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While Apple usually highlights all the major USPs of their products, it can be tough to cover all the features. If you are a regular iPhone user, then you can easily get what I’m trying to say. Too many times, while browsing the settings of my device, I discover new iPhone hacks. Some of the iPhone tricks and tips are not even known to experts and might end up changing your smartphone experience. So buckle up those belts as we are about to explore the top 15 iPhone hacks and tricks right here.

iPhone Hacks and Tricks

1. Change Siri’s voice and pronunciation

A lot of people don’t know, but you can easily customize the way Siri interacts with you. For instance, you can change its voice between male and female. To do this, go to your device’s Settings > General > Siri > Voice Gender and make the appropriate selections. You can also change Siri’s language here.

iPhone Hacks and Tricks via siri

Furthermore, when you ask Siri anything, you can give a feedback regarding its pronunciation as well. Simply tell Siri that this is not how you pronounce a certain word and help it learn.

iPhone Hacks and Tricks via siri

2. Disable Siri from the lock screen

Ideally, we can enable Siri from the lock screen of our device. Though, it can tamper with your privacy as anyone can access some features from your phone even when it is locked. To implement these iPhone tricks, go to your device’s Touch ID & Passcode Settings and disable Siri from the lock screen.

Disable Siri from the lock screen

3. Link third-party apps with Siri

If you want, you can link third-party apps with Siri as well. Just go to its Settings and let Siri access these apps. For instance, you can connect Uber to Siri as well. Later, you can simply book an Uber via Siri (without launching the app).

Link third-party apps with Siri

4. Monitor any iOS device remotely

If you want to know how your kids, significant other, employee, or anyone else use their iPhone, then you can take the assistance of SpyMyFone. It is a highly advanced iPhone monitoring software. Once you have completed the setup, you can remotely get an access to the device. From their call logs to contacts and messages to third-party data, SpyMyFone will let you monitor it all.

Monitor any iOS device remotely

5. Control how your kids access their iPhone

If you are a concerned parent, then this would be one of the best iPhone hacks. By using a reliable iPhone parental control like FamiSafe, you can restrict how your kids use their iOS device. For instance, you can set time-based restrictions on the device, block any app or website, set screen limits, and do so much more. It can also help you track the live location of your kids as well.

Control how your kids access their iPhone

6. Improve the network signal

If you are in a low coverage area, then dial *3001#12345#* on your phone. The network bar would be changed to a numeric code. You can start a Field Test by following the on-screen instructions and move a bit to improve the signal’s strength.

Improve the network signal

7. Take a photo while recording a video

This is certainly one of the most useful iPhone tricks for shutterbugs. A lot of users complain that they are not able to click photos while recording a video. Well, if you have an iOS device, then you don’t have to worry about it. Simply tap on the shutter (double circle) icon which is adjacent to the pause button to click a photo while you are recording a video. Though, you should know that the quality of the photo won’t be that superior.

Take a photo while recording a video

8. Select the apps that can access cellular data

If you get a limited network data on your plan, then you follow this step. Just go to your device’s cellular data settings. From here, you can access all the apps that can access your phone’s mobile data. Just turn off the data access for any heavy app. If you want, you can turn on (or off) the entire cellular data feature from here as well.

Select the apps that can access cellular data

9. Set custom vibrations

Yes, we all know how easy it is to set custom ringtones for our contacts. Though, if you keep your phone in the vibration mode, then this would be one of the best iPhone tricks. If you want, you can even set custom vibrations for your contacts. Just launch the Contacts app, select any contact and go to its options. From here, you can change the vibration for the contact and even set a customized vibration as well.

Set custom vibrations

10. Shake to undo texts

This is certainly one of the most interesting iPhone hacks that have been around for a while. If the feature is turned on, then you can just shake your phone to undo typing. Simply go to the Accessibility feature on your device and turn on the “Shake to Undo” feature. Go ahead! Give it a try.

Shake to undo texts

11. Check the timestamps of messages

Do you ever wonder how long it has been since a friend replied to your texts? Well, it is quite simple. Just open the thread and swipe sideway the message. This will display the timestamp for all the messages.

Check the timestamps of messages

12. Set call reminders

Too many times it happens when we are not able to receive a call and simply disconnects it. Though, we later forget to call them back. Instead of disconnecting the call, tap on the “Remind Me” button. Later, you can select when you want to be reminded to call them back.

Set call reminders

13. Fill your medical details

Let’s be honest – we all keep our phoned locked. Though, in the case of an emergency, it makes it hard for people to help us. To avoid this, it is important to set up your medical details. Enter all the crucial medical details and make sure it would be displayed even when your device is locked.

Fill your medical details

14. Make the most of your phone’s camera

In the last few years, iPhone cameras have certainly evolved a lot. Besides using various readily available modes (like Portrait mode), you can further go to more options on your camera. From here, you can set the brightness, control, saturation, and tons of other details to click photos like a pro.

Make the most of your phone’s camera

15. Get LED flash alerts

This is one of the most helpful iPhone hacks for people who need a hearing aid or when individuals can’t listen to any notification. Go to your device’s Accessibility settings and turn on the LED flash for Alerts to get notified for calls, messages, etc.

Get LED flash alerts

There you go! Now when you know about all kinds of iPhone tricks and hacks, you can certainly make the most of your iOS device. Go ahead and give some of these iPhone hacks a try and share your own tricks with us as well.

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