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Nowadays, having some few iPhone tricks that separate you from the rest of the people is usually a plus for many reasons. For instance, why should you strain to know when a message was left or sent when you can just swipe on the screen to find out when the message came through? This simple trick is what I’m talking about.

We have many iPhone hacks and tricks that each and every iPhone user should have at hand. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of these iPhone hacks, and get to know how you can maximize them to the fullest.

Part 1: Hack and Spy on an iPhone Remotely

You may be an anxious parent always worrying about your kids, wondering where they have been to everyday, with whom they have been hanging around recently, or whether they are keeping a healthy relationship with friends. Since many kids have an smartphone nowadays, and iPhone is usually the first choice, you may use an iPhone spy app like SpyMyFone to keep a close eye on your kid's mobile devices remotely without disturbing them too much. SpyMyFone is cloud-based phone spy application service that can be used to monitor an iPhone or android phone.

Swipe Your Screen to Go Back to The Previous Menu iPhone Hack

Part 2: Get URL's at a Go iPhone Trick

When browsing the web, entering the “.com, .net. Org. us can be a stressful thing. However, you don’t have to get worried anymore. Just tap on the “.” option on your keypad to open the browsing suffixes.

Get URL’s at a Go iPhone Trick

Part 3: Swipe Your Screen to Go Back to The Previous Menu iPhone Hack

Each and every time you are done using an app, you usually tend to close it and open it later again. However, to some people, it may be time-consuming to keep looking for the apps in menu page. With this in mind, you can open the recently closed apps by just placing your finger on the screen and swiping it from left to right.

Swipe Your Screen to Go Back to The Previous Menu iPhone Hack

Part 4: Improve your Signal iPhone Tricks

Tired of getting close to the window or to the last floor of your apartment to get an active signal? Simply dial *3001#12345#* and hit the dial icon. This action will open the Field Mode Tool where you will be in a position to see the signal strength of your network provider. If your score is above -50, you should be able to make calls with no problems whatsoever. On the other hand, if your signal is around -120, then it would be difficult even to send a text.

Part 3: Improve your Signal iPhone Tricks

Part 5: Fix The Disastrous iPhone Message Bug iPhone Hack

Hackers can crash your iPhone by sending a text message that causes your iPhone to crash continuously especially if the iPhone is in the lock screen mode. These messages contain Unicode characters that overload your device memory causing it to crash. You can use Siri to solve this problem. Just ask Siri to read and reply all your unread messages. You will then be able to open the text and then swipe to delete it from the thread. You may also use an iOS app from Apple and install iOS 7 and OSX 10.9. This software will patch the Unicode bug.

Part 6: Recovery iPhone Data Trick

I know a good number of people who have lost their valuable data due to a system breakdown, a virus attack or an accidental deletion. Though these people don't know how to recover their lost data, dr.fone- iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover your data without damaging your iPhone. What’s even good about this program is the fact that you can efficiently use it on any iPhone version with no problem whatsoever.

Part 7: Manage your Data Usage iPhone Hack

iPhone comes with features that allow you to manage your device data and usage. You can hack iPhone by turning off the cellular data usage for the iCloud account. This will save you a substantial amount of data and power. You may also disable automatic downloads on mobile data, Wi-Fi assists, and data hungry apps. Navigate to the iPhone settings and limit the amount of data used in a given period.

Manage your Data Usage iPhone Hack

Part 8: Prevent iPhone from Tracking You Trick

Did you know that your iPhone keeps track of your location as well as a detailed log of where you have been on a map? It knows where you live and where you work. Some people don't like to be traced. To deny iPhone the opportunity to keep tracking you, navigate over to your iPhone setting and tap on the "privacy" option. If you feel inclined, delete the location history and turn off the location setting.

Prevent iPhone from Tracking You Trick

Part 9: Make Use of The Photo-JPEG Feature iPhone Trick

Newly developed iPhones comes with a photo-JPEG feature that allows you to convert your JPEG images into videos. With this format, you will be able to view photos and send them to another device. With this feature, you can overcome the limitation of the mobile operating system by implementing various files. This will enable you to organize your iPhone and save space.

