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Parents who work and have to be away from their children need reliable tracking devices that would help them stay in touch with their young ones. Also, in case of an emergency, whether a child is in school or day-care, it is a time when a prompt call or SOS message can help a parent to act fast. These are the several reasons why tracking devices for children have gained popularity in recent times.

Here we explore top ten child tracking devices that offer different features to help parents stay in touch and know the whereabouts of their children at all times.

1. AngelSense

This is a high rated smart watch made for kids that is a wearable GPS tracker. It is also meant for differently abled children, such as autistic kids. Wearable GPS trackers or Orbo Kids Bluetooth phone pairing watches are what are sold by AngelSense. These can be magnetically attached, act as listening devices; parents can get daily updates on their children’s whereabouts as well as set up radius or perimeter boundaries for children. Cons of this device include that it is expensive at $40 per month and no direct communication can be done.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

2. Trax personal GPS tracker

This is a small GPS child tracking device that can be slipped into pant pockets of kids are into their bags. The data are transmitted by these devices over the internet via 3G internet connection. The pros of this device include the small size that can slip into any space or could be hooked to a belt. There is a Geo fencing feature included as well as speed alerts that can be useful to track teenagers who are driving and to ensure that they stay within speed limits. Many have complained that the app contains bugs and location tracking can falter at times. The Trax comes with a listed price is $99 with additional monthly subscription fees.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

3. Lineable

This is a minimalist child tracking device that can be strapped to the wrists of children. Parents can monitor their whereabouts via Bluetooth which offers a limited range; it is a cheap tracking device that does not offer much features. There is no display or communication option. Opt for Lineable if you simply wish to track your child within a limited range for $10.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

4. SkyNanny

This GPS child tracker, among tracking devices for children, is a small device that comes with a set of rechargeable batteries. It can be paired with a smart phone app which provides real time map displays, comes with an SOS button and allows two way conversations. The device can be used only with Android phones and SkyNanny comes for a price of $45.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

5. My Buddy Tag

This is another reasonable wearable child tracker in the market. These work with Bluetooth and help to set up safety zones for children. As they cross it notification alerts are sent; alerts are sent even if the watch is in the water, which is helpful for parents who have a pool in their home premises. It is a cheap and simple child tracking device to use, but the limited range of Bluetooth and absence of other features such as communication are its limitations. My Buddy Tag comes for a price of $49.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

6. Zytree Mini A8

This tracking device is like a monitor among tracking devices for children; it is an adapter like device which parents are placed in rooms of children or put in their bags. The GPS location of the device can be known as well as real time location via 3G connectivity. There is an SOS emergency feature as well as the call back feature. It is a cumbersome design however; Zytree Mini comes for a price of $40.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

7. Tinitell

This is designed like a single button strapped around the wrist. It has a simple interface that allows children to make a call with a single button press; the app that pairs with it allows parents to track the whereabouts through the app as well as incorporating a Bluetooth locator. Cons include no display. Tinitell comes for a price of $179.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

8. Spy Tec

This is a real time portable GPS child tracking device; it has gained popularity for child tracking since it can offer real time updates on location and comes with a powerful battery. The cons of the device include an interface that can be difficult to navigate. Spy Tec is priced at $49.

9. TickTalk

This is another child tracking device that also acts as a smart phone as well as a watch. These can be worn around the wrist as regular watches that come with several features. GPS location updates, phone calls and watch functions are some of the several features it offers. The cons of TickTalk include that it is an expensive device that is priced at $129.99.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

10. Spy Spot

This is a mini GPS tracker that offers real time investigation features. It can be a great child tracking device for parents that can hold its charge for a week or more; prepaid contracts are part of the payment mode which can be cancelled as per requirement. Spy Spot comes for a price of $99.

Top 10 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need To Know

SpyMyFone and its features

This is an app that is easy to use and reliable; this is a GPS tracking application that can be installed in a child’s phone for child tracking. Once it is configured to the parent’s and child’s phone it would help provide remote access to a child’s whereabouts. From GPS updates about real time movement with activities on the child’s phone, this app can help a parent stay updated on all details.

SpyMyFone comes with a subscription only model priced at $9.99 per month or a quarterly fee of $19.

The above sections showcase the different popular GPS tracker for kids as well as apps that allow parental control.

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