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Instagram is no doubt one of the most used apps when it comes to uploading and sharing pictures with your friends and families. However, as much as you may like to use Instagram, the fact remains that anyone can access your account with or without your consent. How is this possible you may ask? The answer lies in the Instagram hacker app. Yes!! You heard right. An Instagram hacker app is a type of an app that works by retrieving passwords and other login details from a target account.

As it stands, since Instagram is available on both the Android and iOS platforms, these apps can be found on this platforms as well. These Instagram hack apps are efficient when it comes to hacking passwords, so it's best to be guaranteed that they will hack your IG account in a matter of minutes.

Part 1: 5 Free Instagram Hacker App For Android

SpyMyFone Phone Hacker App

If you are looking for the best Instagram hacker app, look no further than SpyMyFone. SpyMyFone is among the best and most flexible software you can use to hack an Instagram account. Apart from hacking an individual’s Instagram account you can also gain insight into the person entire social media lives, and monitor all the activities taking place on the device.

Free Instagram Hacker App

How to use SpyMyFone hacking app?

1: The first step is to create an account .

2: After registration, you will get a confirmation mail that welcomes you to SpyMyFone. The mail contains a link to your control panel and the login details.

3: Install SpyMyFone to the target Android device, and then access all the monitored data from control panel on your own device.

4: Use the Instagram feature to view all the pictures and messages directly.

SpyMyFone instagram hacker app free

Tip: You can also use the “keylogging” feature to hack the Instagram password.

hack the Instagram password

2: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instahack

By using Insta hacker Instagram hacker app, you can recover your Instagram password as well as poke around in another person's account. The good thing about this Instagram hack app is the fact that it is entirely free, untraceable, and super-fast and you can use it on any given account.

Free Instagram Hacker App For Android

1: To hack any Instagram account, click on the "start hacking" button and enter the username of the Instagram account in the pop-up button.

2: Click on the "Hack" button at the bottom of the pop-up to capture the password.

3: The program will automatically process the password by securing a safe connection.

4: Click on the “continue” button at the bottom of the pop-up box to get the password.

3: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instagram Password Hack Tool

Instagram password generator hack app helps you to gain access to another person Instagram database by performing a loop opening. Instagram password hack tool acquires great value for PC software, which makes it easy to hack someone’s Instagram account. For you to use this Instagram hack app, download and install the app. Run the file to complete the installation and launch it.

Instagram Hacker App For Android

4: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instaleak

Instaleak is an Instagram hacker app that gives you the freedom to get access to any Instagram account.

Instagram Hacker Android App free

Instaleak comes with:

-An easy to use interface

-It's 100% free for use

-It has a built-in IP spoofer which hides your real IP.

All you need to do to hack Instagram is to;

1: Fill in the target username on the specified field and click on the "verify" button.

2: You will receive a message informing you that the hacking has been successful.

3: Note down the password received and use it to access the account.

5: App Geyser Instagram Hacker App

Another app that can be used to hack an Instagram account easily is the App Geyser Instagram hacker app. This simple to use yet effective hacker works by retrieving the password of the target Instagram account hence allowing you to get access to the target Instagram account.

Android Instagram Hacker App free

The good thing about this app is the fact that you can scan its QR code and download it later. You can still choose to download the app from the official website. Once downloaded, simply launch the app and enter the Instagram username and conduct the search.

Part 2: 5 Free Instagram Hacker App For iPhone

1: mSpy keylogger Hacking Apps

The mSpy Keylogger is a hacking app that functions by remotely retrieving passwords from the target iPhone. What this means is that, if you install this app on the iPhone in question, you will be in a position to retract the passwords from the iPhone. This will be no different from accessing Instagram login details.

Free Instagram Hacker App For iPhone

mSpy keylogger works on jailbroken devices and is free of charge and easy to use. It is easy to enable or disable the software remotely thanks to the inbuilt admin panel. Before running this program, you will need to shutdown any antivirus that maybe running on the iPhone.

2: Free Instagram Hacker App - ArroApp

You can hack an Instagram account with the ArroApp app which works perfectly on both iPhone and Android devices. All you need to do to hack an Instagram account is by downloading this app on your device and you ready to go. Unlike with other apps, you don’t have to jailbreak your device for this app to work.

Instagram Hacker App iPhone

1: Just visit the official ArroApp website and click on the download option.

2: Install the app and enter the username of the account that you would want to hack.

3: Tap on the “Hack Account” option and the app will do the rest for you.

iPhone Free Instagram Hacker App

3: Free Instagram Hacker App - Get Instagram Hacking App

The Get Instagram hacking app is another excellent iPhone-oriented Instagram hack app that can be used to hack any Instagram account. It is easy to hack an Instagram account using this method provided you have the Instagram user account with you. A 24/7 customer care response makes this Instagram hacker app one of the best in the industry. All you need to do to hack an Instagram account is to download the app on your iPhone and enter the username in the spaces provided. The app will hack the Instagram account and provide with the account details.

Free iphone Instagram Hacker App

4: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instagram Password Finder

The Instagram Password Finder is another Instagram hack app that guarantees you 100% hacking results when you use it. This Instagram hacking app works perfectly on iOS devices, Android, Windows, and Mac. The app comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to use and hack an Instagram account.

Free Instagram Hacker iphone App

For you to crack the password, you must first download the program, install it and enter the IG username in the spaces provided.

5: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instagram Account Hacker

If you are looking for an Instagramhack app that brings together an online hacking process as well as a downloadable app, look no further than the Instagram Account Hacker v3.7.2. This app comes with an easy to use interface; it is free of charge to use it, and to make to make things even better, this app supports iOS devices which only means that iPhone and Mac users are evenly covered.

Instagram Hacker iphone App

You can choose to hack Instagram online or download the app on your iPhone. Regardless of the method you choose, the results are guaranteed.

Instagram is the second most used social media app today next to Facebook with over one billion people posting pictures and videos either privately or publicly. With various apps claiming to be the best hackers, finding out a legit one can be a bit hard; and that’s why I have come up with ten free Instagram hacker apps that will help you in accessing anyone Instagram account without their knowledge.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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