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What is USB keylogger?

The USB keyloggers are totally independent hardware units that are connected to the computer, most are usually as a connection between the keyboard and the computer and do not require software configuration. Unlike software keyloggers, all data is stored in the hardware unit, and the computer never shows the notification that it is being monitored.

The USB keyloggers are inserted between the keyboard and the USB port. It also contains its own CPU to avoid consuming the resources of your computer. Some of the USB keylogger devices are equipped with Wi-Fi so you can access the data, by accessing your email account.

Why we need USB keyloggers?

One of the ways to find information entered into a computer is to use a hardware keylogger for USB devices. Not only is it very discreet, but it will also allow you to find out what people are typing on a computer at any time. This USB has many uses, which include some of the following benefits:

  • The keystrokes logs easy to hide pc stands, ideal Mac and Linux for parents to capture emails capture passwords to monitor employees and much more! Now compatible with Windows Vista and 7!
  • The best thing about a device of this type is the fact that no one is going to have any idea of what is happening, which makes it invaluable for concerned parents who must control their children's Internet usage.
  • Of course, probably the most important feature of this keylogger USB is the fact that it protects what is written too, so any unfortunate computer crashes mean you will not lose your job if you forget to save.
  • Most hardware keyloggers are compatible with all USB keyboards and even install immediately without the need to use software.
  • If you are looking to monitor the productivity of employees could be the hardware device for you, now you can make sure that your workers are not working on Facebook, instead of their jobs.

Top 5 best hardware keylogger

1.KeyGrabber USB KeyLogger

It is the smallest and most powerful hardware keylogger USB on the market. This keylogger has up to 2 gigabytes of memory organized in Flash FAT, an advanced file system. Absolutely undetectable for the operating system, requires no software or driver. It manages the provisions of national keyboards. It has a powerful memory (up to 2 gigabytes) organized in Flash FAT, an advanced file system.


  • Download content from super fast memory (up to 125 kb/s)
  • Requires no software or driver, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems
  • Quick and easy management of national keyboard layouts
  • Compatible with any USB keyboard, including those with built-in hubs
  • Invisible during computer operation, undetectable for security software

Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

2.Keyllama Keylogger

KeyLlama USB is an advanced USB keylogger and has a 4MB memory - practically the one you type in a year! Anything you type on a USB keyboard is captured and stored on an internal Flash drive, in a special file. The text can be retrieved on any computer with a USB port and keyboard. Data access is possible as if it were a USB Flash Drive. It records anything that is typed on a USB keyboard. No software is required and KeyLlama is not detected by any program.


  • Ability to record ALL keys
  • Ultra compact and discreet, when connected extends the size of only 1.6"
  • Compatible with all USB keyboards, both Windows and Linux
  • Quick and easy support for the layout of national keyboards
  • No software or driver required

Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

3.DataLogger The Original USB KeyLogger

Monitor computer access at home or at work with DataLogger The Original USB KeyLogger. Small and highly undetected, nobody will know you are trying to log keystrokes. DataLogger has a simple plug and play function – no need to additional software or apps to start tracking keylogs. Thus, in less than a few minutes, you can start logging and tracking data. It can log up to 40000 pages with its 16MB memory capacity and also supports national keyboard layout.


  • One of the smallest USB keyloggers in the market
  • Uncomplicated start function – no need for apps or software
  • Only works for Windows and Linux
  • Only works for wired keyboards

Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

4.USB KeyLogger Wi-Fi Premium White Edition

The wireless keylogger is equipped with the most modern technology: two microprocessors of good performance, complete TCP / IP stack, WLAN transceiver and 4 gigabytes of Flash memory. How does it work? Apart from the standard functionality of the USB keylogger and the PS / 2 keylogger, KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium has the function of wireless Internet access. This wireless keylogger connects to the local Wi-Fi Access Point and sends E-mails containing the intercepted text of the keyboard.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Transparent to computer operation, untraceable for safety scanners
  • No software or drivers necessary
  • On-demand access at any time through TCP/IP
  • Background link to the Internet over a narrow Access Point

Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

5.Keelog Keylogger

Track and monitor your kids, cheating partner or your office with this highly dependable Keelog Keylogger. A simple USB plugged to a computer and you can start logging and checking data at your own convenience. Undetected in between computer operations, it has an internal memory of 16MB, letting you save and store plenty of pages and date. It also supports national keyboard layout. Data can be retrieved from any computer.


  • No need for software or app to install and start using
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Only works with laptops if using an extended USB keyboard
  • Some compatibility issues with keyboards like iMac

Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

Best Software Keylogger - SpyMyFone

Among the fantastic Software Keyloggers esixting in the market now, SpyMyFone is the best. It is a complete Software Keylogger where you discover every needed characteristic of a successful Software Keylogger. SpyMyFone is available for $29.99 for Android and iOS. Exploit SpyMyFone according to following instructions:

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your account with SpyMyFone. For that, go to and create an account with email id and chosen password. Once done, download the app on your device.

  2. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  3. After the registration process is complete, provide some detailed information about the device you want to track with Android keylogger.
  4. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  5. Before you can install the app, you will need to know a little bit about installing an unauthorized app. You will need to go to the Developer Option on your device to allow the installation of an app that is not from an authorized source. Once done, you will be able to install the app smoothly.
  6. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  7. Now go the website of SpyMyFone and download the Line account hack that you will need to install on the mobile device you want to track.
  8. After the installation is complete, open the SpyMyFone app on your device and log in with the credentials that you created earlier. To useAndroid keylogger you will need to allow the permission it will ask for.
  9. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  10. Once done, you will have to activate your monitoring on the device. Now, you can delete the app on the target device and leave it as it is. The app will keep running in the background and spy on Android device.
  11. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  12. Now you can return to your own device and log in with the same credentials and go to your dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you will be able to spy all the social Apps but only those accounts that will be used on the targeted mobile.
  13. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

  14. Now, you will be able to spy on any social App account, the messages, photos and videos it shares. Basically, you will able to monitor it 24 X 7 from your dashboard.
  15. Top 5 Usb keylogger in 2018

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