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Learn about three feature-laden SMS Spy Apps to hack text messages without target phone.

We understand when parents feel the need to hack text messaged without target phone to spy on their kids. We also understand the need for a spouse to keep track of the messages exchanged between his/her parter and others. Also, employers in order to safeguard the interest of their organization hack text messages without target phone to monitor their employees.

Its human tendency to care and look out for near and dear ones and what could be a better way to protect them. Learning to hack text messages without target phone lets one get safe access to the messages, media and other information sent/received by the target phone owner. This works to gather evidence to expose someone’s fraud, prevent kids from interacting with wrongdoers and much more.

Why Text Spy Apps

There is a growing need for Text Spy Apps these days and we are not surprised why. People these days spend most of their free time on their smartphone, text messaging someone or the other.

The Text Spy Apps help to hack text messages without target phone and thus give you real time data about send and receive messages, conversations, media exchanged, etc. These Apps are needed as Parental Control software to monitor kids and their conversations with their friends. Also, these Apps can help expose a cheating spouse or an ill-meaning employee who could cause harm to the employer’s interest.

We have listed below top 3 Text Spy Apps that can hack text messages without target phone and do lots more in terms of hacking an Android/iPhone.

Top SMS Spy Apps to hack text messages

Since this article is all about learning to hack text messages without target phone, we have put together three Apps which can do just that. We have also listed their features and other details for the convenience of our readers:

1. Copy9 Spy App

Copy9 Spy App is Spy Text App to hack text messages without target phone on Android and iPhone. It allows hackers to freely browse through the target device and view all sent and received messages on your web based Control Panel. All the information from the target Android/iPhone is transferred over wireless internet or mobile data. It gives you access to whatever you want, other than text messages also.

Hack Text Messages without Target Phone - Copy9 Spy App

  • Offers a free trial and top quality 24x7 support.
  • Installing the App on target requires only two simple steps.
  • Works quietly in the background and remains undetected.
  • Hacks GPS location, internet history and calls also.

Price: Standard version: USD 21.6/month , Premium Version: USD 25.9/month , Gold Version: USD 30.2/month.

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy lets one look at all the SMS messages being sent and received via the target Android/iPhone. It helps tap kids phones, employee’s activities and spouse’s interactions with others. You can simply log in to your TheTruthSpy Control Panel and get access to all SMS messages and their details. It helps detectives and investigation procedures. It can also help track text/instant messages easily.

Hack Text Messages without Target Phone - TheTruthSpy

  • Look at target phone’s SMS inbox/outbox.
  • Read the contents of every message.
  • Get the names and numbers of all SMS recipients and senders.
  • Get time and date stamps of each SMS message.

Price: USD 21.99/month, USD 25.99/month, USD 30.99/month for Standard, Premium and Gold version respectively.

3. SpyMyFone

We saved the best for the last and so here is SpyMyFone. It is a smartphone spy App that gives you all the information you need in real time. It can hack text messages without target phone remotely. SpyMyFone has a user-friendly Dashboard and its interface has different options to choose from which lets you spy on text messages, location, Social Apps, browsing history, calls, calendars, contacts and much more. SpyMyFone is compatible with Android and iOS and supports their latest versions.

Hack Text Messages without Target Phone - SpyMyFone

  • SpyMyFone lets you take screenshots remotely to capture text message conversations.
  • Gives details about sent/receives messages, media exchanges and other data.
  • No need to root Android or jailbreak iPhone to hack text messages without target phone.
  • Its Keylogger features saves keystrokes pressed on the target phone.
  • SpyMyFone woks in stealth mode and remains completely undetected.

Price: Premium Edition: USD 29.99/month, Ultimate Edition: USD 49.99/month

How to Hack Text Messages without Target Phone

It is extremely easy to use SpyMyFone and hack text messages without target phone. Want to know how? Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1. Create an account.

If you’re a new user, go ahead and create an account yourself with SpyMyFone to create an account by clicking on “Sign In”. As soon as your details are verified, you will receive an e-mail from SpyMyFone server to set-up your account and access the dashboard.

How to Hack Text Messages without Target Phone

Step 2. Next up, connect to a target Android or iPhone.

To hack text messages on iPhone, you should fill in essential details apt the target iPhone while setting up your SpyMyFone account at the Set-up Wizard. As shown below.

Hack Text Messages without Target Phone

Then you will be asked to log in with the target iPhone iCloud ID and password to start hacking its text messages remotely. While using SpyMyFone to hack an iPhone, one doesn’t not need to physically download the App on it.

Hack Messages without Target Phone

To hack text messages on Android, you should download the SpyMyFone App on it. Then “Start Monitoring” the App by signing in and grating it permission to upload information from the target to your Dashboard. The App will automatically delete itself as soon as it starts hacking the text messages.

How to Hack Messages without Target Phone

Step 3. Start hacking.

Lastly, log in to your Control Panel, with the credential sent you by mail, at the SpyMyFone official website from any of your device. Then visit the “Messages” section on the left and start tracking all text messages instantly with their date, time and sender/receiver details.

How to Hack SMS without Target Phone

SpyMyFone: Best Spy App for iPhone and Android

SpyMyFone is the best, most trustworthy and reliable App to hack text messages without target phone. Its simple to use and can hack real time location, browser history, contacts, Social Media Apps and much more. Its best part is its compatibility with Android and iOS, both. It supports brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, etc.

We encourage our readers to visit SpyMyFone, learn more about it and go ahead to download it right away for its feature rich interface and ease of use.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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