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Nowadays many people are already enjoying the opportunities to use wireless networks in several of places such as home, office, school, colleges etc. The strategy of the wireless network is becoming more effective because now it is easy to connect with a variety of electronic products like mobile phones, laptops, and other devices that connects to Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi routers or modems provide a network in a great range of ways to cover them at home and outside or even in larger spaces. These days Wi-Fi network are increasing in many places, some places provide paid Wi-Fi network and some places provide free. To achieve this objective, this is an advantage of long-distance Wi-Fi antenna, which is cost effective for individuals. Most of the people try to crack Wi-Fi password by guessing their password, using hacking tools and techniques or Wi-Fi hacking applications. Probably, people failed to get hack the wifi password.

hack wifi password

Why Hacking Wi-Fi Passwords

  • Urgent Work:
    When bad luck is with you and you have to send an urgent email, message, or something else to anyone. At that emergency your data pack expires, network issue or no internet connection will make you feel worst. At that time, hacking a Wi-Fi will help you out from all such emergencies because Wi-Fi networks are available within 100 meters near you.
  • Up-to-date:
    Updates of gadgets are increasing rapidly across the globe, similarly their software too. In this competitive world, you need to update your life as well as update your gadget software. Update of a software release once in a week or once in a month, most of the time you update your application or internal software of the gadget but sometimes you cannot. Because of low data pack or limited usage, in that case, hack Wi-Fi password will help you to updates your gadget.
  • Unnecessarily use:
    Probably, everywhere there is a Wi-Fi network whether it’s coffee shop, market, education hub etc. where people went regularly. For the sack of time pass at such place people use social media websites or applications, playing online games, and much more things with their gadget. But for that sack of time pass, people need data pack in their mobile phone or small wireless network provider. But sometimes people don’t have such things to use, at that time people want to know about how to hack Wi-Fi password. So that, they can hack Wi-Fi network and use the internet facilities for their time pass.

How to hack Wi-Fi password on PC

There are various ways to hack Wi-Fi password from your laptops or desktops, like as follows:

  1. Download dumper v.80.5 download from, Jumpstart- Dumper software full version from and winpcap from their official website.
  2. After downloading all of the above files, open jump starts dumper from where you save, and install. Similarly, install Winpcap.
  3. After installing, open dumper v.80.5 and click on the dumpper.exe
  4. After clicking you will see the dumper v80.5 window that showing several of wifi network around you, click on WPS button and select the Wi-Fi network you want to hack and enjoy.

How to hack Wi-Fi password on Android

Top-3 Wi-Fi Hacking Applications for Android would hlep you hack wi-fi password on Android phones and tablets.

1. Wi-Fi Warden:

Using this app, you can see the router, power, and name of wireless access points around you, as well as the frequency of the Mac address, channel, modem builder, encryption, security and distance, and about the devices connected to your network.

hack Wi-Fi password on Android - Wi-Fi Warden

2. AndroDumper (WPS Connect):

This app attempts to connect to a WPS enabled Wi-Fi router, whose WPS vulnerability is using some algorithms to connect to Wi-Fi. This application is fully developed for testing and educational purposes, and they are not responsible for hacking any bad usage or another router that you do not have the right to access.

hack Wi-Fi password on Android - AndroDumper

3. WPSApp:

It checks for the security of your network using the WPS protocol. This protocol allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using an 8-digit PIN number, which is usually predefined in the router, the problem is that many router pins of different companies use this app connection Uses such a PIN for and checks whether the network is sensitive or not.

hack Wi-Fi password on Android - WPSApp

How to hack Wi-Fi password on iPhone

Top-3 Wi-Fi Hacking Applications for iPhone would hlep you hack wi-fi password on iPhone and iPad.


This app is for IOS users to check that their router is exposed to any vulnerability. It also helps you to generate WEP key for your Wi-Fi router. In addition, this app allows you to scan local wireless networks and scan Wi-Fi passwords, along with encryption of password and username but usually takes less than 5 minutes.

hack Wi-Fi password on iPhone -IWEP PRO

2. WPA Tester:

WPA Tester Another 5-minute Wi-Fi password hacking app is available in the Cydia App Store. However, if you have Cydia on your IOS device, then it is free to download a cracked version of Cydia App Store. Using the user interface is very easy, so no further explanation is required. So far, it is one of the best Wi-Fi password breakers for iPhone because it works without running. You need to pay £ 1.49 to download this app from the App Store.

hack Wi-Fi password on iPhone - WPA Tester

3. IWifi Hack:

It works on the same scene because except for Iweplite, other cracking software means that it sends packets and brakes in the safety of Wi-Fi networks. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone easily. Waiting for the time that App WAP, WASP, and WPA 2 are also able to scan password-protected networks. It's great to recover lost or forgotten Wi-Fi passwords in the home, school, market, colleges.

hack Wi-Fi password on iPhone - IWifi Hack

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The Best Mobile Hacking Tool

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