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It is no secret that WhatsApp has been an integral part of our lives since its inception in the year 2009. Regardless of whether you are using this app for business or personal reasons, WhatsApp is no doubt a must-have app for almost all of us. At times, a good number of us might want to snoop on their partners or business nemesis who use WhatsApp just to know what they might be up to. If we may put it straight, is there any way to spy WhatsApp conversation? How can this be possible in a world where different people want to keep their privacy covered at all costs? The answer is simple; just hack the WhatsApp account in question, and you are ready to go.

whatsapp hack

This article takes into detail the various methods on how to hack someone's WhatsApp online or using hacker software without their phone or without their knowledge.

Part 1: Spy Someone's WhatsApp Messages Online without them Knowing Using SpyMyFone

A great way of how to hack someone's WhatsApp without them knowing is by using the highly-advanced software SpyMyFone whatsapp hack. It is a web-based online application servcie that can be used to spy both android and iOS devices. When it is used to hack whatsapp conversations on an android phone, it uses features like capturing screenshot and keylogging to let you track every activity on the target device. Though you need to install the monitoing app on the target phone, the process is pretty simple. And when it is installed, it will work in stealth mode without leaving any trace. On the other hand, if you would like to monitor an iPhone, you don't even need to touch the target device. Here is a live demo where you could learn how to hack someones phone.

With this program, you are guaranteed complete access to the other phone's WhatsApp conversation as they come and go without the slightest knowledge of the other party. If you want to know how to hack someone's WhatsApp account without them knowing by using SpyMyFone, just follow these basic steps.

1: You need to create an account . It will allow you access to control panel and view the monitored WhatsApp messages and other info.

how to hack someones phone

Tip: Please note that you don't need to root the target android phone or jailbreak the target iPhone (but make sure the iCloud backup is enabled) to hack whatsapp conversations.

2: If it is an Android phone you would like to hack whatsapp messages, you will need to install the whatsapp hack app on the target device and make some necessary settings. You should find detailed instructions after logging into SpyMyFone account. If it is an iPhone you would like to monitor, just verify the iCloud ID and passwod connected with the target iPhone. Then head straight to the dashboard and select WhatsApp.

hacking WhatsApp without access to phone

3: You can also monitor all photos, videos and pictures shared via the WhatsApp messenger. Simply click the WhatsApp Files option.

view whatsapp files

4: From this point onwards, you will be in a position to keep track of each and every WhatsApp messages that are sent and received by the target phone by logging into you SpyMyFone account. Please note that you will only be able to access the first logs or messages after 24 hours if the target device is iPhone. However, there is no such limit on android devices.

The good thing about SpyMyFone whatsapp hack is the fact that the spied person cannot locate and neither can they know that they're being tracked down. Also, the fact that you can get access to the control panel any of your own devices including iOS, MAC, Windows, and Android devices which makes it the ideal option to hack on anyone's WhatsApp account.

Part 2: Spy Someone's WhatsApp Messages via FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is one of the best methods to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone. FlexiSpy is encoded with highly advanced algorithms that allow you to track the activities of a target device. With FlexiSpy, you can spy on WhatsApp messages of both Android and iOS devices. WhatsApp monitoring features include reading the messages sent and received by the target along with all the media files shared.

You just need a onetime access to the target device to install the FlexiSpy app on it and activate it. After that, you will be able to track the target’s WhatsApp without their phone. Since this tool works stealthily, the target person won’t even know that they are being hacked. Follow the below-written steps to know how to hack someone’s WhatsApp with FlexiSpy -

1: Go to the FlexiSpy official website and buy a premium subscription. You will be required to sign up for a FlexiSpy account which will be used to read target’s WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Hacked

2: Download and install FlexiSpy on the target device.

3: Launch the app and sign in with your FlexiSpy account to link the device to your FlexiSpy account.

4: Activate monitoring on the target device and then log in to your FlexiSpy dashboard on your own device.

WhatsApp Hacking

5: then, click on Data and then IM. You will be able to read the target’s WhatsApp messages in there.

WhatsApp Hacks and Tips

Part 3: Hack Someone's WhatsApp Using mSpy

mSpy is another tool monitoring tool that you can use to hack WhatsApp messages of someone without their phone. You can read WhatsApp messages of your children, partner, and employees once you have setup the mSpy on their devices. For Android devices, you need to install a mobile spy app on their devices, but on iPhone, you just need to know the iCloud ID and password of the target device. Jailbreaking the iPhone is optional but necessary to access other advanced monitoring features.

Aside from WhatsApp, you can also hack call logs, text messages, GPS location, other social networks as well as media files stored on the device. You can use the user-friendly control panel to view the data monitored on the target device. To learn how to hack WhatsApp without their phone, follow the below article -

1: Go to the mSpy website and buy a mSpy subscription pack.

Hack Someone's WhatsApp

2: A confirmation email will be sent to you to your email address which will contain the login link and login credentials for your mSpy control panel.

3: Now, download and install the monitoring app on the target phone and activate the monitoring.

4: When the above process is complete, mSpy will start tracking the activities of the target. Just go to your mSpy control panel and view the WhatsApp messages from there.

