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Mobile phone usage has exploded in the last decade. Hence, you have to implement new ways to build your privacy and personal information safe and secure from unauthorized users. Smartphone is an integral part of human and work as a lifeline for us. Password play an important role to protect our personal information from hackers or unauthorized users. Hacker is a person who gain access to your system without your permission and cause harm to your personal data. A complex password is critical to keeping your account secure. Today more and more smartphone users lose or forget their computer password. If you are easy to forget password then you have to learn some tips in advance to handle such situation.

How to Hack Android Phone Password

If you are have a question “How to hack a phone password” in your mind then, this is best place for you to find best solution. There are lot of online tools are available on the internet to bypass Android pattern lock. Wondershare is one of them; Wondershare is windows based application software. This tech is capable of recovery solution for android smartphone. By using this tool, you can bypass your android lock like Pattern, pin or password with 1 click process. One can also use this tool to take backup and recovery data like messages, contacts, photos and much more.

Steps to Bypass Android Patter/Pin Lock

  1. First, you have to download Dr.fone from their online website and install it.
  2. Now, Open Dr.fone and click on “Unlock”.
  3. How to Hack Android Phone Password

  4. After above process completes, connect your locked android smartphone via USB cable and click on Start button.
  5. Hack Android Phone Password

  6. Then, you have to select your smartphone brand, device name followed by Device model number. Such information are necessary to bypass screen locks.
  7. How to Bypass Android Phone Password

  8. Once the above process done, put your android smartphone into download mode. Power off the phone and press power button plus volume down button simultaneously.
  9. Bypass Android Phone Password

  10. After your device get into download mode then, recovery package automatically starts downloading.
  11. How to bypass Android lock

  12. Once recovery package successfully downloaded then, lock removal process will begin.
  13. bypass Android lock

Above process is completely safe, you do not have to worry about bootloop or error. This tool safely bypass Android lock like pattern, pin and password without losing any data. This is solution of your question “How to hack a phone password”.

How to Hack iPhone Password

Dr.fone repair toll is a tremendously safe to bypass iPhone password with easy steps. Powerful features power this tool; one can update iPhone with latest firmware without any complexity. There is no proper knowledge is required to run this application. This toll work as a first aid box for any iPhone device.

Steps to restore and bypass iPhone Password

  1. Download Dr.fone application for your computer running on Mac or Windows Operating system and install it.
  2. Open Dr.fone application and click on repair to repair your iOS device.
  3. Hack iPhone Password

  4. Then, connect your iOS device with your computer via its original USB cable and click on start button.
  5. How to Hack iPhone Password

  6. Now switch to your iPhone device and tap on trust to give permissions.
  7. bypass iPhone lock

  8. After above process completes, switch to computer and select your iPhone, iPhone version and its model number. Click on download to get its latest drivers.
  9. How to bypass iPhone lock

  10. Wait for a download to finish. Once it is complete, click on “Fix now” button. Further, uncheck “retain native data” to bypass passcode on you iPhone because system repair success chances are higher if you choose not to retain native data.
  11. Bypass iPhone Password

  12. Simply confirm the on screen confirmation, enter “000000” in text box and click on the yes button.
  13. How to Bypass iPhone Password

  14. Once process completed, you will be notified by the interface. One can repeat the process again by clicking on the try again.
  15. bypass Android lock

SpyMyFone: The Best Mobile Hacking Tool

SpyMyFone is a spying tool enable you to track activities of your children or for business owners to keep track employees activities like Cyber bullying, pornography and other harmful threats. This is not any application or tool for windows; it is web-based monitoring solution. By using SpyMyFone, you can access messages, location, call logs, voice call record, keystrokes and much more. If your target is Android phone user then, you have to install SpyMyFone plug-in in target Android phone. No application is need in case of iPhone user.

The Best Mobile Hacking Tool

SpyMyFone is not just spying software; it is also use as a hacking tool to hack smartphone. This tool allow you to hack iPhone and all Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG and many other smartphone. One can create premium account in SpyMyFone at very affordable prices as compared to other. With the help of Keylogger, you can easily solve your question “How to hack a phone password?” This tool record the keystrokes from the keyboard press by target user.

If you are looking to track your kids and employees smartphone activities than SpyMyFone is best for you. The good part about SpyMyFone is it is available for both iOS and Android operating system. You just have to install SpyMyFone application on Target phone and monitor the activities on the website of SpyMyFone on your own device. Unlike other spy software, you can take benefits of such tool at very low subscription plans.

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