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Ever wondered can someone hack my iPhone? Yes, here is all the information you need.

If you’re an iPhone user, you feel that it cannot be hacked, however, this is not the case. Although the iOS software is known to be the best and most protected interface of its time to keep hackers far away, we have news for you! Apple claims to automatically encrypt all iPhones ever produced and screen all Apps that are present on the App store, but still, the iPhone is not safe from being hacked.

Part 1: Can iPhone be hacked?

“Can iPhone be hacked?”, is a common question and to answer it for you, yes, your iPhone can indeed be hacked. If you happen to jailbreak it, view messages from unknown senders, download malicious spyware/malware by plugging in your iPhone at random charging ports, iPhone can be hacked. Even powerful hacking tools such as SpyMyFone and mSpy are becoming increasingly popular as they can intercept a cell phone quickly and track all its activities.

hacker tool SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone can track the activity of any smartphone (including iPhone) from any of your devices and keep you informed about the target iPhone at all times. Similarly, mSpy is an ultimate phone monitoring software to track SMS, Social Network, WhatsApp, GPS location, call logs, etc. With the advent and growing use of such tools, hacking an iPhone is no more a myth.

hacker tool mSpy

Nevertheless, in this article, we explain ways and means to keep your iPhone safe, prevent hacking and measures to be undertaken in case of hacking.

Part 2: Is my iPhone hacked?

There are a few simple tests to know if someone has hacked your iPhone. For instance, you will notice new/suspicious App on the Home screen which you did not download, call/messages/e-mail logs will contain entries that you’re unaware of any words/phrases/messages will type on their own.

my iPhone is hacked

Is my iPhone hacked? Want to know for sure, follow these simple tips:

  • If your iPhone battery heats up even while it is not in use, it could mean some spy/hacking App is running in the background.
  • If your iPhone drains the battery quickly and needs you to constantly charge it, you may consider the possibility and think is my iPhone hacked as the battery might getting consumed in the background by a hacking tool/spyware without your knowledge.
  • If your iPhone refuses to switch off/restart when you press the Power and Home button simultaneously, it may be hacked. Also, if you notice the backlight being on even when the device is shut, run a hack test.
  • Is your iPhone acting abnormally? If your iPhone shuts down, lights up, starts making sounds, vibrates, opens/closes Apps itself, etc, then there is a possibility that someone is remotely hacking/monitoring your iPhone.
  • As yourself “can someone hack my iPhone?” By tapping calls and you’ll realize that it is very easy to find out. There is always some disturbance/noise in the background when a phone is tapped.
  • Furthermore, distorted sounds during calls are not normal when they occur frequently.
  • All these tests tell you can iPhone be hacked. Moreover, if you experience such unusual things with your iPhone, there is a high possibility of it being hacked.

    Part 3: How to avoid being hacked?

    Since the answer to the question “Can iPhone be hacked?” Is yes, we need to take some precautionary measures to protect iPhone from hackers. The tips listed below will keep your device safe and data stored in it securely.

  • Put a passcode on your device so that even if someone gains physical access to your iPhone. He/she can’t do much without unlocking it. Also, set a difficult passcode which can’t be intercepted easily.
  • Through examine the Apps that exist on your iPhone and delete all suspicious ones.
  • Never ever jailbreak your iPhone. It makes the device susceptible to malware and spyware.
  • Links received from unknown numbers in Messages must not be opened and visited. Also, do not provide personal details, bank details and contact details at random websites. Instantly delete messages from unknown senders.
  • avoid being hacked

  • Are you are a Social Media freak, only download and use fully encrypted instant messaging Apps and services which are available on the App Store. Do not download Apps from unknown sources.
  • Do not set-up, connect to and use insecure Wi-Fi networks in public, elsewhere. Such connections are a major source to carry spyware and another hacking virus.
  • do not connect to and use insecure Wi-Fi networks

  • VPN Apps to protect your iPhone traffic are readily available on the App Store. Download and keep using it.
  • If you at all happen to use an open public Wi-Fi network, avoid visiting net banking and such other sensitive websites which require your confidential details.
  • Always create and set-up a strong and uncommon password for your Apple ID, iCloud ID, e-mail, etc.
  • Login notifications must be turned on in “Setting” so that you are aware of your account has been opened in another browser/phone.
  • Avoid plugging in your iPhone at public charging spots. Also, if you use such chargers under emergency, put your iPhone in “Charger only” mode and don’t allow it to “Trust” another device.
  • Do not visit suspicious/malicious websites and always practice safe browsing habits.
  • tips to avoid being hacked

    Part 4: What to do if my iPhone is hacked?

    First, you wonder can iPhone be hacked, then you worry can someone hack my iPhone and finally comes the most challenging bit; what to do in case your iPhone has been hacked.

    In this article, we have some tips you can follow to reverse the aftereffects of hacking and save your iPhone from further damage as soon as you find out that it has been hacked.

  • First and foremost, switch off your iPhone or put it on Airplane Mode instantly. By doing so the hacker will no longer be able to access your device online.
  • put your iPhone on Airplane Mode

  • Another way to ensure that the hacker doesn’t control your device remotely is by resetting the network settings and then factory resetting your iPhone. To do so, visit “Settings”>“General”> Reset> Reset Network Settings/Erase all Content and Settings. Set-up iPhone from scratch after this process and take necessary steps to avoid being hacked again.
  • reset the network to avoid being hacked again

  • Finally, there's another full proof thing you can undertake. It is called Device Firmware Update or DFU Restore. To do so, put the iPhone in DFU Mode by pressing the Home and Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the Power button and continue holding the home button till you see DFU Screen. and then connect it to a PC with iTunes installed on it. iTunes will detect your iPhone and ask you to restore it to fix the existing issues.
  • DFU Restore

    “Can someone hack my iPhone?” We have attempted to answer this query for our readers in this article. We understand how worried you must be after knowing that your precious iPhone can indeed be hacked, but the good news is that such a malpractice can be prevented, mitigated and cured by following the remedies listed above.

    We hope you find this guide useful and will be extra careful in the future to keep your iPhone and its data from hackers/spyware/hacking tools and other malicious activities.

    Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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