Swipe your finger on the screen to choose the desired filter> Decide a place on your pic where you want to apply the filter, Put your thumb over there to secure your first filter> Now use your other free hand to swipe screen for other filters> Once you are done with selecting another filter, lift your thumb up out of the screen for a second, then tap and hold it down once again to apply the desired filter.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Tip 3: Tint brush to change the color of the Object

You can change the color of the object of an image, well how to do that?

For that you need to select or Capture an image>Select Scissor option>Then choose paintbrush>Select a color>Now you need to outline the object> Once you lift up your finger, you will find out that the color of the object will get changed.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Tip 4: Saving the snaps for forever

Quite Interesting, but how to do that?

Well, First of all, load an image (but make sure you do not open it to view that image)> Now you exit out of Snapchat>Switch On Airplane mode>Now back to Snapchat and open the image> Here, now you would be able to capture a snapshot without getting noticed.

Tip 5: Customize Emoji

With this tip, you can enhance your picture or video capability by customizing emoji according to your need, such as increasing or decreasing its size on moving object or changing the text size or changing the color of emoji.

To do this, first, record a video> Click on an emoji, hold on it to increase the size, or change the color> now drag it on the moving object (make sure you have frozen the moving object)> Hold emoji for a second, once you free it, it will appear on the video

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

Going through the above Snapchat hack process will enrich you with some of the amazing tools that will make you enable to have a different experience with Snapchat ++. There are numerous twisted, fun features that Snapchat are supposed to have, but actually, do not possess. But, once you go with Snapchat ++, then you will realize that it will be great fun and adventure playing with this Hacked version of Snapchat on iPhone and that is without any jailbreak process. So, go through the above process and tips to get a new view of this twisted Snapchat hack iPhone version.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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