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Want to know how to hack mobile devices? If yes, here are a few tools to help you hack Android mobile devices and hack iOS mobile devices in a hassle free manner.

Many-a-times it happens that we want to know how to hack mobile devices. Parents worry about their kids spending too much time on their smartphones, spouse want to check who their partner is interacting with and employers want o monitor their employees. When you hack Android mobile devices or hack iOS mobile devices, you get easy access to call logs, text messages, internet history, real time location and much more by monitoring the target device.

Learning to hack android mobile devices or hack iOS mobile devices lets you track data exchanged via SMS, Social Media Apps, calls made and received on the target Android/iPhone, etc.

Please note that one should not hack mobile devices for illegal purposes. Hack Android mobile devices or hack iOS mobile devises only when there is a dire need to do so to protect your kids, prevent them from getting into trouble, watch over your spouse and monitor your employees.

Tools to hack Android mobile devices

1. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a popular smartphone spy tool that keeps you informed about the target Android at all times. It can be used from any of your device using the Control Panel. SpyMyFone is compatible with Android and supports 8.0 Oreo. It can track calls, messages, browser history, Social Apps, calendars, contacts and real time location on Android mobile devices.

hack Android mobile devices - SpyMyFone

  • No need to root to hack Android mobile devices.
  • Automatically deletes the App from the target Android when you start tracking the device.
  • Tracks real time location on Android.
  • Keylogger can save keys pressed on the target Android.

Price: Premium Edition: USD 29.99/month, Ultimate Edition: USD 49.99/month

2. AndroRAT

AndroRAT can be split and read as Android and RAT (Remote Administrative Tools). This app was especially designed for remote monitoring. It helps to hack Android mobile devices, control and fetch the necessary information from it. As soon as the App is installed, reboot the device and the App stats its task of hacking the Android.

hack Android mobile devices - AndroRAT

  • Collects information like contacts, call logs, messages and location.
  • Allows users to remotely monitor received messages, make calls, send messages and use camera.
  • Enables the users to open a desired URL in the default browser remotely.
  • App can be triggers by call/SMS.

Price: Free

3. Hackode

This App is essentially for ethical hackers, IT professionals and cyber security officials to perform tasks like reconnaissance, scanning a security feed. This App is still in its Beta version but has become very popular with users for its tools and various utilities.

hack Android mobile devices - Hackode

  • Get functions like Google hacking, Sql Injection, etc.
  • It doesn’t not ask of the hacker’s private details.
  • It helps in Traceroute, DNS lookup, MX Records, etc.

Price: Free

Tools to hack iOS mobile devices

1. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is the most trustworthy iOS mobile device tacker as it gives you all the information you need to monitor iPhone. SpyMyFone is compatible with iOS and supports the latest IOS 11. It monitors the target in res time and tracks all data including contacts, call logs, text messages and more. On iOS mobile devises, the App doesn’t need to be installed. One only needs the iCloud account details to hack iOS mobile devices.

hack iOS mobile devices - SpyMyFone

  • No need to jailbreak to hack iOS mobile devices using SpyMyFone.
  • No need to download SpyMyFone on iPhone.
  • Works in stealth mode without letting the iPhone users know.
  • Keylogger can help crack passcode and other social media passwords.

Price: Premium Edition: USD 29.99/month, Ultimate Edition: USD 49.99/month

2. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a smartphone monitoring App to track text messages and other activities on iPhone. It allows users to read and review messages, call logs, etc. Using this App is extremely simple and does not require you to have the target device with you. It secretly monitors the target IOS device remotely and virtually. It remains undetected and allows easy and quick spying on target device. It needs you to have Apple ID and password if you wish to spy on non-jailbroken iPhones.

hack iOS mobile devices - Highster Mobile

  • Retrieves deleted media files and text messages.
  • You only require target device phone number to spy on it.
  • No need to download the App on target device.
  • Remotely read messages, social media activities and track location.
  • Download the App on your own device and you’re good to go.

Price: USD 69.99 one-time payment.

3. FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY phone monitoring App is a cross-platform phone spy tools thats offers solutions to track and monitor smartphone activities (digital and audio) easily. It is easy to install and use. It enables GPS location tracking and comes with a free Mobile Vier App to monitor another cell phone sitting far away from it. This software claims to have expertise to spy on instant messaging Apps.

hack iOS mobile devices - FlexiSpy

  • Track SMS, Calls, E-mails, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Live call interception.
  • Works on non-jailbroken iPhones.
  • Call recording and listening to call surroundings.
  • Take screenshots remotely.

Price: FlexiSpy Extreme: USD 199 for 3 months and USD 349 for 12 months. FlexiSPY Premium: USD 68 for 1 month, USD 99 for 3 months and USD 149 for 12 months.

How to hack Android and iOS mobile devices

You must already be impressed with SpyMyFone and curious to learn how to hack mobile devices with it. Here is a guide for your convenience:

Step 1. Create an account.

Register an account with SpyMyFone by feeding in your details. You will receive a welcome e-mail to further set it up and access your Control Panel.

How to hack Android Mobile

Step 2. Now let us connect to a target device and see how to hack mobile.

To hack Android mobile devices, you should firstly download the App on it following the instruction on, sign in and start monitoring the Android from your Dashboard. The App will delete itself once its set up.

hack Android Mobile

To hack iOS mobile devices, you should only possess the iCloud details fed on the target iPhone. Use the ID and password, feed it on the SpyMyFone set-up wizard and start hacking iOS mobile device remotely.

Hack iPhone Remotely

Step 3. Start hacking.

Finally, visit SpyMyFone website, sign in on the Control Panel/Dashboard with the credentials sent on your mail and you are good to go. The left side of the SpyMyFone interface lets you choose which smartphone activity you would like to hack.

How to hack iPhone Mobile

SpyMyFone: Best tool to hack Android and iOS mobile devices

Using SpyMyFone is extremely simple and it offers a plethora of effective services to hack, track and monitor smartphone activities remotely. It keeps the hacking process discrete and allows users to take screenshots and record calls. It can hack iPhones and supports all types of Android phones such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google Nexus, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, etc.

We recommend to our readers to definitely give it a try and spread the word amongst family and friends.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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