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If you are not able to login to your account or you found some suspected activities, then there might be the chances that someone has your Instagram account hacked. Such a troublesome situation to be in right? Then what to do in such a case and how to get out of this problem? Well, if you are also facing such kind of issue, no need to worry. In order to resolve your concern we are going to cover the process to get back your Instagram hacked account and also guide you on further protection and tips to keep your account safe in the future.

Let’s read further to know more about it.

1: How to get back hacked Instagram account?

If you found out that by chance you got your Instagram account hacked or some suspicious activity happened, you will need the following steps to ensure protection.

Method A. Reset Password (If you have access to your Instagram account)

Login to your account > at top right there is Username (select it) > Click on “Edit Profile” > Then Click on change password option at left side menu.

reset instagram password

Method B. Reset password, if you have access to your email

In case you cannot access your Instagram account, but still, have the access to your email then you should reset the password of your Instagram account. Go to your Home page>There you need to Click on forget> Then Enter email address> Finally click on Reset Password

retrieve instagram password

Method C. Report to Instagram

In case you can not access your email account, then you should report about your Instagram hack to the Instagram authority by filling out the form. You can access the form by visiting the following link.


report instagram account

2: How to use Two Factor Authentification to protect your Instagram account?

In order to secure your account against a future threat, there is two factor Authentification process which is a security feature for your account.

How two-factor authentification process works?

1. Under this feature whenever you or someone else tries to log in to your account from some unknown device then it will ask to enter either SMS security or backup code in addition to your username and password.

So, what is the procedure to turn on two-factor authentification process?

For that you need to Go to the Profile section > There Click on iOS or Android (Top right corner) > After that Click on Two factor Authentification option > Then turn ON “Required Security Code” > It will ask to Confirm your phone number > Once you are done with it, Click on Next >You will receive a code on your phone > Enter that code > At the end click on Next to finish the process.

enable instagram two factor authentification

2. Suppose due to connectivity or SMS delivery issues, if you are unable to receive SMS security code, even then you can complete the double authentification process, are you thinking about how to do that, well for that some simple steps are required.

First of all Go to profile>There you are you need to select either iOS or Android option>after that Click on Two-Factor Authentification option>Once you are done with that Click on “Get Backup codes” (Here you will receive a list of backup codes)

Once you get the list of backup codes you are required to copy them to your clipboard, else take screenshot or save somewhere else (You should make sure that they are available at the time of login to Instagram)

For Further help, you can check the link


3: Tips to keep your Instagram account safe

A: Always use the strong password (Which is the combination of at least 6 letters, numbers, and punctuation mark) also make sure it is different from other accounts passwords.

B: Keep on changing your password from time to time. Especially, whenever Instagram suggest or asked to do so.

C: Do not share the password with anyone, whether it is your friends, family, employer or any known person.

D: Make sure about security before allowing any third party app. As they often ask to access your account.

E: Change the password of other accounts if using the same password.

In case you are using the same Instagram password with other accounts Such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Twitter etc. Then you are required to change the password of those account in order to ensure the safety of another account in near future.

F: Disallow access to any third party app

In case any third party apps are using your Instagram account then you are required to revoke the access to these third party apps by:

Visiting the Account Page>Go to the Manage Applications> Here, you will get a list of authorized applications that might be a source through which hacker will get access to your Instagram account, So, click on Revoke access to avoid any misuse. (Note: If in near future you will allow the access then try to provide access one by one to check any suspicious activity by these third party apps.)

G: Keep a view of your recent activities on Instagram

Whenever you got time go to Instagram feed section and check if any suspicious or unknown activity is going on. Especially if any of the post containing the link, is considered suspicious. Then follow certain preliminary steps:

i. Remove the post by deleting it.

ii. Let aware your followers that your account gets hacked. (As there might be the chances that hacker will try to hack your friends account also, once they get access to your account.)

H: Logout account whenever using other person’s system.

If you use some other person’s system (such as internet, library, borrowed phone, café etc.), then after using the system you should always log out of your Instagram account to ensure the safety of it.

I: Instagram help center:

Further, if you want to get more information about your Instagram account then you can go through the below-mentioned link, here you find a list of assistance and process about your Instagram account.


Keeping your Instagram safe is one of the most important things for you and your online activities. Therefore, by going through the above-mentioned steps you would be able to ensure the protection of your account against any threat. As well as you should go through all the steps that will help you in providing double protection against any future threat. Our whole effort will be to take care of your protection so that you will enjoy your social networking with your Instagram account.

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