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1.What is Actual Keylogger?

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

With an excessive usage of internet in this fast generation, there are more than a few chances of getting one’s PC attacked by a spyware. This is one of the biggest fears of internet users – having the computer activities monitored. However, there are also cases where the owner who is sensitive to privacy and security issues would want to have a spyware on his or her PC so they can monitor the desktop activity. A product designed for such uses is called Actual Keylogger.

An Actual Keylogger provides a hidden computer monitoring and is capable of recording websites visited, catching all keystrokes (keylogger), screen capturing, monitoring the printers, monitoring start-up/shutdown, monitoring the clipboard contents, monitoring the file system, etc. It lets the owner get a hold of the data related to secretly unauthorized computer access, or employee Internet abuse.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger


When it comes to compatibility of an Actual Keylogger, the updated versions are compatible with almost every software platform. Version 3.2 of keylogger is fully compatible with Windows 10 whereas Version 3.0 of keylogger is fully compatible with Windows 8.1. Overall, the version supports Windows (R) 95/98/ME and Windows (R) NT/2000/XP/7/8. Actual Keylogger for Android is compatible with Android version 6.0, 7.0, and 7.1. The minimum requirements for the smooth functioning of the software are, 100 МВ free disk space, Pentium II processor or higher and at least 512 MB of RAM.


  • Stays in hidden mode in all operating systems.
  • Case sensitive keystroke recorder.
  • Extra security with the password-protected logs.
  • Possible to log sites visited with the browsers Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Price of an Actual Keylogger: $59.95 for a single license.

URL for the download of Actual Keylogger:

2.How to Install Actual Keylogger?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to install an Actual Keylogger in your system.

Step 1: Download the Actual Keylogger from the main website.

Step 2: Specify the path of the download

Step 3: Wait until the download is complete to run the installed spyware and click on finish.

3.How to Use Actual Keylogger?

Step 1: To hide the Actual Keylogger software installed on your computer, follow these below steps.

  • Remove the program’s shortcut from the desktop if any.
  • Go to Start>Programs and remove the software from the menu.
  • Remove the software from the list of “Add or Remove Programs.”

Step 2: To run the hidden software, go to Start>Run and type “akstart”

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Step 3: After running the program, if you want a password to access this program,

  • Click on Enable Password and go for “Set Password”
  • Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Enter the new password to open the Actual Keylogger and click on “Apply” to save the changes.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Step 4: In the Actual Keylogger main window, go to “Settings>General” to set a path for the log files.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Step 5: Go to “Logs” and tick the necessary boxes that you want to keep a track of.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

4.Under the PC Activity

  • Save Keystrokes: “Save all keystrokes” will save the keystrokes including [Ctrl], [Shift], etc. whereas “Save characters only” saves only characters, figures, and punctuation marks.
  • Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Make Screenshots: Tick the boxes as per interests. The interval gives the time gap to be taken between two screenshots.
    • Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Save Run/Closed Applications: To watch the applications closing or running.
    • Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Watch Clipboard: Set the limitation size in Kilobytes or characters.
    • Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Save documents send to Printer: tick the box to save the documents and send to the printer.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

  • Save file and directory changes: User can check the necessary boxes instead of All Files.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

5.PRO’S & CONS of Actual Keylogger


  1. The program can be completely hidden even in the start menu.
  2. Reports ALL activity on the system.
  3. Multiplatform compatibility - Windows from 95 through to Windows 8.


  1. A free trial version can be used to check out the functionality but the unregistered version is only for 40 minutes of monitoring.
  2. CPU needs to be a Pentium II.
  3. Requires close attention to set-up.

6.Best Alternative to Actual Keylogger – SpyMyFone

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

SpyMyFone is the best third-party software and is an advanced surveillance app that is versatile enough to cover your tracks. This spying software is the best alternative to actual keylogger and is best suited to act as an actual keylogger for android. It can be used to monitor all the data. This software is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To use the SpyMyFone as an alternate actual keylogger for Android, follow the below steps.

STEP  1: Create an Account

Use your e-mail to create an account, choosing a premium or advanced subscription to avail its advanced features.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

STEP 2: Install SpyMyFone app on the target phone

Install the app on the target phone. Enter the name of the monitored phone on the first page of the setup wizard and change settings on the phone to Android instead of iPhone.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Disable security on installation of third-party apps

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Download the monitoring app into the target phone from the link in the set-up wizard page. The link leads to the download page. Download the file. Install the file from the notification or "Downloads" file.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

Open the app in the target phone and sign in. Allow all permission requests and agree to all terms and conditions. Click "Start" to activate the app. The icon of the app will be automatically deleted.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

STEP 3: View monitored data via Control Panel

Once the installation is complete in the target phone, go back to your own phone or computer to complete the setup process, after which you will be redirected to the Control Panel. You can either download the Control Panel app for later use or access it from the link SpyMyFone dashboard

With power and internet connection, the monitored phone will relay all data to your app so you can monitor it through the control panel. The top left panel displays all the supported features.

Best alternative to Actual Keylogger

PRO’S – SpyMyFone

  1. Easy to use supplementary application.
  2. Data monitoring is flexible that is either from a browser or from a smartphone.
  3. SpyMyFone is compatible with all the latest Android and iOS versions.

Hence, there is no doubt that SpyMyFone is the best alternative to actual keylogger. It is convenient and easy to use. Thus, it is highly recommended to give it a try.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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