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With the advancement in the technology, it has become easier than ever to track a device remotely. You might already see various hacking apps for iPhone available on the web. Though, out of all the provided options, there are hardly a few genuine solutions. To help you learn the difference between gimmicks and authentic solutions, we have come up with this post.

Why hack an iOS device?

There could be plenty of reasons for hacking an iOS device. For instance, parents can hack the iPhone of their kids to know if they are safe or not. People who are in a relationship can track the device of their spouse to check whether they are being loyal or not. Similarly, employers can learn if their employee is leaking any sensitive content by getting in touch with their competitors. No matter what requirements you can, you can use hacking apps for iPhone to fulfill them.

Top 5 Hacking apps for iPhone

Following are the best hacking apps for iPhone that you can use right away.

1. SpyMyFone iPhone Hacking

SpyMyFone is an easy to use and highly reliable tool to hack all the popular Android and iOS devices. Without being detected, you can hack an iOS device and obtain crucial information related to it remotely. This includes information like its call logs, contacts, messages, WhatsApp, apps, notes, voice memos, browser history, bookmarks, and more.

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone - SpyMyFone iPhone Hacking

  • It has a web-based dashboard that can be accessed remotely.
  • Users don’t need to access the device to hack it
  • Easy to use interface with an in-depth detail regarding the target device
  • Dedicated customer support
  • No need to jailbreak the device

Price: $39.99 a month for iOS devices

2. mSpy

Another popular tracking app that works on almost every Android and iOS devices is mSpy. Though, in order to make it work, you might have to jailbreak the targeted device.

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone - mSpy

  • It can monitor a device’s call, messages, browser history, and more.
  • Users can access all the information on its web-based dashboard
  • Users can access all the information on its web-based dashboard

Price: $37.99 a month

3. Flexispy

One of the best hacking apps for iPhone, Flexispy is known for its extensive features and a user-friendly interface. Besides all the major iOS devices, it can also be used to track Android phones, Mac, and Windows systems in one place.

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone - Flexispy

  • Compatible with all the leading iOS devices
  • It has a remote monitoring app as well
  • The spying app won’t be detected by the user.

Price: Plans start from $68 a month

4. MobiStealth

If you wish to track an iOS device without being detected, then you can also try MobiStealth. It can track a device’s real-time location, messages, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and more without being detected. Just like other hacking apps for iPhone, this one might also jailbreak your device automatically.

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone - MobiStealth

  • Tracks the real-time location of a device
  • Can record messages, WhatsApp chats, and other IM apps
  • It can also track call logs, messages, contacts, etc.

Price: $40 per month

5. Spyera

Spyera has a dedicated tool that can be used to obtain all the crucial information regarding a target iOS device remotely. You can listen to the calls made on the device, read messages, spy on all the popular social media apps, and do so much more after installing the app on the target device.

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone - Spyera

  • The tool can be used to listen to calls on a real-time basis.
  • It tracks all the popular social apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and more.
  • Easy to install with an invisible mode

Price: $189 for 3 months

How to hack iPhone with SpyMyFone?

As you can see, SpyMyFone provides the easiest and most secure way to hack an iPhone remotely. Without even physically accessing the target iPhone, you can obtain all the crucial information related to it. From messages to apps and third-party media files to browser history, the tool provides a comprehensive detail. This is what makes SpyMyFone one of the best hacking apps for iPhone. You can use it by following these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create your SpyMyFone account

To start with, create your SpyMyFone account. You need to buy its subscription and register yourself by providing your email id. Also, set up a strong and unique password that can’t be guessed by anyone.

How to hack iPhone

As you will proceed to the next window, you have to provide some basic information related to the target device and its user.

best iphone hacking app

Step 2: Log-in to the iCloud account

Now, you need to log-in to the iCloud account that is linked to the target device. Remember, you should enter the iCloud ID and password of the account that is in-sync with the device you wish to hack.

best iphone hacking software

Step 3: Start hacking

That’s it! Once you are able to log-in successfully to the iCloud account, you can monitor the device remotely. All you need to do is access SpyMyFone’s dashboard and log-in with your account credentials.

The tool has an interactive dashboard. Also, you can go to its left panel to access all the major features of the spying tool. For instance, there are dedicated tabs for voice memos, browser history, call logs, contacts, messages, calendar, WhatsApp, and more. Just click on the feature of your choice and obtain extensive information related to it on the right.

iphone hacking app

By following these steps, you would be able to hack an iOS device without accessing it or performing any jailbreak operations. The targeted user won’t be able to know that they are being monitored remotely. Undoubtedly one of the best hacking apps for iPhone, SpyMyFone, the best hacking app for iPhone, will meet every spying need of yours. Go ahead and give it a try. In case if you face any setbacks, let us know about it in the comments below.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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