Part 10: Close Multiple Apps at a Go iPhone Trick

You can close multiple applications by simply placing three fingers at a go on the multitasking menu and sliding them in an upward motion. This action should allow you to remove any background apps that are not being used.

Close Multiple Apps at a Go iPhone Trick

Part 11: Hack your iPhone and Customize Vibration iPhone Tricks

You can hack you iPhone and customize the vibration intensity in your iPhone. Tap on the setting application and change the vibration patterns. These will enable you to know who is contacting you without notifying everyone else around you. The good thing about these vibrations is the fact that you can personalize them depending on who is calling you. You can also give them special names and assign them to accompany events and contacts.

Hack your iPhone and Customize Vibration iPhone Trick

Part 12: Get Rid of the Focal Camera iPhone Trick

By default, each and every time you tap on your screen while taking pictures, the camera automatically shifts to autofocus. However, each and every time you move the camera, the focal point disappears. To avoid this, press the screen for a second or two until you see the “AF Locked” option. You can now twist and turn the iPhone without losing focus.

Part 13: Reduce Eye Strain iPhone Hacks

Uncontrolled bright light can cause significant damage to your eyes, especially if used for long periods. To prevent this medical problem, adjust the contrast and the display colors of your iPhone. This will protect your eyes and enable you to use the iPhone comfortably.

Reduce Eye Strain iPhone Hacks

Part 14: Quit background Apps iPhone Trick

Most apps in iPhone appear in a frozen state which means that they are energy-friendly in nature. However, the same cannot be said of other apps that run in the background. These apps consume a lot of energy, and they can destroy your battery if they are not adequately managed. With these iPhone tricks, you can switch off these apps to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Quit background Apps iPhone Trick

Part 15: Swipe Messages to Reveal Date iPhone Trick

Though this is a simple hack, many people have never realized it. Has anyone sent you a message and you can’t see the time at which the message arrived? Well; if you are stranded, you can see the time at which the message arrived by just placing your finger on the message in question and swiping the message to the left side of your screen in a slow motion. With these iPhone tricks, the message will move to the left, and you will be in a position to see the timestamp.

Swipe Messages to Reveal Date iPhone Trick

Part 16: Shake iPhone to Delete Text Trick

Normally, when you type a message, you usually head to the “delete” icon to delete the message. However, did you know that you can delete the message or the input by simply shaking your iPhone? All you have to do is to activate "the Shake to Undo" option on your iPhone. It doesn’t matter whether you are typing a message or editing a picture; these iPhone tricks will work on all fronts.

Shake iPhone to Delete Text Trick

Part 17: Reduce Your Charging Time and Increase the Battery Life iPhone Trick

The iOS software provides advanced energy-saving technologies that can prolong your battery life. To enjoy this simple hack, switch ON the Airplane mode, enable low power mode, turn off location services, Bluetooth, and background apps that refresh frequently and disable all system animations. These techniques will allow you to save your battery charging time as well as increase its shelf life.

Reduce Your Charging Time

Part 18: Access Numbers as Easy as 123 iPhone Trick

Why should you spend a considerable amount of time typing a text by using the iOS keyboard when you can use a simplified split keyboard or Emoji to increase your productivity? The split short-cut keyboards allow you to access numbers more quickly. To enjoy this, just press the ‘123’ button and slide in the numbers that you need.

Part 19: Never use a 4-digit Passcode

As an iPhone user, never use a simple 4-digit passcode and sit back and relax thinking that you are secure. iPhone hackers will always use sophisticated tools to crack simple passwords such as 4-digit codes. Always make sure that you have a complex password that brings together digits and numbers at the same place.

Part 20: Siri iPhone Hack

The Siri app allows you to control most of your iOS devices with only your voice commands. Siri allows you to send and receive messages, look out for stuff online, make a call, and identify a restaurant. To activate Siri, you need to connect your iPhone to an active internet connection and press the home button continuously.

As we have seen in this article, operating an iPhone doesn’t have to be a big problem. If you can only employ some of the iPhone hacks and iPhone tricks that we have covered, I’m pretty sure that operating an iPhone should be an easy and enjoyable act, especially if you are new to iPhone.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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