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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media networks out there, which is known for its strict privacy. If you want to view a private account, then you need to follow them – unless you have a private Instagram photo viewer. In this post, we will teach you how to view private Instagram profiles without following them. By taking the assistance of some third-party tools, you can easily resolve this issue. Read on and learn how to hack Instagram private right away.

1: How to view Instagram private profiles/photos using SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone provides a safe and hassle-free way to view a private Instagram account and various other activities related to social media. It is a complete spying software that can be used to track a phone’s calls, location, messages, social media activities, and more. It features a web-based dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere.

After installing SpyMyFone on your family member’s or friend’s phone, you can gain an unmatched access to their Android smartphone activity. Though, the Instagram tracking application is currently available only for Android devices as of now. Besides Instagram, it can also be used to track WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and other popular apps. To learn how to hack Instagram private, follow these steps:

1. To start with, create a new SpyMyFone account from right here. It has affordable subscription plans that you can buy to access its premium features.

sign up with SpyMyFone

2. Simply provide your basic information and complete the setup wizard to access your dashboard.

setup SpyMyFone account

3. Now, you need to download the SpyMyFone app on your mobile. Firstly, go to its Settings > Security and turn on the feature of downloading apps from Unknown sources (i.e. sources other than Google Play Store).

allow apps from unknown sources

4. Now open any web browser on your phone, go to and follow the instruction to download the app. After downloading the APK version of the file, tap on it and agree to the pop-up message (by tapping on the “Install” button).

download SpyMyFone app for android

5. After installing the app, tap on its icon to launch it. Use your credentials to sign-in and grant the respective permissions to the app.

6. Once the permission is granted, you can start the device administration and monitoring. Additionally, you can get rid of the app icon as well to spy on the device without letting the user know of its presence.

start hacking instagram private

7. You can simply log-in to SpyMyFone’s web-based dashboard from anywhere to access its private Instagram photo viewer.

log in SpyMyFone dashboard

8. From the left-panel, visit the “Social Apps” section and select Instagram.

9. Beforehand, you need to turn the “Feature Status” option on manually. Only after turning the Feature Status on, you would be able to spy on social apps.

turn on instagram spying feature

10. Click on the “I’m ready to start” button and access all the information on the connected Instagram account.

ready to start

This will let you view all the pictures of the respective account without the need of following them. Therefore, you would be able to learn how to view private Instagram profiles without following them after installing SpyMyFone on their device. The application also comes with a keylogging feature that will let you gain access to plenty of information related to the target device without being noticed. Just like the Social App spying tool, the Feature Status for Keylogging should also be turned on.

hack instagram password with keylogger

2: How to spy on their phone with mSpy?

If you can physically access their smartphone, then you can also try mSpy. It is a spying tool that will give you an access to their photos, videos, contacts, etc. Therefore, you can know how they use their Instagram and other social apps. Besides viewing their Instagram posts, you can also read their chat messages or access their call history. To use mSpy, follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the official website of mSpy and buy its premium subscription.
  2. Once your account is created, you need to access the target device.
  3. Download the mSpy tracking app on the target device. After installing the app, log-in with your account details and give it all the needed permissions.
  4. In the end, you can just go to the online dashboard of mSpy and extract all the crucial data from the target device.
  5. hack instagram profile

  6. Go to the social app section and view their Instagram account details. You can access their photos, comments, and even read their Instagram messages as well.
  7. instagram hacked

In this way, you can spy on someone’s private Instagram account without being detected.

3: How to use Instagram Profile Viewer tools?

There are certain Instagram profile viewer tools out there that maintain a directory of all the accounts on the social app. If the person ever made their profile public, then its crawler would have copied all the pictures on their server. Even though most of these profile viewer tools are freely available, some of them might ask you to complete a survey. Therefore, only try a recommended website so that you won’t fall for any scam.

Some commonly used Instagram profile viewers are,,, etc. While using an Instagram profile viewer, you can also use a VPN or proxy for added security. Most of these tools work in the following manner.

  1. To start with, visit a reputed Instagram private profile viewer website. Let’s consider an example of InstaSpy. After visiting the website, you can start the process.
  2. Instagram Profile Viewer

  3. The interface will ask you to specify the Instagram username of the account you wish to access.
  4. Also, you can select the kind of information (photos, likes, comments, etc.) you wish to extract. Furthermore, you can choose to download this information or view it.
  5. After filling all the details, you can start the process. You might have to authenticate yourself before viewing the results.
  6. Instagram Profile Viewer - hack instagram

4: How to hack Instagram private photos/profile using InstaLooker?

InstaLooker is another popular private Instagram photo viewer that is extremely easy to be used. Without the need of downloading any third-party software, you can learn how to hack Instagram private account to view its photos. Since it is a web-based application, it works on every platform. You can access it either from your phone or desktop.

Most of the times, the solution seems to work. Though, there are times when users complain about its incompetence or the inclusion of surveys before viewing the results. Nevertheless, you can use InstaLooker to learn how to view private Instagram profiles without following the account.

1. Visit the InstaLooker website The interface is available in different languages.

2. Start by clicking on the “Spy now” button to unlock the Instagram account of a user.

private instagram account viewer

3. This will land you on the following screen. Provide the current Instagram ID (username) of the person you want to spy and click on “Check Account”.

start instalooker tool

4. After checking if the username exists or not, the interface will let you know. Select the “Click here to continue” button to unlock the account.

enter instagram user name

5. Wait for a while as the interface will connect you to its server. Sit back and relax and don’t close this window until the process is completed.

hacking instagram account

6. Once it is completed successfully, you will get the following screen. You will be redirected to the photos of the provided Instagram username.

instagram private successfully hacked

5: View Instagram private information by hacking the account directly

If you are finding it hard to work with a private Instagram photo viewer, then you can also choose to hack an Instagram account directly as well. Even though it is a more comprehensive method than learning how to hack Instagram private, it is sure to provide constructive results. Simply follow these steps to hack someone’s Instagram account.

1. Visit Instahack’s official website and click on the “Start Hacking” button from the home page.


2. This will generate the following pop-up message. Provide the username you wish to access and click on the “Hack” button.

hack instagram account

3. Wait for a while as the interface will take all the needed steps to hack the password of the provided username. Don’t close the window and let it process the algorithm.

4. In the end, it will generate a text file having the password of the provided username. Just download the file to view the password and access their account directly.

download instagram private file

Now when you know how to view private Instagram profiles without following any user, you can easily access their photos in a trouble-free manner. Go ahead and take the assistance of these tools to learn how to hack Instagram private account or use a private Instagram photo viewer. Additionally, if you face any problem, feel free to try SpyMyFone for free. It is a remarkable tool that will let you gain access to all the social media apps on the target device.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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