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Part 4: Spy WhatsApp Messages Account using WappHacker

If you want another WhatsApp hacking tool, then is one of best online tool to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages. Using this online tool to hack WhatsApp account and messages is very simple. You just need to enter the WhatsApp account number of the target person in the online tool and choose what type of data you want to hack. After that, just start the hacking process and Wapphacker will do the rest. WhatsApp messages, call logs, images, videos or other WhatsApp data can be hacked through Wapphacker.

You can follow the steps given below to hack WhatsApp messages of someone with the help of Wapphacker.

1: First visit the official website of Wapphacker at and click on Start Hack button on the navigation bar.

Spy WhatsApp Messages Account using WappHacker

2: Enter the complete WhatsApp account number of the target with country code. But don’t add ‘+’ sign.

3: Then choose what data to hack like messages, call logs, chats, etc. and how many days of messages you want to hack.

4: Select the file format in which to download the chats like Zip, RAR or 7zip and click “I Agree! Continue” button at the bottom.


5: After clicking the “I Agree”, the Wapphacker will start the hacking process and you will be able to download the WhatsApp messages after completing the human verification.

Part 5: How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Conversation with Mac Address of the Target Phone

The fifth method on how to hack someone's WhatsApp is by using the target phone's MAC address. In this method, we will need the MAC address of the target phone, the BusyBox app, as well as the Terminal emulator. You can download both the BusyBox and the Terminal emulator from the Google Play Store. With these three necessities at hand, we can now proceed.

1: Using your smartphone, download, install, and run the BusyBox app. You will be required to create an account to hack someone's whatsapp account.

how to hack whatsapp

2: Take the target smartphone and obtain its MAC address. Follow these steps to get the MAC address “Settings> About Phone> Status> MAC Address. Write this address down as you are going to need it.

how to hack someones WhatsApp without their phone

TIP: Please note that we must first spoof the MAC address of the target phone. To do so, we are going to use the Terminal app.

3: Launch the Terminal App and type $ su. Press "Enter".

4: In the next step, enter "$ busybox iplink show eth0" and tap "Enter" to hack whatsapp account.

TIP: If you get a "device not found" message, enter wlan0 instead of eth0 in the spaces provided to hack whatsapp.

5: In the next step, type "$ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether" followed by your MAC address. Replace the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with your MAC address.

TIP: You have now successfully spoofed your MAC address. You can confirm this by entering the following command "$ busybox iplink show eth0".

6: Launch your WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the target WhatsApp account.

7: Before you can completely hack WhatsApp you will be required to confirm the hack. In this case, choose call verification to hack whatsapp account.

8: Write down the code that you will receive and enter it into the box provided on your smartphone.

It is simple as that. From this point henceforth, you will be receiving each and every message that leaves and enters the target phone WhatsApp account.

Part 6: Hacking WhatsApp Messages on Android without Access to The Phone

If it is a little complicated to hack WhatsApp messages using the Mac address of the target phone, we could try another methodthe. Hacking WhatsApp without access to phone can be a daunting task, especially to newbies. However, I will show you just how simple it is to hack on someone's else WhatsApp without them knowing. To those of us who may want to hack on someone else WhatsApp without necessarily coming into contact with the target phone, the FlexiSpy program and the APK Icon Editor is your ultimate savior. This works only on android phones. With this program, you can spoof the target to download an apk file of the program without them knowing that the file will be used to track them. The following is a detailed process on hacking WhatsApp without access to phone.

1: Purchase the FlexiSpy whatsapp hack program and follow the download and installation instructions outlined in the purchase email.

2: Once you have installed the program, you will receive an activation/installation code. Please make sure that you keep note of this code as you are going to use it in the later stages of this hacking process.

3: Once you have activated the program, you will have to wait for some few minutes for the saved data to be uploaded to your FlexiSpy whatsapp hack account.

4: Once your data has been saved in your account, the next step will be to change the icon and default name of the program from System Update to another name of your choice. In this case, we can use "Earn Money". For us to do this, we will have to download the APK Icon Editor on our PC.

TIP: The reason as to why we are changing the icon and name of the program is so as to spoof the target user to download the program on their phone. Still wondering how this is going to be possible? Well; let's keep going.

5: Drag the icon of your choice to space provided as shown below.

how to hack someone WhatsApp without them knowing

6: On the right-hand side of your interface, click on the "ApkTool" and select “Properties”. Choose the file of your choice from the drop-down list.

how to hack someone's WhatsApp without their phone

7: Change the FlexiSpy name to "Earn Money" and tap on the "Pack Apk" option as shown above to confirm the change.

8: Using your email address, send this app along with the FlexiSpy activation code you received during registration to the target phone and request them to download the app. You must make sure that you are convincing enough to make them download the whatsapp hack app. Once they fall into your trap and download the app to hack whatsapp account, you will start monitoring them from your FlexiSpy dashboard. It is simple as that.

From the six methods covered above, it is no secret that you can comfortably hack on anyone WhatsApp account without their knowledge and keep track of their messages as they come and go. The method you choose will no doubt depend on your preferences, the type of phone used as well as the reason for the hack. Though our methods encourage hacking in one way or the other, you should bear in mind that the each and every person is entitled to their own privacy. You must always remember that each and every time you hack into someone's else WhatsApp account without their consent, just know that you are breaching their privacy, and this makes you liable for prosecution if caught in the act. Therefore, play safe and wise. All in all, if you have thoughts, comments, and suggestions, please feel free to hit me up and I will be glad to join the conversation.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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