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If you’re wondering how to hack a locked iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe your friends have been fooling around with your device, and you’re now unable to get access to it? Maybe you simply forget the passcode yourself? No matter what your reason is, here’s everything you need to know about hacking a locked iPhone.

how to hack a locked iPhone

Why Would I Want to know How to Hack a Locked iPhone?

There are many reasons why you would want to know how to hack a locked iPhone, some of which are listed below:

  • Locked out and can’t remember passcode
  • Want to see messages
  • Want to see call history
  • What to monitor child’s messages
  • Want to catch a cheating ex
  • Proof of another personal situation

Is it Legal to Bypass a Passcode on a Locked iPhone?

Of course, ‘hacking a lockscreen’ and ‘bypassing a passcode’ doesn’t seem like the most legitimate of activities to be spending your afternoon doing. However, the act isn’t actually illegal.

Firstly, there is no law, legislation or guideline that says that this is something that you cannot do, in no country in the world. Secondly, if you’ve locked yourself out of your own phone, why would hacking to get back into it be illegal? After all, all you want back is access to your phone.

How to Hack a Locked iPhone with Siri

Step 1 - Get the Phone & Open Siri

For this hack, you’re going to need the target phone in your hand. Then, please the home button which will prompt Siri to wake up. On newer models, this needs to be a finger that is not associated with fingerprint identification.

Hack a Locked iPhone with Siri

Step 2 - Hacking the iPhone

Now all you need to do is to ask Siri to do what you want it to do. Apple is currently in the process of patching these bugs with every update, but it’s still worth experimenting with what you can do. For example, on older models, you can simply say ‘Siri, read out text message’ and it will.

On older models, you could also ask Siri to open and post on Facebook, all from the device’s lockscreen without having the unlock it. You could also disconnect cellular data connections, view system status reports and much more.

How to Hack a Locked iPhone Using iTunes

Another popular way to hack a locked iPhone is using iTunes where you’ll be able to put the device into a state known as ‘Recovery Mode’ which allows you to reset the device, so there’s no passcode.

Step 1 - Preparation

Firstly, you need to take the device you’re trying to hack and turn it off using the method you usually do.

You’ll also need to make sure iTunes is open on your computer, and you have the device’s USB cable to hand, already connected to your computer.

Hack a Locked iPhone Using iTunes

Step 2 - Entering Recovery Mode

Now, this can vary depending on what model iPhone you have but, for the iPhone 7, simply hold down the ‘volume down’ button on your device. While holding the button down, connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

Once the ‘Connect to iTunes’ message pops up, you can release your finger from the volume down button.

How to Hack a Locked iPhone Using iTunes

Step 3 - Recovery Mode

You should now see a message box pop up on iTunes stating that it has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode. Simply follow through the wizard to reset the phone to its default setting. Once the update has been completed, you’ll be able to access your device without a passcode.

Other Ways to Hack a Locked iPhone

These methods listed above are tried and tested methods that have been about for many years since the iPhone came to the market, but they are rather messy. For example, the Recovery Mode hack deletes everything that is on the phone, so although you can have access again, you won’t have anything that was on there before.

Surely there must be a way to hack the phone without losing the contents of it? Fortunately, there is. SpyMyFone is a market-leading remote phone monitoring solution that has a tonne of features you can use to track, monitor and unlock an iPhone device.

Other Ways to Hack a Locked iPhone

Some of the key features include; real-time location tracking, call and SMS messaging tracking, app usage tracking, social app tracking, download history tracking and much more!

What’s more, SpyMyFone is also compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including brands and models like Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, LG and Huawei.

How to Use SpyMyFone to Hack a Locked iPhone

You can start using SpyMyFone to hack a locked iPhone easily in just three simple steps;

Step 1 - Creating a SpyMyFone Account

Firstly, make your way over to the SpyMyFone website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. On the next page, you’ll need to enter your email address, your password and click ‘Next’ again.

How to Use SpyMyFone to Hack a Locked iPhone

Step 2 - Setting up SpyMyFone to the Device

You don’t actually have to install anything on the target device for SpyMyFone to work. On the next page of the Setup Wizard, simply input your target’s name, their age and the operating system their device is running, in this case, iOS.

How to Hack a Locked iPhone

Then, you’ll need to input the iCloud email address and password that is linked to the target device. You will then need to make sure that iCloud syncing and backup services are enabled on the device for this service to work.

Guide to Hack a Locked iPhone

Step 3 - Start Hacking the Locked iPhone

Now that you’ve signed up and installed the app, simply log into your account on the SpyMyFone website, either through a computer or mobile browser, and you’ll be able to find all the information you could want and need from the iPhone, all without having to unlock it! You can also install the control panel on your own mobile device.

Steps to Hack a Locked iPhone

As you can see, SpyMyFone is much easier to set up and use, and you don’t even need to unlock the iPhone once, all you need is an email address and password. This makes hacking iPhones so much easier, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to what’s going on in your world.

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