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Have you ever locked yourself out of iPhone and you can’t remember how to get back in? Have you ever lost your phone and needed to find out whether someone was using it, how they were using it and where your actual iPhone was?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track all these features, and more, by simply logging into a platform account? Fortunately, there is. Today, we’re going to look into everything there is to know about the best iPhone hacking tools you can start using today!

Why Would I Want to Hack an iPhone?

In short, there are countless reasons why you may want to hack an iPhone. It could be yours; it could be someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. Even by hacking an iPhone, you might not even use the hacking features, only when you need to.

Here are some of the most common reasons that people hack their iPhones:

  • Protect Phone from Criminals
  • Monitoring Children’s Phone Usage
  • Monitoring Employee’s Phone Usage
  • Catch Partner Cheating
  • Protecting Phone from Being Stolen

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Top 5 iPhone Hacking Tools

To help get you started, here are the top five iPhone hacking tools that can download and start using straight away today!

1. Spymyfone iPhone Hacking

The market-leading remote iPhone monitoring service is Spymyfone. Spymyfone is quick and easy to install, jam-packed full of features and settings, and with global connectivity, you won’t need to look at any other solution!

Best iPhone hacking tools - Spymyfone iPhone Hacking

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Call, SMS, Social Media and IM service tracking
  • Multimedia folder access
  • Web browser monitoring
  • Download history tracking

Price - $39.99

2. Highster Mobile iPhone Hacker

Compatible with all kinds of devices, both iOS and Android, it’s easy to see why Highster remains one of the most popular iPhone hacking tools, thanks to its easy setup, quick registration and convert installation.

Best iPhone hacking tools - Highster Mobile iPhone Hacker

  • SMS monitoring
  • Messaging service monitoring (Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.)
  • Invisible once installed
  • Call tracking

Price - $29.99

3. mSpy

Easily one of the most popular and most used iPhone hacking tools on the market, mSpyis incredibly simple to download and install and comes with a range of features that can help you monitor your target phone, no matter where you are in the world.

Best iPhone hacking tools - mSpy

  • Snapchat tracking
  • Keylogger solution
  • Precise geo-fencing
  • Web history monitoring
  • Call & SMS tracking

Price - $29.99 / $199.99

4. FlexiSPY

Marketed as one of the most advanced phone monitoring packages in the entire market, FlexiSPY is not for the faint-hearted. The software is renowned for being 100% untraceable and can even hack into jailbroken and rooted iOS and Android devices.

Best iPhone hacking tools - FlexiSPY

  • Call and SMS spying
  • Read and send fake SMS
  • Passcode spying features
  • IM chat recorder, tracking and monitoring
  • Real-time GPS tracking

Price - $68 / $199 (per quarter)

5. Spyera Hack Tool for iPhone

One of the most least known and uncommon used iPhone hacking tool, Spyera is still full of power and packed for of features that will give you everything you’ve been looking for. Spyera has over 30+ features to explore and for you to try out till your heart’s content.

Best iPhone hacking tools - Spyera Hack Tool for iPhone

  • Easy to use
  • Remote phone access
  • System status checker
  • All storage folder access
  • Keylogging features

Price - $389 (per year)

How to Use Spymyfone to Hack an iPhone

Now you know some of the best of the best, let’s go deeper into how to use our favourite iPhone hacking tool to actually do some hacking. Here you’ll find our step by step guide that details everything you need to know to start hacking right now!

Step #1 - Register an Account

To get this project off the ground, you’re going to need to make your way over to the Spymyfone website (Spymyfone) and click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right-hand side of the screen.

How to hack iPhone

This will begin the installation Setup Wizard. On the first page, enter your personal email address and create a password. You’ll also need to confirm your password. Click ‘Next’ and move onto the next stage.

You may need to verify and confirm your email before moving to the next step.

Step #2 - Setting Up Spymyfone iPhone Hacking Tool

The next page of the Setup Wizard will have three boxes. In the correct boxes, you’ll need to input the name of the device you’re targeting, such as your name or your partner’s name, their age and the device operating system they are running, in this case, that will be iPhone or iOS.

best iphone hacking tools

This will then take you to the next page where you’ll need to input whatever iCloud account details are linked to the iPhone in question. You’ll need both the iCloud email address and password for this to work.

After this, click ‘Next’ and you’ll be all set up and ready to hack! Please note that you’ll need iCloud syncing and backup service enabled on the device for this software to work.

best iphone hacking tools

Step #3 - Using Spymyfone iPhone Hacking Tool

Now that you’re all set up, simply log into your Spymyfone account using the information from the first step. You can do this from either a mobile or desktop computer. You’ll then be taken directly to the control panel where you’ll be able to find all the feature available to you.

These are listed on the left-hand side of the page, and they are all appropriately labelled, for example, call recording is listed as call recording, and location tracking is located under location tracking. Feel free to experience and play around to see what’s there!

iphone hacking tool

And there you go, that was our top five iPhone hacking tools that you can download and start using today. As you can see, Spymyfone is incredibly easy to setup and install and is packed with all the features you’re ever going to need to hack and monitor an iPhone. Why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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