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Thanks to modern technology, we can keep track of our cars much more conveniently. There are some software tools which we can use so as to find out the exact positions of our vehicles at any time. These software solutions make use of GPS technology. By relying on this high-tech, satellite-based method, the applications make it easy for us to find our cars anywhere in the world. Some of these software tools are developed for Android while others are for the i05 platform. Read on to discover more about the most effective ones today.

best car trackers

1. SpyMyFone software

This is one of the most ideal car gps tracker software tools available today. SpyMyFone is effective in finding the position of your car anywhere in the world. It has high-tech characteristics that make this possible. Firstly, it has an embedded GPS system that is merged to a detailed map. This one is capable of recording route history and providing this resource to the driver on request. It presents accurate results and can provide you with alerts on your car's position. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location


  • It is easy to use
  • This software is user-friendly
  • It has a wide range of features such as SMS tracking and call logging


  • It is not supported on Blackberry and Windows operating systems

Link: SpyMyFone

2. FamiSafe Control tracker

This is an effective car tracker software that you can utilize so as to track the position of your car at all times. FamiSafe Control application operates legally. It has been developed by Wondershare for mobile platforms such as 105 and Android. Within it, there are various features. It can show the position of your car using GPS coordinates at all times. It can also perform digital geo-fencing. Moreover, the software can keep records of the routes that your car traverses. By doing so, it is a comprehensive car tracking device for vehicle monitoring.

car trackers you need to know


  • It is compatible with most car infotainment systems
  • This software can identify the position of your vehicle anywhere
  • It is capable of providing logging details
  • You can perform digital geographical fencing using this application


  • It cannot be integrated with other applications

Link: FamiSafe

3. Zubie GPS Tracker

This is a software tool which has been developed specially for tracking automobiles. It is capable of GPS tracking which shows you the exact position of your car on a map. As such, you can keep track of the physical location of your car at all times. The Zubie car gps tracker can also provide you with alerts concerning driving activities. Examples of these are acceleration, over-speeding, hard braking and accidents. In addition to that, this Android car tracker provides you with information about the cheapest fuel stations near your car at all times. In doing so, it assists with fuel economy.

top 10 car trackers


  • It can locate your car anywhere on the globe using GPS technology
  • This digital tool can provide you with alerts on driving activity
  • It delivers data about all fuel stations that are around your car
  • The application provides alerts about maintenance
  • You get driving reports from this car tracking device on a monthly basis


  • It is difficult to set up

Link: Zubie

4. Optimus Real Time

This is a specialized GPS tracking application which is developed specially for automobiles. Optimus Real Time car gps tracker can show you the exact position of your car anywhere. It provides you with route history and consistent logs about the car's condition. Developed both for 105 and Android operating systems, this application can also send you some alerts. They cover features such as the status of the battery as well as cautionary data. Hence, it is a versatile car tracker.

best GPS trackers


  • It can indicate the position of your car using GPS technology
  • This application saves your route history and also any logs about your car's condition
  • This car tracking device available for the most popular mobile device operating systems
  • This software can deliver live cautionary data about your car


  • It has a delay in tracking time

Link: Optimus

5. Bonrix GPS car tracker

This is one of the most effective car tracking software tools which you can find today. The Bonrix GPS car tracker arrives with a 2-way SMS communication system. This mechanism allows you to get alerts about the condition of your car by simply sending an SMS through the application. Feedback is provided instantly and provides you with the location of your car. Other details are also included. The application is developed by GPS Tracker Inc. This car tracker is available for the Android operating system.

GPS car tracker


  • It makes use of an easy-to-understand SMS communication method
  • The software provides instant feedback
  • It is available for the most popular mobile operating systems
  • It can track a single vehicle as well as a fleet


  • There can be problems with connectivity when the monitoring device is concealed

Link: Bonrix

6. Track view

This is a digital gps tracker for car which works in an excellent manner. Track view shows you a clear map of your vehicle on request. As part of its highest subscription package, this application can deliver accurate tracking data after every 30 seconds. Moreover, this application from Brickhouse security provides you with a route report, a panic button as well as a speed alert. It is available for the Android operating system.

best car tracker


  • This software provides accurate tracking information
  • It provides refreshed tracking information every half a minute
  • There are specialized features such as the panic button and alerts when you speed
  • It is available for the most popular mobile operating system today


  • It is only functional in the United States
  • Link: Track View

7. GPS Location Tracker

This is a gps tracker for car which can be used to identify the position of your car. GPS Location Tracker works by tracking the location of an onboard 105 device. Moreover, this software can use various media to perform the tracking activities. Examples of these are Cellular networks, GPS and WiFi as well. The tracking information is uploaded into a secure server. By using the application, you can easily track the movements of your car and even keep logs of its activity. Created by FollowMee, this car gps tracker is available for 105 devices and can operate in a stealth mode.

gps location tracker


  • It is freely available
  • This software makes use of various media for tracking purposes
  • All data is stored in secure servers
  • It can perform tracking on a daily basis


8. Glympse GPS tracking application

This application provides a quick, effective and very simple way to track your car using GPS technology. Glympse can provide you with details about your car's location on a real-time basis. In addition to that, you can share this data with your family and friends. The gps tracker for car is developed for 105 by Glympse Incorporated. In addition to that, you do not have to perform any sign up prior to using it Furthermore, only the people who you share the data with can view your Glympse report through an online portal.

GPS tracking


  • It is available to you at no cost
  • This application provides tracking data continuously and consistently
  • You do not have to sign up so as to use it


  • It has no extra features
  • Link: Glympse

9. LocaToWeb application

Developed for the i05 platform, this is an application which you can use to track your car's position. LocaToWeb is capable of doing this on a real-time basis. Created by WovenObjects, this app can show your position around the world through a web portal. Moreover, it can provide details such as speed, duration of drive, distance and altitude. In addition to that, the gps tracker for car can show some track lines of how your car drove along routes on a map. It costs $2.68.

best car tracker


  • It is easy to use
  • This software provides data which you can view through a web-based portal
  • This car tracking device provides extra information about your car's condition
  • There are track lines on a map showing the route your car took


  • It requires payment before using
  • Link: LocaToWeb

10. GPS Tracks

This is the premiere car tracking application for the i05 platform. GPS Tracks can show the position of your car in outdoor settings. Developed by Dmorneault, this application can provide the navigation history of your car at a glance. In addition to that, it provides the exact coordinates as your vehicle drives along. The application is easy to use and highly effective as well. It costs $525.

GPS tracks


  • It has a detailed map
  • This software provides navigation history
  • It can provide you with accurate coordinates of your car's position at all times
  • It is easy to use


There are various ways to track your car today. They are all facilitated by high-tech applications. By using these technological resources, you can track the exact position of your motor vehicle at all times.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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