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There is a host of apps as well as GPS tracker for kids that are designed for parents who can hand them over to their kids. These double as different useful devices, mostly watches that have multiple functions. You could also use GPS tracker apps for your children’s phones as several are available that provide reliable performance. Here we explore the top ten popular apps and devices that are great to monitor the activities of kids.

1. SpyMyFone

The app is one of the most popular apps when it comes to GPS tracking abilities. Its features are easy to use, including the way it is easily downloaded and any novice user can start to use the app. It needs to be also configured in the device to be tracked and it can be done in a discreet manner. The web based dashboard of the app allows users easy access to the real time movement and location of users; it can help parents know the whereabouts of their children as well as track real time location as well as monitor other activities on their smart phones. The cons of SpyMyFone include the absence of a free version; it comes at a monthly rental price of $29.5.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location

2. FamiSafe

This app has become popular among parents for the host of child monitoring features it offers. Among them the GPS tracking and control feature is useful. It can not only help parents locate the real time movement of their children, but also sends across alerts when a child has visited or left a certain destination or region.

The app does not offer all its features in the free version and the paid version comes for a price of $9.99 monthly and $19.99 quarterly.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

3. Trax Play

This is a GPS tracker for kids that offer several features like geo-fencing as well as augmented reality tracking. Though the signal retrieval as well as positioning features is good of this app and device, it is known to have limitations for providing indoor tracking details. It is also a pricey tracker to use, priced at $99 as well as the app comes with a monthly service fee.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

4. SpotGen3

This particular GPS tracker for kids is known to be popular for kids as it is a device that is durable, comes in a compact size as well. Like most trackers it is known to have geo-fencing abilities as well as an SOS button; however a limitation of this tracker is that younger kids might not know which button to use when. The tracker comes for a price of $150.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

5. Trackimo

This is another GPS tracker for kids device you will find in the market. It helps you keep tabs on your child as well as has features that are kid friendly and easy to use. The tracker comes with a data plan that is appealing and has a geo-fencing aspect as well. However, such features might be too complex for young minds to understand and master. Trackimo is available for a price of $115.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

6. Snapdragon Wear 2500

This is a chip that Qualcomm has introduced; it is designed to fit kids’ watches. This chip comes with a 4G LTE modem which allows parents to track movement of kids; it's an also power game, video calling as well as offers a voice assistant feature. This chip’s price and other details can be found by visiting the official website.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

7. Jiobit

This particular GPS tracking device for kids is a popular and reliable device used for kids. It comes with a subscription based model of $10 per month for an annual subscription plan along with the device price of $99 which is the best deal available. It is a light and small device that can be looped to any accessory like a belt or a backpack. It comes with waterproof and shock resistant features; Parents can avail of the app Jiobit on their Android or iOS devices.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

8. Lil Tracker

This is a GPS tracking device for kids that is designed as a full-fledged watch for kids; there might be too many features that might overwhelm small kids. The device requires a SIM card that needs to be inserted additionally; the device costs $69 along with an additional subscription cost of $10 per month. The watch allows for GPS tracking as well as making voice calls or receiving them, it allows texts to be sent and parents can make one way calls and listen in on the activities on the child’s location.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

9. PocketFinder

This is a GPS tracking device for kids that is designed like a black key chain fob; it has a single SOS button in silver. The gadget needs to be paired with an app to work on a parent’s phone and provide details about the whereabouts of a child as well as allow them to send SOS messages as required. Several contacts can be added to the app where SOS alerts can be sent, either as texts to phone numbers or alerts to email addresses. The app sends across pings as long as the tracker is on the move; when the tracker is stationary it goes to sleep mode. It comes at a steep price of more than $150 and monthly subscription costs are more.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

10. AngelSense

This is a GPS tracking device for kids that comes with a host of tracking features; it allows safety zones to be set up as well as can provide updates every 30 seconds. There is also a Listen In function; parents can listen in and understand whether their children are being mistreated, lost or neglected. The tracker has a 2 way voice feature; any button can be clicked on to talk. The listing feature allows parents to listen into the whereabouts of their children. The subscription plans for the tracker start from $30 and go upwards.

Top 10 GPS Tracker For Kids

The above apps and trackers showcase different tracking features that parents will find useful in order to keep a tab on the whereabouts of their children.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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