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(Keywords: Instagram activity tracker, Instagram account tracker) Description: Your child can get easily trapped on his Instagram account. Thus, it is essential for you to download and install SpyMyFone, the best Instagram activity tracker, for your kid's safety. The online world has both good and bad people. Help your kid!

If you are not on Instagram, then you are not part of this world. It is what your kids think about the social media platform, Instagram, where uploading photos, videos, and selfies are the craze that one can't live without. However, if you as a parent are not keeping an eye on your kids' Instagram activities, then it's a matter of concern.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

No doubt, you have a busy schedule and can't notice your kids' online activities 24x7 hours. But, online activities can't be neglected. Therefore, it's better to take professional help before it's too late. You are quite intelligent to surf your phone's browser. All you need is to search the Instagram activity tracker for the kid's phone!

What? Have you never heard about it before? No problem. Such apps are designed for online security concerns so that social media platforms don't mislead your children. Before downloading the best Instagram activity tracker app, know what Instagram is.

Instagram- Media Sharing Social Networking Service

The social platform where you can easily share and capture the world's moments, follow your friends and families and save your favorite posts. Every child of the present times knows how to install and use Instagram. But, you never know when they misuse it. The photo-sharing site has everything from motivational quotes to adult talks, from a baby laugh to flaunting body curves, and more, in public sharing feeds.

The user has the option of whether he wants to keep his account private or public. But, neither mode is safe because not all followers are trustworthy. Thus, it becomes significant for parents to be attentive and track their kids' Instagram activities silently through a professional tracker.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

There are many reasons for you to download Instagram account tracker. The significant one is kids getting trapped in online hubs by interacting with strangers in the form of followers. Also, Instagram is a great platform to get famous. And, the generation of present times loves to be in the limelight most of the time. Your kid can be one of them.

Think of a generation where your son is talking to an Instagram user of his age. But, he is unaware that the user can be an adult who is misleading your child by sharing the offensive content with your kid. Don't you think this is the right time to get access to the best Instagram activity tracker in your and your kid's phone?

If it doesn't seem convincing to you, then know in brief that what your child can get from Instagram, or why he is online most of the time.

Why Does Your Child Use Instagram most of the Time?

Generally, Instagram allows users above 13 years of age to create their account. But, it doesn't mean this app is safe for them too. Instagram is a significant search engine for billions of photos and videos, in which your 14-year child can get trapped also.

Instagram can be an addict because it encourages users to gain their followers and enhance their popularity by sharing amazing images and exciting videos for people to like them. Your child may come across adult stuff such as porn, violence, drug use, gun sales, sexual role-playing, and more.

Along with it, kids also share #hashtags where Instagram has limited various terms for not to use on this social site. Those terms are #porn #xxx and more body-related content.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

However, it matters a lot how your child uses Instagram. Talking to strangers and friends via chat or video call is unsafe most of the time. And, your child may show off online and make fans by exposing himself or herself like through body or uploading pubs and bars photos in large.

It is crucial to understand that kids don't use the app the way adults do. If you are also on Instagram and consider it safe, you can't think the same for your kids. Therefore, initialize your best practices to track your child's Instagram account with an excellent solution.

Three Major Reasons that You Should Track Your Child's Instagram

You have various reasons to track Instagram activities of your child. Here are three significant reasons that would encourage you to note down the online activities of your kids through the Instagram activity tracker. Have a look:

  1. Sexting: Teens of the present times share their nude pictures, and consider it as a cool thing. But, this act is a perverted behavior of them, which needs to be stopped anyhow. Such images can be misused by another person, which might severely affect your kids and emotional level. Therefore, monitoring your kid's activities on Instagram has become a necessity.
  2. Online Predators: You never know the person to whom your kid is chatting can be an online predator. He will make friendship with your kids and can harm them emotionally and physically after asking them to share their pictures. Your kid might share his images if the predator says that it is for the World Fashion Show or Modeling event.
  3. Cyberbullying: It takes place in various forms. Many kids have become victims of cyberbullying across the world. Thus, be responsible and prevent your kids from getting bullied online.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

Moreover, concern includes safeguarding personal information. Therefore, parents need to look for Instagram account tracker for their kids' safety online.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account?

If you want to track your children's activities on their Instagram account, then there is best than to opt for the SpyMyFone app. It is a powerful tracker that is used to easily spy on your kid's phone, whether iPhone or Android.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

Main Features of SpyMyFone:

  • Call Log: Receive the history of incoming and outgoing calls on SpyMyFone's dashboard in detail. The app automatically recognizes the top five callers. There is no need to jailbreak for tracking calls.
  • Text Messages: Every sent and received message is stored in the form of conversations. You can get an instant notification if your kid contacts a particular user.
  • Secure Web Access: SpyMyFone is a marvelous Instagram activity tracker that browses the activities of your kid on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Viber, Kik Messenger, Skype chats, and Tinder messages.
  • Geo-fencing and Location Tracking: It provides real-time tracking of your kids so that you can easily navigate your kid's live location.
  • Online and Offline Activities: It includes browsing the history, reading emails, tracking calendar events and sim cards, accessing multimedia files, and sync the device notes, reminders, and voice memos. The app is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Well, you can get access to block any app or site you don't want your kids to utilize.

Features of SpyMyFone to Track Instagram:

  • Track all the received and sent messages on Instagram inbox
  • Capture Screenshot in stealth mode
  • Functions on all Android devices with no rooting
  • View every photo or video uploaded on Instagram as a sharing post or story
  • Block Instagram remotely from any other smart device.
  • Monitor the app activity on its dashboard
  • Set alerts for parents and notify you when a specific user hits your kids' Instagram inbox or the follower's request.
  • You can search for a conversation with the help of keywords. Also, you can get to know if the communication between your kid and his friends or online followers is sober or not.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

How to Install SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a brilliant parental control and geo-fencing app. It is easy to use the app, but there are few steps to follow to download it. Here you go:

1. Sign up for SpyMyFone

Visit the official website of SpyMyFone. Click on try it now or sign up to create an account. Insert the email address for the further process.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

2. Activate the Spy Service on the Target Device

a) Fill the necessary information of your child

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

b) Enable "installing apps from 'unknown sources' on your child's phone

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

c) Download and install SpyMyFone on the target phone

d) Sign in SpyMyFone account and access the spy service.

3. Visit the Data Dashboard

Log into the dashboard of SpyMyFone on any web browser and start spying.

Therefore, once you come to know about the use of this Instagram account-tracker, SpyMyFone, everything is in your hand. You need to visit the dashboard of the app installed in your device and keep an eye on your kids' activities through instant alerts and notifications.

How to Track Child's Instagram Account and Activity

Instagram is defined as a fun social app for kids and adults for years. But, it is a matter of concern when it comes to the safety of your kids. Kids may love to socialize themselves, but it should be in a limit. Keep a watch on your kids' activities and protect them from potential risks by installing an Instagram activity tracker today!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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