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WhatsApp is one of the widely used messaging solutions all over the world. Due to its ease of usage, people are using it as a prime mode of communication. When Facebook took over WhatsApp there has been huge uproar on it and a lot of questions have been repeatedly discussed on the security features of these applications. A lot of personal and professional information is now a days shared through these applications, so data privacy is an important concern of many.

hack WhatsApp

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp? Is the data transferred through this app secure?

Though they claim that their server is 100% secure and messages are encrypted, it can be hacked and then the data is not secured mostly when used on a WiFi network. Moreover, there is spyware which view your life easier and helps you in tracking someone else’s WhatsApp pretty quickly even after the messages are deleted. So, people using WhatsApp should be cautious enough not to send revealing pictures, official and sensitive information to make sure that it does not land up in the hands of miscreants, and the irony is many of us believe in it.

At times, it is imperative to track this messaging software to ensure that it is not misused. More so even if you are a parent, you will always want to protect your child from the hovering threats from the internet.

Let us look at some of the apps that can help you to hack WhatsApp

1. SpyMyFone Hack Your WhatsApp Easily

It is a multi-tasking app using which you can have comprehensive control of your target’s phone remotely. By installing this app, you can monitor your child, employee or spouse secretly. With the technological advent, many spying apps are now available in the market, but SpyMyFone stands out for its pioneering features at a reasonable price and its easy usability.

Let us review some of the useful features that SpyMyFone has to offer you for a monthly subscription of USD 39.99:

  • You can access the contact list, details of call logs of the target’s phone. You can even extract a report of the five most frequently contacted person from that phone.
  • Get access to the content of each incoming and outgoing email.
  • Get detail of the apps installed in the mobile and time spent on each app.
  • Have the ability to control the mobile remotely and lock the screen if the need arises.
  • With Location tracking and geo-fencing, get the live location of the target phones and alerts whenever the person enters or lives a specific area.
  • Have complete access to the browser history. It is very important for children specifically to ensure that they do not get exposure to contents beyond their maturity level.
  • Keep track of social networking activities.
  • Get details of the messages including text and WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Hack

To know more about SpyMyFone features, please visit So, now you must be wondering can WhatsApp be hacked with SpyMyFone! Following the simple steps, it is pretty easy to hack the WhatsApp messages using SpyMyFone on your own or anyone else’s phone.

  1. You need to sign up in SpyMyFone.
  2. hack whatsapp sign up

  3. Select the Target device’s OS.
  4. hack whatsapp target device

  5. To track WhatsApp messages, purchase the Ultimate edition.
  6. Refer to the welcome mail received by you, and the download link of the app.
  7. Install the software on the phone you wish to track. Mentioning a ‘Name’ and the ‘OS’ is compulsory.
  8. After you install the app, you can choose the icon will delete automatically or not. It is an inbuilt feature, and it ensures invisibility.
  9. hack WhatsApp step 6

  10. Now log in to the account from a web browser.
  11. Visit the control panel and monitor the WhatsApp messages of the tracked phone.
  12. WhatsApp Hacker App

2. Hack someone's WhatsApp using mSpy

Though mSpy is marketed explicitly as parental control app, it can be used by you for spying on your partner and employees also. It can help you to keep a check on the internet usage habit, to ensure that your employees are not squandering their office time, and to know that your partner is not cheating on you.

Some interesting features of mSpy are:

  • You can know the person’s real-time location using the GPS tracking feature.
  • Using the geo-fencing feature track when a person is entering or moving out of any specific zones.
  • Monitor the apps installed in the mobile and control the usage if required.
  • Restrict time limit to ensure that your employees or the kids do not exploit the same.
  • Get to know the detailed browsing history and know the type of content the person refers to.
  • Monitor calls logs and contact book and gets a detail report on your dashboard.
  • Track messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat etc.

To know more about mSpy, please visit You might be wondering, is it possible to hack WhatsApp with this app? Yes, you can track the messages, media files, and calls made using this app. Follow the below mentioned steps to hack WhatsApp messages:

  1. Purchase the mSpy package as per your requirement. For monitoring, only WhatsApp messages purchase the Premium pack.
  2. hack someone's whatsapp using mspy step 1

  3. In the welcome mail, you will be given the detailed steps of installation. Follow the same.
  4. To install the app in the target’s phone, you will need access to the phone.
  5. Once installed, log in to the portal from any web browser and start tracking. The monitoring options are on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  6. hack someone's whatsapp using mspy step 4

  7. Click in WhatsApp and get an access to the messages and the other details.
  8. hack someone's whatsapp using mspy step 5

Some important tips:

Though hacking someone’s phone is a cake walk with the mentioned apps, always remember that:

  1. Hacking is illegal if the phone is not in your name.
  2. While hacking if you get caught by chance, it is a significant loss of face in front of the person; your partner, employees and kid will lose their trust in you. So, maintain utmost secrecy.
  3. If you want to monitor your kids, talk to them and explain them. Instead of spying on them discuss with them your concerns and explain to them the purpose of the app. A parental monitoring app can instil confidence in the kids. They can be assured of the fact that they are under observation and thus are protected.
  4. Same for employees, if you can discuss with the employees and convince them of the need for such apps, it can develop a healthy working culture.
  5. In a relationship, at times it becomes obligatory to probe into the privacy of the partner and that too in incognito to either re-install faith or to reveal the truth.

Your approach depends entirely on you and the person with whom you are dealing. The ultimate objective should not be to misuse the data obtained. In fact, it should be with a good intention, and the data must not be leaked to avoid being a defaulter in the eyes of the law.

You might have your reason to hack WhatsApp data, it can either be personal, or professional. You need not be tech savvy, as there are various apps which enables you to monitor the handsets of other phones, but not all are capable of tracking the WhatsApp messages. So, we have done thorough research to provide you with the two best solutions for WhatsApp monitoring software. With these apps, you can do much more than merely monitoring messages. You can track location, monitor incoming and outgoing calls, access apps installed, details of the contact list, and the in-depth web browsing history.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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