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Yahoo! is a Web service provider that provides services like the search engine, web portal, Yahoo! mail, Yahoo! News, Finance, advertising, online mapping, video sharing etc. Yahoo! attracts millions of visitors every month on their websites. But the most popular Yahoo product is their Yahoo! Mail, an email service launched in 1997. Yahoo! Mail has approximately 3 billion users making it the third largest web-based email service after Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Also phone app for smartphones using iOS and Android is also available to download from their respective digital distribution services App store and Google Play Stores.

yahoo password hack

Hack Yahoo Password

Billions of people use yahoo mail every day for their email purposes. These yahoo accounts contain valuable emails and documents that they may need to use for business or other purposes. But if due to some reasons they can’t access their accounts, it would be troublesome for them. Forgetting Yahoo account passwords is the most common occurrence. They can make a new account but the data on that old account will be lost. So to recover their account they will need to crack yahoo passwords.

Yahoo provides other security alternatives to log in to your account if you forget your password. You can recover your account from your alternative email or answer the security questions. But if you didn’t set these alternatives or entered wrong information, it would not be possible for you to recover your account using them. So here you will need to hack your yahoo account with other means. Various yahoo password hacks are available on the internet.

How to Crack yahoo Account Password from Chrome/Firefox Brower

People don’t but browsers like Chrome and Firefox save user login data like username and password for future use. These are saved to make the account login process fast for people who used their account frequently. But you will have to select “Automatically Login” when logging into your account to allow them to save your username and password. Follow the steps given below to recover your yahoo password from chrome-

Step 1: In the address bar of your chrome browser, enter “chrome: //settings/” to hack yahoo account.

Crack yahoo Password

Step 2: At the bottom of the window displayed, select “Show Advanced Settings”.

How to Crack yahoo Password

Step 3: Search for the “Passwords and forms” option and click on “Manage Saved Passwords”.

how to hack yahoo account

Step 4: A list of all accounts whose passwords have been saved will be displayed. Search for your yahoo mail account.

hack yahoo account

Step 5: Click on “Show” in password tab and you can recover your password. So it’s the best and the easiest yahoo password hack.

How to Hack Yahoo Account Password

There are many kinds of yahoo password hack tools available on the internet. If all other methods to recover your yahoo account password fail, then you would need these yahoo password hacking tools. These tools are easy to use and can recover your yahoo password very easily. The best yahoo password hacker is Wondershare WinSuite 2012. This tool can crack your yahoo password in just very simple steps-

Step 1: Download and install the Wondershare WinSuite 2012 on your computer.

Step 2: After installing it, launch the hacking tool and click on “Password & Key Finder” tab.

Step 3: Select the “Password Finder” on the options displayed on the left side and then click on the “Password Finder” button on the right side window.

How to Hack Yahoo Password

Step 4: Check the “Yahoo Mail/ Yahoo! Messenger Password” option on the dialog box and click on “next”.

Hack Yahoo Password

Step 5: Now you can restore your forgotten Yahoo password stored in your computer as cipher file which can be extracted and you can get your password.

Hack Yahoo Password

How to Secure Your Yahoo Account

There are almost 3 billion users that use yahoo account and these accounts contain all their personal information. If by some chance some intruder is able to hack your yahoo password, all your private information will be vulnerable. They will be able to access your phone numbers, passwords and other information and use it for illegal purposes. So it is better to have a strong security setup for your Yahoo account. Below are some tips to make your yahoo account safe and secure from intruders-

  1. Choose a strong password- People always use a simple password that is easy to remember, like their names, birthdays or phone numbers as passwords. This approach is not very realistic when it comes to security. The password should be such that no one would be able to guess. This will reduce the chance for an intruder to crack your yahoo Account password.
  2. Set up second sign-in verification- With second sign-in verification, you will get a unique login code on your phone via SMS every time you try to log in to your account. This will make it less likely that someone else will be able to access your account unless they have your phone.
  3. Keep eye on your account activities- If you have any doubt that your Yahoo account is hacked by someone, go to settings and from there get to the “view your recent sign-in activity”. If you find some suspicious activity that you didn’t perform, it would be better to reinforce the security measures of your account.

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