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What is jailbreak?

Before diving into the part where you learn how to hack a kik account without jailbreak, the crucial part is, what is a jailbreak? Why do you need to hack a kik without jailbreak? Jailbreak is not escaping from the jail and being on the run, instead, it is freeing your iPhone from limitations and restrictions imposed by the manufacturers. The Digital Rights Management (DGM) is the software adhering to the limitations or security purposes. Jailbreak bypasses this DRM and grants the installation of unauthorized software. As a result of jailbreaking your phone, there is a larger scope to customization, redesigning of stock apps, and even hacking of accounts such as kik. Although it is legal to jailbreak your smartphone, the warranty of your phone will be void since you decided to take on a little risk against the DRM. Also, there are many inherent threats and security problems that would make your phone vulnerable and exposed to some serious damage. Your instant messaging client – Kik, might not be as reliable as it was before.

Use iPhone Keylogger to hack a kik account without jailbreak

Neither the manufacturer of the phone nor the jailbreak can help you once your iPhone is in deep trouble post enabling the jailbreak. The most common app that gets hacked is a kik account probably with a jailbreak. However, the jailbreak is no longer an option considering all the threats thrown to your iPhone. Hence, the question is, how to hack a kik account without jailbreak? The answer would be utilizing the keylogger software.

Keylogger or short for keystroke logger is a piece of firmware that keeps logs of every keystroke ever used be it the clicking, downloading, or even touching the screen. For iPhone, Keylogger acts as a digital surveillance app and there are many activities the software can carry out once it is installed on the target iPhone. The program can do the following for iPhone:

  • Keep a track of keystrokes.
  • Record text messages and chat logs.
  • Keep tabs on web history and even captures screenshots.

There are more than a few keyloggers designed for iPhone equipped with varied features. However, to hack a kik account with a keylogger, SpyMyFone is the ultimate choice as the best keylogger software to hack a kik account. SpyMyFone is the most trustworthy monitoring app and is best recommended as it is safe, secure, and doesn’t require any additional software or app to go with it. The only requirements are the software itself and a SpyMyFone account before utilizing the service that is to hack a kik account.

How to hack a kik account with SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone – the best keylogger for Android, is versatile enough to cover your track and it is hard to know whether the Android device is being tracked or not. It is the best choice if you want to hack a Kik account on an Android device from an iPhone without jailbreak. SpyMyFone can retrieve each and every message, photos, or videos ever shared between the Kik user and the opposite. Physical access to the target device is a must whether to install or uninstall the SpyMyFone software. Once that is taken care of, follow the below given step-by-step procedure to install the SpyMyFone software on the iPhone device.

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your account with SpyMyFone. For that, go to and create an account with email id and chosen password. Once done, download the app on your device.
  2. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

  3. After the registration process is complete, provide some detailed information about the device you want to hack. That information will be used to hack kik account.
  4. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

  5. Before you can install the app, you will need to know a little bit about installing an unauthorized app. You will need to go to the Developer Option on your device to allow the installation of an app that is not from an authorized source. Once done, you will be able to install the app smoothly.
  6. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

  7. Now go the website of SpyMyFone and download the Kik hack that you will need to install on the mobile device you want to hack.
  8. After the installation is complete, open the SpyMyFone app on your device and log in with the credentials that you created earlier. To hack Kik camera you will need to allow the permission it will ask for.
  9. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

  10. Once done, you will have to activate your monitoring on the device. Now, you can delete the app on the target device and leave it as it is. The app will keep running in the background and hack the Kik account without jailbreak.
  11. Now you can return to your own device and log in with the same credentials and go to your dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you will be able to hack Kik account but only those accounts that will be used on the targeted mobile.
  12. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

  13. Now, you will be able to view the Kik camera, the messages, photos and videos it shares. Basically, you will able to monitor it 24 X 7 from your dashboard.
  14. How to Hack a Kik Account without Jailbreak

SpyMyFone provides a hassle-free procedure to follow on “How to hack a kik account without jailbreak?” If you are looking for an iPhone hacker to hack into a Kik account, then SpyMyFone is the best keylogger as well as a reliable iPhone hacker for many other purposes. One of the wonderful features is that the software collects data for every four hours and you don’t need to jailbreak the target device. There is a possibility to take up a free trial and see it for yourselves on how well the SpyMyFone works as a keylogger in hacking a Kik account.

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