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Almost everything we do is online-based and the daily activities are dependent on mobiles. In such scenarios, a mere password that promises to protect the private information can no longer be trusted. The reason is that though your password is a secret to all it isn’t so for the cyber-attack. An array of instructions and codes is all the hacker needs to crack your data. To ensure authorized access for programs and evade any mishaps, a password must be tricky, hard to guess, and simply random so it can be grim to blow the cover. This is the part where a password generator strengthens its place.

A password generator can be tricky and can generate passwords with a pseudo-random number generator as an input. One such password generator is a random password generator whose passwords are ever the complicated with all the possible combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters such as braces, asterisks, slashes, etc. Unlike the other password generators, random password generator generates every password with a completely random set of characters.

The random password generator is a strong password generator and there are many scenarios where it can function as a life and property saver. Here is the list of few such cases.

  • Signing into the online sites with a random password generator instead of a username and password that is more prone to unauthorized access.
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others can use secured password generatorinstead of the user accessing all the sites with a single password.
  • A strong password generator across the enterprise can enhance the identity management solutions.

Dashlane Password Generator

Various password generators have taken shape to provide the purpose, however, Dashlane with its power to resist hacking is seemingly the best password manager and a strong password generator. Dashlane effectively evades the password leak problem and provides the user with a sense of security.Below are the prominent features of Dashlane.


  • Password Manager: Dashlane is an efficient password manager with its ability to keep track of all your passwords to create a unique one.
  • Security Alerts: Whenever a site suffers breaches, an instant security alert will be sent to your PC or registered mobile number.
  • Strong Password Generator:This feature enables the user to create strong and secure passwords while on the web.
  • Password Changer: This unique feature is all the user will ever need to update the passwords instantly.
  • Form Autofill: The users can safely secure their contact or any other private information in Dashlane rather on an unsecured browser.
  • Digital Wallet: The only secure way for your online payments can be assured by digital wallet where an instant payment or checking out of a website is easier than ever.

How to generate a password with Dashlane online?

Whenever the user visits a website and is in need to create a password, Dashlane automatically acts as a strong password generator and creates one instantly. The newly generated password will be saved in the app.

  1. When you register or change a password, click on the new password field.
  2. A tab appears just below to generate a strong password. Click on it to create a strong password.
  3. How to generate a password with Dashlane

  4. Soon a pop-up window appears sporting either “Replace” or “Save” based on the activities carried out by the user. Click on Replace if the password is changed and click on Save if a new password is created.
  5. Generate a password with Dashlane

  6. Whenever the user returns to this site in particular then the Dashlane lets the user to sign-in with a secure password.

How to generate a password with Dashlane on iPhone/Android?

Dashlane acts as a secure password generator irrespective of the mode of utilization. Not only in the browser but the Dashlane can also be used as a strong password generator in mobile platforms namely Android and iPhone. Read on to find out how to generate strong passwords on iPhone/Android.

- Android:

  1. Install the Dashlane software and click on “Sign Up” option. Enter the email address as your Dashlane ID.
  2. generate a password with Dashlane on Android

  3. Create a Master Password with a minimum of 8 characters long, at least one number, one uppercase, and one lowercase letter. After the creation of a password, choose the services you would want to add passwords and click done.
  4. generate a password on Android

  5. In the password screen, add new passwords by clicking the (+) button at the end.
  6. how to generate a password on Android

- iPhone:

  1. Download Dashlane from the app store and tap on the “Create Account” to create a new account.
  2. how to generate a password on iPhone

  3. Create a master password with a minimum of 8 characters long, at least one number, one uppercase, and one lowercase letter. Later on, enter the email address that would be the Dashlane ID.
  4. generate a password on iPhone

  5. After the creation of the account, the app will let you add new passwords to the several services.
  6. generate a password iPhone

10 Secure Password Generators


This free password generator lets the user generate up to 50 passwords which can be comprised of numbers, letter, and symbols.


  • It has a special identity safe program to save passwords.
  • Passwords can be accessed from anywhere and are stored online.

Install the password generator and proceed to select the criteria you would desire. Later, click on generate passwords to create a new password.


Top 1 Strong Random Password Generator

2. LastPass

LastPass is one among the password generators that lets the user generate strong passwords online. It also stores the passwords and digital records.


  • The passwords can be shared effortlessly.
  • During online shopping, the profile will be filled automatically.

Download the app and create an account with one secure master password. Once it is done, there are several options to explore and choose.


Top 2 Strong Random Password Generator


This password generator is ideal for personal and email accounts, and all other banking, financial services.


  • A simple-to-use password generator.
  • Protects the password well against the “dictionary attack.”

The procedure is simple as it requires only the download of the software and generating the password according to the instructions and choices.


Top 3 Strong Random Password Generator


Unlike the other password generators, password ninja doesn’t have options to choose. It displays a set of 10 random passwords all starting with a capital letter.


  • Meets the criteria of most of the sites.
  • The password usually ends in two digits.

Just a click inside the app will create random passwords and the website has also a chrome extension.


Top 4 Strong Random Password Generator

5. Random Password Generator:

This password generator uses atmospheric noise to generate passwords. There is a scope to generate 100 passwords with a character range of 6 to 24 in length.


  • Can use these passwords even for the Wi-Fi encryption or Gmail accounts.
  • The passwords saved are transmitted through the browser but not saved.

Give the instructions on the number of passwords and the characters. Click on get passwords to acquire the randomly generated passwords.


Top 5 Strong Random Password Generator

6. Free Password Generator:

This is one of the free password generators just as the name suggests and there are a lot of option to choose from while creating a random password.


  • 1. The user can decide on the string letters, capital letters, digits and special symbols.

The procedure is quite simple as it requires only the selection of the type of characters and a press on the “Generate” button.


Top 6 Strong Random Password Generator


This is the password generator where the user can generate passwords without the use of the internet.


  • A long and complex password can be created.
  • The password generation will avoid any similar characters.

You can generate passwords for all your accounts online just by creating an account and password similar to the other password generators.


Top 7 Strong Random Password Generator

8. RoboForm

This also creates passwords that are unique and strong. It has varied features that make it stand out among the other password generators.


  • It has one-click logins.
  • The password will be remembered.
  • RoboForm Safenotes where you can write the license keys for an instance.

Choose the string of options displayed and click on ‘generate new’ to create an online password.


Top 8 Strong Random Password Generator

9. KeePass

This software develops random passwords based on pattern-based generation.


  • Numerous set of passwords can be created by following the rules set to create passwords.
  • It can configure settings for new passwords.


Top 9 Strong Random Password Generator

10. StickyPassword:

Unlike the other passwords generator, this one lets the user manage the length of the password and make changes manually. It also acts as a secure password generator.


  • It has an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Automatically allows the user to create strong passwords when it detects password fields.


Top 10 Strong Random Password Generator

With strong passwords generators such as Dashlane and many other password generators, the first line of defences against the cyber-attack has just gotten stronger.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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