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iPhones are renowned for being some of the most popular and the most fully-featured smartphone devices available. However, Apple is also infamous for being rather restrictive with their devices, making it extremely difficult for you to get information from your device, or customise it any way you want.

However, one way around this was known as ‘jailbreaking’ your device, a process known to be very risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, voiding your warranty and potentially ‘bricking’ your phone so it’s useless.

So, is it possible to enjoy iPhone hacks without jailbreaks? Let’s find out!

Why Would I Want to Hack My iPhone?

There are so many reasons why an individual would want to hack iPhone without jailbreak unlocks jeopoarising their device. The most important reason would be their safety. You could install call recording features you can play back every phone call you, or someone else makes.

You could track the location of your device down to a pinpoint so you never forget where it is and can find it easily enough if you do lose it, or it gets stolen. Sometimes, you might want more aesthetic choices, such as customising your menus, themes or icon packs.

You may also want to hack information from an iPhone. This could include a parent wanted to monitor their child’s phone usage, or a lover trying to catch their partner cheating. This information can include:

  • Call history
  • SMS history
  • Download history
  • Web browser history
  • Contact folder
  • Photo and video folders

And many more, the list goes on and on.

Hacking an iPhone without Jailbreak

Now, with all that I said above in mind, you’re not going to want to hack your iPhone by jailbreaking. If you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars on it, you’re not going to want to potentially break it. However, thanks to SpyMyFone, you don’t have to.

Hacking an iPhone without Jailbreak

This market-leading remote platform is ideal for installing and monitoring all the features listed above, and more, including real-time location tracking, keylogger settings and there’s even the ability to capture screenshots or just record the screen, all from wherever you are in the world!

What’s more, the target device doesn’t even need to be an iPhone. SpyMyFone can operate on all iOS devices and even Android devices, including brands like Samsung, Sony, Google Nexus, Huawei, HTC, LG, Lenovo and so on.

Step #1 - Registering an Account

Firstly, head to the ‘Sign Up’ button and create your SpyMyFone account.

How to Use SpyMyFone to Hack a Locked iPhone

Once here, you’ll need to input your email address and create a password for your SpyMyFone account. You should receive a welcome email from SpyMyFone, and the Setup Wizard for installation will start on the next page.

Step #2 - Setting up SpyMyFone onto the iPhone without Jailbreak

Unbeknownst to many, you don’t actually have to install anything on the iPhone itself. All you need to do on the first page of the Wizard is to type in your target iPhone’s owner name (so you can identify them in the app), their age and the operating system they are running, in this case, it’s iOS.

How to Hack a Locked iPhone

Then, on the next page, you’ll need to input both the email address and the password of the iCloud account that is connected to the target iPhone. You’ll also need to make sure that iCloud syncing and backup services are enabled on the phone.

Guide to Hack a Locked iPhone

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to start hacking and enjoying those iPhone hacks with jailbreak!

Step #3 - Using the SpyMyFone Control Panel

Now that you’re all set up and ready to go, either take your own smartphone or your desktop computer, head over to the SpyMyFone website and log into your account. From here, you’ll be taken to the control panel where you’ll be able to see all the hacking features that SpyMyFone has to offer!

Start hacking iphone without jailbreak

Feel free to explore at your own pace and see what you can find and customise. As you can see, there are a load of iPhone hacks without jailbreak!

Top 10 Other iPhone Hacks without Jailbreak

Installing SpyMyFone isn’t the only tweak you can run to improve the quality or calibre of your iPhone device. Here are ten more iPhone hacks without jailbreak restrictions you can enjoy right now!

  • Assign custom ringtones per app (tutorial)
  • Hide stock apps from home screen (tutorial)
  • Tethering your smartphone signal to other internet-enabled devices (tutorial)
  • See accurate signal strength in number form (tutorial)
  • Customise your phone screen, lock screen and wallpaper (tutorial)
  • Seamlessly integrate non-stock apps into firmware (tutorial)
  • Custom contact calling with pre-set vibration settings (tutorial)
  • Unlock your iPhone’s network carrier (tutorial)
  • A real backup (tutorial)
  • Custom Multitasking gestures, with iPad connectivity (tutorial)

It’s easy to see that you don’t need to spend hours crouching over your iPhone while carefully trying to jailbreak it, so it doesn’t mess anything up.

Instead, why not install SpyMyFone and try some of these other leading tweaks so you can guarantee that you’ll keep your device in good condition, keep the warranty and still have the ability to have and enjoy the phone that you want. Have fun!

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