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Living in a modern high-technological world can easily stress out people for multiple reasons. Sometimes, the pressure leads to action: if you have any interests in monitoring another person’s phone to discover specific information, then you are looking for a mobile number hacking app. However, wait! You don’t have to feel ashamed about hacking, it is currently a very common and easily-going process, with numerous apps capable of providing all type of data from live calls to text messages to GPS location and many other info. So for all those worried parents, employers or spouses, we have this article to discuss and share more information on the best mobile number hacking apps available in the market today. Keep reading!

To be precise, we would say that a mobile number hacking app considers the act of use software-based actions to remotely and real-time monitor someone’s phone without the person knowing about it. Despite the controversial discussions that follow hackers’ behaviors, at some point in life, everyone may have the curiosity or even a genuine need on looking through a phone that does not belong to the person itself. Here are some reasons why people use a mobile number hacking app.

  • Have you ever wanted to know who your kids are talking to?
  • Do you suspect on your partner’s faithfulness?
  • Are you sure that your employees are working for the time you pay them for?

These questions are always surrounding people’s head. The unsure of certain conducts is hard to live with. Knowing this, mobile number hacking apps have the solution for these problems and it’s not a difficult process at all. Just with a few steps, you are able to listen to your children calls, control your staff’s time usage or even read your partner’s text messages.

The easiest method to get all the answers, in quickly and safe mode, is mobile number hacking app. Furthermore, the best part is: nobody will know that you are doing it. Futurist hacking apps are invisible and can spy on pretty much any smartphone. There is a large variety of spying apps out in the market, most of them with the most advanced features, so the following list will introduce and evaluate the best mobile number hacking app for Android and iPhone devices.

The best mobile number hacking apps for Android

1. SpyMyFone

The first mobile number hacking app of the list is a complete spy’s app in the market. With SpyMyFone you are able to track any activities on other target phones: from text messages to GPS locations. It’s a really versatile and accessible app and can support a large range of needs for monitoring.

mobile number hacking apps - SpyMyFone


  • Registry of call history and logs;
  • Track many types of data: text messages, social media activity, GPS location and others;
  • Multiple device and platform support.

3. AndroRAT

AndroRAT does not count with the most user-like interface, but it’s a powerful engine. RAT goes as Remote Access Tool so this app can remotely control cellphones with a computer.

mobile number hacking apps - androrat


  • Able to monitor text messages and calls in live;
  • Streams sounds and video;
  • Ability totake control of the target phone.

Now that we know about the best mobile number hacking apps for Android, in the next section we shall learn about the best mobile number hacking apps for iOS devices.

The best mobile number hacking apps for iPhone

1. SpyMyFone

As mentioned before, SpyMyFone can be installed on Android and iPhone devices, and is the best option for both systems. The app runs stable and with the same features, looking for client’s satisfaction in any platform.

mobile number hacking apps - SpyMyFone


  • Control and monitor internet usage;
  • Track contact list updates;
  • Give details of calls and messages data.

2. FlexiSPY

As the name suggests, FlexiSPY is a high-flexible option for iPhone hackers, since it features can be applied to a high number of devices hacked simultaneously.

mobile number hacking apps - FlexiSPY


  • Able to intercept and record calls;
  • Camera-hacking function;
  • Remotely controls the affected iPhone.

3. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a good and versatile option for mobile hacking apps, possessing the power of monitoring all activities on an iPhone device. The functions are very useful and easy to access.

mobile number hacking apps - MobiStealth


  • Monitor both sent and received messages in the iPhone hacked;
  • Access passwords;
  • Gives stats on several social media accounts.

Using a mobile number hacking app

Since SpyMyFone appears as the best option on mobile number hacking app for both Android and iPhone devices, the content below will basically demonstrate how to use the system for spying on any target device. It takes only a few steps:

  • Go to SpyMyFone’s website ( and register an account;
  • Connect with the target phone you need to hack;
  • Start your search for answers on the long list of data you will have access to.

When the registration is complete, it will lead to a page where the device’s system is required to continue the process: only select Android or iOS, follow the tutorials available on SpyMyFone’s page. By doing that, you will guarantee access to the phone you want to hack and leave your head free of any doubts or worries. After all, hacking is freedom and an important part of our new world.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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