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"Can someone hack my iPhone? Can iPhones be hacked? Am I being spied on? Is my iPhone hacked?"

Have you ever had any of these worries? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? It's very likely that you have. With the great advance of information technology, one's most precious information and possessions are no longer kept in physical spaces, but rather on computers and on the 'Cloud.' We keep hearing news about celebrity leaks, and tape leaks, and leaks of celebrity nudes. It is natural for us to wonder, "can iPhones be hacked?", or "can someone hack my iPhone?"

In this article we will answer those questions, and if you're also wondering, "is my iPhone hacked?" We'll show you how you can find out for yourself!

Can someone hack my iPhone

Can someone hack my iPhone?

The simple and terrifying answer to this questions is: Yes, your iPhone can be hacked.

Now, your next questions might be, "is it difficult to hack an iPhone?"

Most people think that hacking an iPhone is something that super spies can only perform, something meant for Agent 007 and the likes. The truth is actually far scarier. You can hack an iPhone whenever you want. Yes, I mean YOU, the person reading this article. It is extremely easy to hack iPhones. All you need is the right app, which can easily be bought at a very reasonable price. In fact, there are a bunch of great spy apps for iPhone and spy apps for Android as well. Some of them, like SpyMyFone, are really powerful and they give you the ability to easily hack just about anyone!

Can someone hack my iPhone

However, iPhone is generally more secure than an Android phone because in order to spy on your phone, the perpetrator would have to secretly install an app. But iPhones don't allow apps to be installed unless they've been bought off the Apple store. However, there are people who can find ways around that. For example, if your iPhone is jailbroken, then people can very easily install a spy app to monitor your phone.

So yes, iPhones may be more secure than other phones, but they can be hacked.

Is my iPhone hacked?

Now that you know your iPhone isn't susceptible to hackers, your next natural concern would be "is my iPhone hacked?" Most good spy apps work discreetly in the background so you don't know when you're being hacked, after all that is the point of a spy app. However, if you're a bit vigilant, there are signs you can look out for.

"Is my iPhone hacked?" These are the signs to look out for:

  1. Jailbreak: Is your iPhone jailbroken? Have you jailbroken it yourself? If your answers to these questions are 'yes', and 'no' respectively, then that means someone else has jailbroken your iPhone for malicious reasons.
  2. Strange texts received: Many smart phone users have stated that they receive strange texts from unknown numbers sometimes. These texts usually contain links that, when clicked, lower your device's security, downloading malware into your system.
  3. Strange behavior: If a hacker has gotten hold of your system, they can either observe without tampering, or they can also take actions from your phone remotely. So if you find that strange texts have been sent from your phone, or calls have been placed, that you can't recognize, it probably means your iPhone is being controlled.
  4. Ticking sound: If you hear a ticking sound while on calls, it might be because your call is being tapped.
  5. Battery Drain: If you find that your iPhone has suddenly started running out of battery very quickly, even when you don't do much, this might be because you're being hacked. When someone installs a spy app into your iPhone, it starts sending information to another control panel online, so there's this constant background data transfer which would lead to your iPhone battery dying a lot quicker.

All of these signs are indicative of the fact that a hacker might well have your iPhone in their grip. In this case you should read the next parts to find out how to avoid being hacked and what to do after you're hacked.

Is my iPhone hacked

How to avoid being hacked?

You can look out for the above mentioned signs so that you know if you're ever being hacked. However, prevention is better than cure and as such you should make sure that your iPhone is as secure as possible. That's what we'll explore in this section.

1. Constantly update iOS: Whenever a new iOS version comes up, update immediately. This serves several purposes. New iOS versions are usually secured against all the latest malware. Furthermore, when you update the iOS, if your iPhone has been jailbroken by someone, you'll lose the jailbreak. This means that if someone has been hacking you, the connection will be broken.

How to avoid being hacked

2. Do not Jailbreak: This goes from all our previously mentioned points. A jailbroken iPhone is an easy target for malware and hackers. So don't get tempted into performing a jailbreak.

3. Use passphrase: Most iPhone users make use of a four-digit passcode, some use six digits. However, it's better to use a passphrase comprising letters and digits. This is helpful because for anyone to hack your iPhone, they'll first have to jailbreak it and install an app into it. This means that they might be someone close to you who might be able to figure out your 4-digit passcode. A passphrase is a lot harder to figure out, making sure that no potential hacker gets access to your iPhone.

4. Disable Siri: Go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode, and disable Siri. This is because sometimes people can simply voice activate Siri and get it to pass vital and crucial information to them, without even having to get through the passcode.

5. Security Apps: Use apps like Security and System Info, which help you detect your iPhone's jailbreak status and warns you of any suspicious activity that you might have been unaware of.

I hope all of this answers your questions, "can someone hack my iPhone" and "is my iPhone hacked". After having read all of this information, you will hopefully take better care to keep your iPhone secure. Do let us know down in the comments whether this article helped you. If you have any other queries, we'd love to answer them!

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