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There are a number of different reasons for which you might consider how to hack Instagram password online. If you're a parent, it makes sense that your would want to hack Instagram password online and find out what your children are up to. There's so many different forms of virtual dangers in the internet these days, and Instagram being one of the most popular social media platforms, is at the centre of it. However, whatever reason you may have, this article will show you how to hack Instagram password online, and how to hack Instagram account without the other person being aware of it.

So read on if you want to find out how to hack Instagram password online.

How to hack Instagram password online

There are a number of websites that claim that they can help you hack Instagram password online. But when you go through all of them you can't help but wonder if they are legit. Because when you want to go through the entire process you realize they want you to download something and you begin to wonder if it was all just promotional activity, so there is a chance you will not want to go through it at all because of your suspicion.

However, after a little research we've come across a website that can help you hack Instagram password online and actually seems to check out. Its name is InstaHack.

Hack Instagram password online

Purposes of InstaHack:

  1. Hack into a friend's Instagram account.
  2. Hack into your children's account.
  3. Hack into your own account after it has been taken over by another hacker.

How to hack Instagram password online using InstaHack:

1. Go to

how to hack Instagram password online

2. Click on “Start Hacking” button.

3. In the pop-up that appears, enter an Instagram username of the account that you wish to hack in the field.

4. Then click on Hack button at the bottom of the pop-up. On doing so, the program will first verify the account name that has been entered. Then the process of fetching the password will begin.

Hack Instagram password online

5. The process involves a number of steps. The program will first establish a secure connection with the servers of Instagram. Next, it will extract the password of the account name from the Instagram of the database, decrypt it, delete all traces, and then fetch the password. The entire progress will be shown onscreen.

start to Hack Instagram password online

6. At the end of the process, Insta Hack will report that the account has been hacked. To obtain the password, click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

7. Following that you can simply download the password and voila! You've successfully hacked Instagram password online!

How to hack Instagram password online on mobile phone

The previous method is very direct and it's done online, and that is great however, I'm sure a lot of people will be a little suspicious of it. However, there is a far more legitimate means by which to hack Instagram password online as well. To hack Instagram account well, you could also make use of a professional software.

Our personal recommendation would be to use a professional Instagram spy app. There are a lot of such spy apps available for iPhone and Android phones, however we recommend SpyMyFone, one of the best spy apps for which can fulfill all requirements at a very reasonable price. In fact, SpyMyFone can also be used as a professional WhatsApp spy app or Facebook Messenger Spy App. Instagram tracker is its new feature and it's slowly gaining a lot of popularity. Now we think this method is much more accessible and legit as SpyMyFone happens to be a legal app and is available on both android and iPhone and has amazing reviews.

Features of SpyMyFone:

1. It can tell you the accurate geo-location of an Instagram picture.

2. You can even monitor android phone without rooting it or iPhone without jailbreaking it, thus you don't have to fear detection.

3. You can read all messages sent or received between the target phone's Instagram account and any other Instagram account.

4. It comes with a Keylogging feature, with which you can gain complete access to any and every button pressed on the target phone. With this you can find out the password the target person uses to log into Instagram. Once you have the password, you have everything.

hack instagram password

How to hack Instagram password online using SpyMyFone:

1. First, you need to register a premium SpyMyFone account.

2. After that, you will receive a confirmation email and a welcome email from SpyMyFone. The latter will have a link to your control panel and your login details.

3. You can log into your control panel, here's a demo. After you log in, you'll receive a set on instructions on how to install SpyMyFone.

4. You simply follow the instructions and install SpyMyFone to the target device, and then you can hack Instagram account using the control panel!

Again, just keep in mind that spy softwares need to be used with discretion and it is advised not to get carried away. Preferably do this with the consent of the individual. If you have any further questions about the legality of SpyMyFone, you can have them answered in the FAQ section.

3 Alternative Methods for Hacking Instagram Password Online

In addition to using SpyMyFone or InstaHack, there are several other legitimate methods you can use for hacking an Instagram password online.

These techniques can help you gain access to any Instagram account, allowing you to get the information you need to ensure that your children are okay and there’s no chance of danger affecting them as they use the internet.

Let’s explore three of them now!

Using the ‘Forgot Password’ Option

Sometimes you might not have access to the mobile device itself or want to install an app on their phone. In these situations, Instagram has provided you with the opportunity to gain access to an account using one of its most core features; the Forgot Password option.

Here’s how to use it.

  1. Head over to the login page of Instagram on the app, or on the desktop website.
  2. Hacking Instagram Password Online

  3. Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.
  4. Now enter the username or email address of the Instagram account that you’re trying to hack.
  5. Instagram Password Online Hacking

  6. This will send a reset email address to the account that’s linked to this account. Simply access this email address on a computer or smartphone, follow the reset password link and sign into the account.

Please note that this will reset the user’s password to whatever you set it to. In many cases, this may arouse suspicion.

Using the iKeyMonitor Application

Similar to SpyMyFone, there is another mobile phone hacking solution known as iKeyMonitor that you can use to acquire a user’s Instagram password and ultimately gain access to their account. This method uses the keylogger method that will record what they write in the password box, meaning you won’t have to change it

  1. Sign up to the iKeyMonitor website and download the software onto your target’s phone.
  2. Using the iKeyMonitor Application

  3. Once installed, sign into the account you made in the first step on your smartphone or desktop computer.
  4. hack instagram using keylogger

  5. Scroll down the dashboard menu until you see the ‘Keystrokes’ option.
  6. hack instagram using keylogger

  7. This will show you all the information that has been typed into the device. When your target signs into their Instagram account, the password will show up here, meaning you can log in without raising suspicion.

Using Instagram Hacker

The final method you could use for acquiring somebody’s Instagram password is using an online solution known as Instagram Hacker. Also known as IGhack, this is a secure Instagram service that can let you hack passwords for free. This service is also compatible with all devices.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Make your way over to IGhack website and click the ‘Start Hack’ option.
  2. Using Instagram Hacker

  3. Enter the Instagram username of the person you’re trying to hack. Click ‘Next Step’.
  4. Instagram Hacker

  5. Select the options that you want to hack, including the ability to download all their pictures, see their messages and read the comments of their content.
  6. The website will now collect all the information in a few minutes, displaying everything you want to know.
  7. Instagram Hacked

So these were 5 easy methods for you to hack Instagram password online. SpyMyFone happens to be an extremely reliable app and you do not have to worry about its legality. These methods will be extremely useful to you to get your Instagram account back or monitor the activity of a loved one, which at times can become a necessity. Make sure it's a situation of necessity and happens to be legit, you do not want to break anyone's trust and violate their privacy, that happens to be extremely unethical. These are mere methods to protect impressionable people from unethical practices online and elsewhere and must be used with caution. Be familiar with your state laws when you use these methods to avoid any legal repercussions, and have fun hacking Instagram password online!

Hope this article helped! Stay safe and do leave your comments below we would love to get your feedback!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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